New Staff and A New SS!

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  1. Actually those were mostly just for the lols :p
    Thank you :D

    405 and the other ones were sold on, and I'm sure 4005 will be transformed into something else at some point :)
    My alt ;)
  2. Ah, cool! :)

    I hadn't noticed the other 2 promotions, or AlexChance getting Senior Staffed. This is an interesting development in Alex' EMC history, in my opinion! :)
  3. Congratulations to my fellow newly-minted staff buddies JohnKid and AncientTower, and to the newly-minted minty SS AlexC__ ! I'm looking forward to bringing fun and cheer to the community (and enjoying all the fun that's in our future, too)!
  4. Aww, missed all the fun, but I'm so glad to see you John promoted! Also, always was wondering why Alex hasn't been turned into slime years ago already haha Congrats guys! And congratulations to Sazukemono and Ancient Tower as well, even I haven't had a chance to get to know you both earlier. Have fun and wish you all the best in your new positions :)
  5. Congratz to all the new staff!! Ancient,Saz, and John!!! And Congratz to AlexC__ on SS!!!
  6. Congratulations all :)
  7. Congrats Tower, John, and Saz! I wish you all the best on your new journey. :)
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  8. Congrats to the new greenies and Alex on your promotion. I'm sure you will all do just great and look forward to working with you :D
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  9. Congrats! (tries to think of something else to say)
  10. Congrats, I missed the promote sadly as my Laptop froze 3 times in a row, so was not very active ingame.
  11. Congratz to all of you :) You will make empire better!
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  12. Congrats Alex and Sazuke :D
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  13. Congrats John! You have definitely earned this!!
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  14. Omg!!
    Congratulation John :D
    Congratulations to you all~!
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  15. Congratzs to the new staff and ss
  16. Congratulations to you both...
    I kind of espected me being mentionned too, but hey :p
  17. Gratz to you all on moving to the working class of EMC! Well deserved and look forward to the additional help when it needed.
  18. Not done with everything for yours =P
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