New Player Awareness Month

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  1. Interesting, the posts I made on this thread last year are from my pre-staff time :cool:

    Indeed, there is a lot to read through. However, we felt it was important to use the same thread because there were so many great comments on it last year. A lot of the comments are really awesome to read through, and a flash from the past to those of us who wrote on the thread last year.

    In future years, I might suggest to Toade to make a new thread and compile a few posts after it with quotes from posts in this thread that were important to include. That way people can continue to easily read the great posts from this thread and any future ones. (Of course there would be links to the old threads as well, so people could read them in their entirety).
  2. Alright! Good points! :)
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  3. Ooh sounds like fun ! Can't wait to get on a greet new players! :D
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  4. I do try to be welcoming to all players when they join. I have helped many with some basics but sadly a lot leave in just a short time never to return. I've never quite got that, I feel the new tutorial was well done as it got me really good footing and pointed me in the right direction on quite a few things. Sure, there will be some struggles, but if you just want normal survival, fire up a local game.

    Anyway, I just wanted to point out we should also try to WB older players returning after some time as I have seen and helped a few that were 1-3 years from the last log in. So many things have changed since then they tend to be more frustrated than new players. those newer players whom felt some were unfair in this thread, well, as a newer player I have had my own run ins with some that seem to want everyone else to be gone so they have the world to themselves but do know that they seem to be the very small minority. I'm hoping to get over my own latest struggle with such a player atm. Also, life will teach you that you'll have people you like/dislike - agree/disagree with you no matter where you go. EMC has a great set up and overall a great community and staff. This is a great server to support.
  5. Welcoming players to the Empire is the best way to spread the server cheer.
  6. I remember this from last year, it's been a year already? :eek:
  7. Lol totally forgot about this!
    And by the way I did get my mom to download mc on her computer! Now just to convince her to get an account :D
  8. This is the greatest idea to ever come up Toade you rock for that :)
  9. O_O ... not sure how I missed this last year as well. This is great Evil and so many good points too. :D

    :eek: It's May already?
  10. How about combining this thread's thought into the other blog about
    With the help of staff and some volunteers from each SMP, you could have a new player introduction. Staff could answer the questions from the new players while the SMP volunteers could be paired (or lead a group) with a new player into the wastes, frontiers, around town, gather resources/materials, make rupees (i.e. selling items), and other basics of the game. I'm not talking about a full day, maybe an hour or two scheduling it over the weekends, repeating at different times, and every other week or once a month. Something similar to new students arriving at college, a summer camp, or a new job.

    A staff member on the SMP would be nice during this 1-2 hour introduction so that the SMP volunteers can walk (and protect if needed) the group. This would keep the SMP volunteers focused on the game play while the staff can field questions. Most of the time, when new players ask questions, I don't know the answer off the top of my head but I do know where to go to get the answer. So a staff member would be great to field these questions, not to mention watching us SMP volunteers so we don't give any bad info yourself.
  11. I love that we have a month dedicated to this and that we're raising awareness to it. I know, like most, how important helping new players is. I remember when I started the tutorial made a bit of sense, but I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, there were people online ready to help me through my questions! Now I've been on for almost two years! It's incredibly important to help new players and I'm so happy to see the server care so much!
  12. If you had switched "what do we do" and "where do we go" it would have been the first two lines of a steven universe song but it wasn't and that makes me *so* disappointed :/
  13. This right here is main reason that no matter how busy I get or inactive I become... I will always come back... because this community here is amazing... lets keep it going!
  14. Awesome! :)
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  15. Really love this idea! Every new player that joins I do that to them, but still it is a good reminder for other people to do so. Thanks, eviltoade!
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  16. I know I kind of opposed the idea of new player awareness last year. However times change and so do ideas. I kinda sort don't oppose it anymore. I can see the great benefit in it. Which is for a more overall goal of player retention.

    Welcome to the Empire. Ya filthy nubs!!!! lol
  17. This needs talked up daily.... Have you seen a nub? Did you say "Welcome to the Empire"? Have you offered good advice or advice at all?

    Why not???? Theses nubs are our future.... Raise them right!!!!
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  18. B.T.B. Enterprise's announces its New Player Facility. We announced it earlier than scheduled because May is new player awareness month. See all the information:
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  19. What a great idea !!
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