New Staff and A New SS!

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  1. NEW STAFF!!!!
    Congratulations to our newest recruits into the Green rank of Moderator:

    Also, a large congrats to our newest Senior Staff member AlexC__, who is sure to keep you Aussies on your toes with his new powers!!!

    A very hearty and congratulations to you all. You are all so very deserving of your ranks and we look forward to what you can do!

    If anyone is looking to also become a staff member, you may apply at
  3. Yes!
  4. Congrats JohnKid, Saz and AncientTower!
  5. Congrats !! Enjoy it !
  6. OML! Congratulations!
  7. Congrats!!
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  8. Neat. We had an excellent sacrifice.
  9. Grats all!! So well deserved!! :)
  10. Congratulations all on mod! :D
  11. Well done all!
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  12. Congrats!!!! So happy for you all!
  13. Thanks everyone, I plan to be around until the end.
  14. Doooooooom. Congrats!
  15. Congrats you guys :D
    Also my horde grows more during BK Sacrifice event....
  16. Congrats all of you!
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