New Staff and A New SS!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Way to go guys you will do well :)
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  2. Wooot, We have fresh no blood and a new group of potential stalking victims, Wait wooot..:rolleyes:

    Don't be intimidated, Maybe just a tad :eek:, you all gonna do a great job and have some fun time! And we got a new minty butt, Wooot, Congratulations Alex :p
  3. Yaaaay more staffy friends :D congrats everyone :)
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  4. From one greenie to another...

    (Yes, this is a real and rare clip taken of an EMC Moderator in their slimed garb.)

    Said it to you all already, but you're going to be great. :) Exciting times for the staff and Senior Staff teams!
  5. Thanks everyone :D I hope to do good things n stuff! Very happy to be able to help out in this way :)
  6. So Proud right now.. I never knew that 8 year old could become SS...
  7. I haven't got to know them all but good work regardless :p
    Eventually, I will be there hopefully after being banned twice lol
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  8. Awwww darn it!!! I missed all the fun .. but no matter.. Congratz youz guyz!! =D I'm so excited for all three of ya!!! =D
  9. Thanks for the welcome! And congratulations to Sazukemono and AncientTower as well for their promotions, and Alex__C's promotion to senior staff! I look forward to this all :)
  10. Congratulations to you all! :)

    --crawls back onto couch with heating pad and aspercreme--
    I'll come congratulate y'all in game once I can twitch without pain again ;)
  11. Also Congrats to Chickeneer on becoming Mod :D
  12. Nice, where did you find that clip of Eviltoade?
  13. WoOoOoOo! Congrats to the 3 new staff members and to Alex going lime green!
  14. Congrats, you three four! Wish I hadn't missed the fun...
  15. Congrats to all! May you enjoy your time!
  16. My John kid is a John man now ;-) *sniffle*
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  17. Welcome to the team you three, and congrats on mintyness Alex :p
  18. AlexC__

    Well, that explains all of those insane auctions...
    "Dragon Egg"
    "Random pair of pants"
    "14 Beacons"
    I figured you were getting ready to leave or moving to a place where you had no need for rupees. Guess it's the later.

    A bit sad to see one of the originators of the "mega mall" go though. Although they haven't been maintained for a while now, 405 and 4005 remain as epic builds. I would have liked to have seen you reopen 4005 as much as anything.

    In any case, congrats and have fun as SS!

    btw, where are those dragon eggs going? :D