New Player Awareness Month

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  1. No... Im telling you to go to the player res when they join, to clarify any doubts. im telling you to tell new players the most cheap/important malls in your smp. Telling them that your smp has public utilities, and that themselves can use them to gather resources at them. Tell the the /wild and /waste difference(and griefing is bannable) and that if they need a headstart or have a question ask in /c t(that means teaching them about thr chat channels also). And tell them that your smp rocks(in some occassions it may not be required).
  2. Absolutely! I see people already helping new players all the time, which is fantastic - but why not inspire even more people to get involved? (this is certainly no where near the same magnitude as BCA month, but think of that as an example - a warm gathering of people who help others) :)
  3. Wait what new command?
  4. not everyone :)
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  5. Oh yeah, aya won't
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  6. I'm not that old on here but back in my day we had to survive with what we got starting out.

    It's more than enough to become an Empire survivor. Sure there are things that can be told to the newbies to help them out. Like finding Easter eggs or some good mining spots.

    I understand players get frustrated but that's on them. The tutorial tells you so much and everyone is so friendly on chat to answer any questions.

    Sorry Toade but having an awareness month to signify struggling newbies is kind of silly.

    I know EMC wants every new player to start off with a great experience here. However not every new player deserves a hand out of supplies to better ease they're beginnings on EMC.

    Maybe this whole rant was that of a bitter player who didn't get any supplies from players to start with for a better experience. Who knows? I can say that each new player needs to find a place to fit in here or their not going to be happy playing on this server. That there is perhaps the number one reason newbies can't hack it. They don't fit in right away and leave in frustration.

    Perhaps There needs to be an outpost of farms and/ or a section in the waste marked for newbies to learn and give them purpose before they spread they're 1.9 elytra wings.
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  7. First thing I thought of...

    But seriously ^_^ I like this idea a lot toade! This right here is what EMC is all about <3
  8. Yay! lets help out those noobs and make EMC bigger and better. Give them the labor jobs and pay them peanuts while we soak up the profit. They're noobs they'll never know. Muahhahahahaha
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  9. Perhaps we can take in refuges from other servers and place them on the various smps with decent plots and give them supplies and help them find everything they need. (Aftrer Being properly vetted of course) We can help them become shop owners and assist them so they will become wealthy. Thoes who keep their head down and play survival and the game of hard knocks trial and error earn everthing you get, will take longer to achieve a similar status.

    Now, Personally to view the situation I would rather be the latter player. I did not had a benefactor in the start, in fact I have given away so much stuff I stay just north of zero on the rupee scale. Sure, I have a lot of pretty things on my wall that I could liquidate, be rich and sail of the map into the sunset. But I enjoy the way I play.

    Those who seek aid repeatedly and rather ask questions to their problems than search and risk dying or spend possibly hours to solve their problem prefer to play that way. Sure, I help these guys with materials, information or just spend a little time with them because that is the way they want to play. Everybody has a different style. Giving sombody a bump to get going who wants it is fine.

    Me, I guess I am kinda weird. I like to play alone most of the time but I am always seem to be on the lookout for someone in need. I guess It boils down to giving help to thoes who want it and not helping people who dont. If you know waht I mean
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  10. Great idea Evil!

    This will be very beneficial to EMC and I really look forward to helping other players!

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  11. Its ok if you think it's silly, but remember this has nothing to do with struggling players at all, its about making newplayers feel like they are part of our family. :)
  12. Your right it's about welcoming the newbies to EMC. I might have lost track of that in my rant. XD

    However it can be frustrating for the EMC community to be so welcoming to the newbies. At least for me, when i stare at the chat and every other person on there is the same newbie asking about each little thing.

    That's what the tutorial is for. That's what the extra learning portal is all about at the end of the tutorial.

    I get somethings don't get covered but when they're asking questions that seem so simple to figure out, it drives me nuts. lol

    So i rescind my previous comment about the awareness month being silly. We as a community should welcome new players with open arms.
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  13. Everyone gets something different, Info-wise, from the tutorial. Sometimes I learn new things when I go through again. Especially if I'm helping someone with it.
    Teaching people can help you learn also. :D
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  14. Each jedi must choose their own path.
  15. Great ideas indeed. It's always nice to help the new kids on the block!
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  16. Om my gosh!!! EvilToade I can't tell you how much I love this post!!! :D Put together so well too. Ginormous hugs for you my friend. <3
  17. I've been trying to figure something out a little like this to put together, like a club or something. Looks like the mods got to it first! Lol.
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  18. Nice love the idea Toade
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  19. No no. Please make a club or a society or anything you might think of that might help new players. :) The community very much appreciates non-mod players to do things like that.
  20. I went in the path of a bear.
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