New Player Awareness Month

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  1. Introducing the Official EMC New Player Awareness Month

    (Second Annual 2017)

    MAY I help you?

    Does "What do I do?" or "Where do I go?" look familiar? This is a common calling card of a brand new player who has just joined the server. The experience of joining by itself can be overwhelming. Having completed the thorough tutorial and entered a new world where all you find is an empty plot with signs you don't entirely understand, many players are unclear on directions they could take. This oftentimes results in frustration and causes some to quit entirely. These players need our help in providing some form of guidance! Some of these new players have never even played Minecraft before, let alone played in a multi player setting. It could even be the first game they've ever played. The learning curve might be quite dramatic! An online community as we all know is a unique experience; one that should not be taken lightly.

    To help rectify this, I am calling on all EMCers to help new players in any way you can throughout the entire month of MAY.

    What can you do?

    First, the most useful command we have is /newplayers. This will show you a list of all the players who have been on your smp less than a month.

    New Player Checklist:

    • Welcome new players to the server, it is important to make them FEEL at home. Believe it or not, these new players will remember your name, and come to you when they have a question. Example: "Welcome to the server!"

    • Letting them know that if they DO have any questions, they can ask at any time and you will be happy to help.
      • Example, follow up with: "If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!".
    • Tell them that if they need additional help to please use their compass that was provided to them after completing the tutorial.
    • Commands such as /help, /guide or /assist are also essential as well as referring them to
    • Reminder: if they have lost their compass, tell them to simply type /assist new, and this will give them a new compass to navigate the server. Their compass also acts as an actual Minecraft compass pointing the player to their spawn point and is soulbound so they will not lose it if they die. The command /map should be mentioned as well.
    • Remind them that they can gather materials in the wastelands, build permanent large structures / farms in the Frontier, or create their own experience on their plot - by building their very own house or unique shop!
    • If they remain for longer than a few minutes, PM the player and ask how "everything is going so far" and if they are liking the server. You may also want to include how to respond to your tell.
    • If someone is asking for assistance in Town Chat (especially a new player), please respond to their question, even if you do not know the answer and refer them to the Wiki.
    • If a (new) player is breaking a minor chat rule, such as advertising in town chat, that player may not know about Economy Chat - In a helpful nice way, explain that "Economy Chat is used for advertisements.". This can be applied to any sort of rule the player may have broken - if it is a more serious violation, /report them rather than attempting to correct their behavior.
    • Finally, if you have referred someone to the server, check back with them to see how they are doing.
    There are MANY more ways of helping new players than the ones mentioned above.

    Do your best.

    New Player Awareness Month is not about a promotion giveaway or offering a reward for welcoming the most people: it is about helping our new players feel at home. Our community is such an amazing place and it is sad when someone leaves before they can realize that for themselves...

    Special Thanks to Alexchance for the banner, to Shelluser and Elfinpineapple for their assistance on this thread, and everyone who has helped a new player in some way. Keep up the good work!
  2. Love it! Always important to give new people the best impression of our server so they stay for a long time.
  3. Awesome. It worries me that the staff has to designate May for helping players. The great community should be welcoming the new ones already. :)
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  4. the hardest question i've faced is What is the goal? i dont know really, know it. i guess is just have fun, but is kinda hard to explain the ways to do it.... would any1 help me completing my answer?
  5. Ya is a hard one. Everyone has their goals on a server like this. Make a great outpost, make lots of money, etc. I guess it is really what you want your goals to be.
  6. Nah, no need to delve into it that deep, lol, this is just for something to focus on for the month of may if you are interested. :)
  7. What bothers me is the fact that once we get to June, everyone will ditch these ideas.
  8. SMP8 has this covered. All My Thumbs Up!
  9. I was going to say something similar, but they dont know such a thing, so giving them the example would not help them... =(

  10. I feel this is a great idea! I have had these same concerns in the past about new players, so I do my best to welcome new players. (However, I am also guilty at times for avoiding new players when I am "too busy" or am not in a helpful mood :)).

    I feel that rather than looking at this as a month of being more welcoming to new players, treat it as a month of change for the way you play EMC. Take these ideas and implement them into the way you currently play EMC, and continue with the new habits beyond the month of May.

    The main goal is to be a positive influence on the community by helping new members. So put on a smile and join in the effort to welcome new players rather than focusing on the negative. Lets just have fun with it :D.
  11. Actually, I have heard many say that SMP7 is the most welcoming smp. This is of course a matter of opinion, but...

    Edit: Note to all, this is just a joke, please do not turn this thread into a smp war determining who the friendliest server is (because no matter your argument, its SMP7 :p)
    Again, I joke (or do I?)
  12. Wait are you telling us to implement marriage squid, feesh, seffy's, madness and plain weird
  13. I enjoy that even in my in game absence I still get to help everyone by moving rupees and supplies where they need to go, new or old. Thank you everyone for letting me help.

    Also it's fun to help new players and watch them grow in emc. It's rewarding. Nice idea eviltoade.
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  14. Its Fun Madness. Its Welcoming Madness. Its Our Madness loves your Madness Madness. It is loving not jerky Madness.
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  15. As an SMP7 player, what do I do if they don't accept Satan or try to touch me?
    EDIT: Do I get an award for the only unliked post?
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  16. I subscribe just so i can talk to new players. Smp7 always seems willing to help. Another cool idea is chasing new players out into the wastelands or asking if they want to go on a mining or exploration adventure in the waste. players that have been playing minecraft for a long time I usually engage more on what they have built. If they share I take them out to my outpost and show them my builds. I know there isn't really a player that would be able to get back to my outpost without being super observant so I don't feel to worrysome about it and of course it depends on the player and the conversation with them. Building mining bases in the wastelands while they search for diamonds then come back to base with their loot and are in awe of how much I have built up the base is also fun. I didn't know about /newplayer that is really helpful. I usually use /p to scout out how old players that I don't recognize are. I also have stockpiles of enderpearls and always have some on me and usually throw them a stack and explain that they can get materials to build with at malls and shops on my smp.

    Tl;dr engaging new players can be a lot of fun :D

    Edit: stone, no one wants to touch a slab, just use it to run on and decorate with. I would be more worried if they were gonna use you as the floor :p
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  17. This is why I made FanClub Co. Just like Eviltoade and all other staff saw, as well as a few other players, new players were struggling to start off on EMC due to competition to other businesses. I have been helping new players for the past month now and I have finally found my puzzle piece to the server. I am making a mall now on smp2, in which goes towards the business. New players do need this kind of help.

    When I first joined EMC, I remember Toade and LGB being there to help me. I was one of the lucky ones when it came to starts on EMC. I quickly made a shop that most people shopped at due to my cheap prices. Then I saw new players joining and they looked as if they found the server interesting, but they left a few days later. I was curious on why so I asked a few new players planning to leave why they were doing so. They said that they weren't having as much fun due to their hard start.

    So me and my company will be using this new command to our advantage to help EMC grow. If you plan on doing the same, just PM me and I will gladly tell you my team's message and if you wish to join I'll gladly let you join us.

    Thanks to staff+ for this new command, and until the next I will be helping new players :)
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  18. This is wonderful! With that said, it should be happening all the time all year. :) Love this!
  19. Great idea toade! Ive been toying with the idea of making new player care packages to help get these new players started on the empire. Might be a suborganization of my big company that will be announced soon...
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