New Player Awareness Month

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  1. Honestly fantastic idea. New players provide new opportunities for the growth that EMC prides itself on, it's important we do everything we can to strengthen each other early on.
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  2. So... I get connection issues, am less online (here's hoping my connection gets reset for real next week) and to make up for my absence you guys start this? :D. Amazing! ;)

    Anyway, if there's one thing I got so roughly reminded of in the past week: Minecraft is WAY more fun together.. So yeah.. Some old players might grow tired of EMC (each to their own IMO) so maybe a youngster can take their place..

    One thing though... No matter how enthusiastic you are about EMC always remind yourself that different players might have different tastes. So don't be disappointed when said new player still can't feel at home, it happens..

    But yeah; great idea toade!
  3. Still havnt convinced my mom to play emc let alone pc version of MC yet but...
    Tonight my friends was a HUMONGOUS jump towards that goal!
    Although I spent 4 hours teaching my mom the basics and what not on Xbox 1 I say we got a lot done ^-^
    Hopefully in the next year I'll get my mom to join emc? Who knows ^-^
    Till then I got a lot to teach her lol
  4. I'm always on the look out for new player joins & try to assist any way I can. However, I spend most of my time in the wild and don't always pay attention to the town banter in chat. I wish there was a tone that would alert you to a new player join. Like for pm or when someone says your name in chat. I have suggested this before, but I don't think it went very far.

    As for how to treat new players, I don't like giving handouts. Not because of greed, but because I think it's more important to teach them to be self sufficient. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man how to fish & you feed him for life. I try to teach them a few key commands that helped me start. First thing being /home & /waste & how to see who's on and pm someone if you are in wild or waste and can't talk in town chat but you need help or guidance.

    If I happen to be in town, or even near a spawn so I can go to town I usually pop over to greet them personally. I usually offer to take them to the waste for materials. I guide them & protect them the best I can. If I happen to gather things on the trip I will usually give it all to them.
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  5. Very nice tips there, I try to welcome players as they join the Empire but perhaps I should try a little harder to welcome even more. There are always ways that we can improve!

    Lots of commands like /assist are useful, but I personally think that the wiki is a good thing to mention to players too. If players start asking lots of questions about commands and special items, for example, it may be worth pulling up a wiki page for them. I sometimes pull some up and drop the link for players asking questions. Every little helps! :D
  6. I actually do have a question, i am somewhat new to the forums and need to know how to post an auction
  7. Awesome post from Eviltoade, but I wanted to reiterate a few major points about this awareness month.

    We aren't asking you to give the new players free items, or even to show them every little feature in a grand tour. The tutorial covers a large portion of what they need to know, but some may need a few 'hands-on' experiences for it to sink in.
    We're simply having a reminder month for making the new players feel welcome. You don't have to enable the newbies or give them all the answers. Just be friendly and helpful. :)

    Possible scenarios:
    • Welcoming new players when the prompt shows in chat
    • Answering questions the newbies ask.
      • It's often more helpful to give the location of where they can find that information themselves. That old saying about 'feeding a man for a day or teaching the man so he can eat for multiple days'. It definitely applies here.
    • Being friendly if the new players strike up a conversation.
      • If you don't want to talk, then just tell them that you aren't talkative. That comes off a lot better than 'Leave me alone' and usually leads to faster understanding so they aren't put off.
    You don't have to be a tour guide and you definitely shouldn't assume you need to give them items/rupees to help them. Just be friendly and help push them in the right direction if you can. The smallest 'hello' can make the difference.
  8. A scenario of this can be:
    Newbie: I'm a noob can you give me some wood and materials so I can start building?
    Me: Here, some saplings, you can now grow your own wood. You can go to the /waste to gather some materials but be careful, the waste can be dangerous with all the mobs.;)

    This can be a way to teach the newbie to earn his materials and money by himself, he will probably feel more proud of getting them by himself as well. :)
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  9. Well, thank you CallMeTower. I've just saved 20$.

    First, i am a new player here so you will probably not like me but i am ok with that.

    I was thinking the last few days if i will go supporter diamond or not. Finally, i will not.

    That's the 3rd time i see a rant like this from a old player over the last week and it dont give a good impression of a community here in general. (i know there is good ppl, but the bad bashing always get on top).

    And before you bash me because i am a new player, i did my first million of ruppes in the first weeks and never asked anything to anyone.
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  10. Grats, you have achieved more than I have in 4(ish) years.

    I'll admit, I am glad that I joined when the tutorial was a maze. There wasn't much so I learned over time and the new updates came over time which allowed me to learn it and get comfortable with them.

    Never really liked the newer tutorial I guess. It does look nice, but it is just playing the memory game with players.
  11. I'm sorry people have been bashing you. Usually we really like new players.
    You seem really independent, but if you need help I or another might be able. :D
  12. First off I really wasn't trying to discourage anyone from doing anything. Second thing, if there was ever a server to invest real life money in, It would be Empire Minecraft.

    You noted me as an old player. I'm just over 6months on this server. There are far older player than me, but thanks for the note of seniority. Lol. Anyway I suggest investing that $20 in to this server. I myself in my 200+ days have already spent almost $600 in real life money. I'm very happy with what I've gotten with it too.

    So please don't be discouraged. This in my opinion is the best server and the only server I would ever invest my time and money into.
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  13. Yay! no more blank residences near mine!
  14. I try and welcome everyone and offer assistance to them if they need it. I actually have helped the last 3 that have joined on SMP6! It was neat. Though I have also noticed. They log off pretty quickly. Not sure why but at least I knew I helped them. This is like the ultimate form of paying it forward, which anyone who knows me knows this is what I live by!

    Peace & Love,

    Skitz <3
  15. Awesome! I just yesterday went out into the wastelands to a new player and helped them get a new Empire Assistant! I feel warm and fuzzy inside. :)
  16. I'm going to blatantly disregard the rules and bump this thread because I feel it deserves as much.

    Oh wait, the OP is a mod, an evil mod at that. A toade which can probably use his tongue to get you from a far place and then do all sorts of icky things to you. So I guess I'd better not bump this thread because yah; best not to bump other people's thread. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

    Anyway, more serious (?) I like this!

    New players are indeed often wondering what they can (or cannot) do so a bit of a helping hand goes a long way. My 2 cents though: keep the new player in mind and not yourself. Which, sometimes, can be tricky ;)

    I remember a story about a new player (last year) who came online during the weekend, was really friendly and polite (not spammy) and invited me to his house. So yeah, I looked around, I liked what I saw (he really tried hard to get a certain wood type from the waste, which I think was highly admirable) so I did what I like doing at a time like that. I dropped a beacon on him. Everyone should have a beacon because beacons are cool: they don't only give out light, they also send out a signal saying "here I am, look at my beacon!" :p

    So yah. Then the new player turned out to be very new ;) He really liked my beacon and placed it immediately as an ornament on his wall. So the beacon didn't beacon but.... just... stuck to a wall. Must. Resist. Must. resist. telling about iron pyramids ;)

    All pun put aside: sure, A beacon is meant to be used. Sorta, but with situations like these it's all too easy to forget that its not about you but about the new player. You may think that it's "all wrong" but that doesn't make it all wrong. In the end I did ask the player if he had used beacons before, and he had. He obviously didn't have enough iron yet but he really liked the beacon there to show off (and yeah, he did show off ;) He turned out to have some friends already who came over while I was checking out his house and they all went "how can you have a beacon when you're only 6 days old?" :p).

    Small side step: I sometimes saw this with some of my friends too ;) They gave their youngster a toy or stuff, then the kid enjoyed it but in a completely different way. Yah, and then you should IMO be careful. Sure, you can teach him how its done, but also make sure that you're not forcing yourself on him. If he's enjoying himself then... yah, wasn't that the idea in the first place?

    AND so I derailed my own post :)

    But for a good reason... My motto: if you are going to help out players then be sure to see it through. Telling a player "feel free to ask!" and then ignoring him when he actually does have some questions isn't the best of ideas.

    ALSO: if you're going to mail stuff to a new player be sure that they know the /mail command :D

    True story (really funny!): a new player (last year, I don't know who anymore) came onto SMP2. He or she was nice, cool player and also enjoying themselves. Good builder too btw, I recall going over their house and already being impressed even though they were only online for 2 weeks or so. They really put time & effort into it!

    So I send them a goodie. No, not a beacon but some other stuff. I think it was a book (short explanation), some iron blocks, a redstone block and an empire assistant (don't ask ;)). A few months later the player comes up to me (this is why I remember it so well) and thanks me. While I had no clue at all anymore what I did ;) I went with the "whatever you think I did I probably did it, I guess" but then it became clear: they had only learned the /mail command by then, and once they did they suddenly discovered my post. Weeks after the facts :)

    And no: that is not dumb, that is simply having other priorities.

    You know what: I feel like doing something extreme and against the rules :)

    BUMP :p

    <hides from EvilToade: "No, that wasn't me; GripCEO did it!">
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  17. Its already May!?
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  19. I'm not sure how I missed this thread last year; oh well.
    I'm also not sure though, why you're reusing the same thread. Do you think you wouldn't get new replies? Now, there's quite a lot for people to read through.
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