New Player Awareness Month

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  1. Looking for ideas on how to be a better host to new players... While I consider myself far from seasoned and still have a lot of EMC to learn I do try to help and welcome any new players. My issue is what do you do when you get a really overbearing new player?

    EG: this weekend, I had someone who was not looking for a new server but I'll say a new best friend, which may have been a limited time thing even if I was able to spend the time this person wanted. So I did welcome a few players, with another player, we really helped settle one by changing his res and getting him some starting crops and stuff. The other player I was more involved with seemed to know more about minecraft and maybe more about EMC than I expected. ...and he was very aggressive on wanting other players time. There is where my issue is. I'm usually using my time for something specific so to give a little time isn't an issue, to give an hour is much tougher and more is just to much. However, I'm not wanting to run players off. I helped them at their house a bit, gave them some chat tips (like @@), took them to the wild. Tried to explain shops and voting. After about an 40-45 minutes (guessing) they said they were headed back to the wastelands, so I shot them a message that if they needed anything else to let me know or to let me know when they got back to town. Sadly, they then logged and have not been back on since that I know of.

    So I know some of this is personal choice but how much is to much? ...and does anyone have any suggestions on helping "more demanding" new players? It seems to me though that it doesn't matter if anyone welcomes a new player or not or offers help, most players have almost already decided if they are going to give EMC a shot before they hit town.
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  2. I've done the same. In fact someone I had helped wanted to be friends right away. So they shot me a friends request and seeing as how how not accepting it might have seen like a brush off I accepted the request. Long story short they logged off a few hours later and today the logged back on 90 days after. They only stayed logged in for 10 minutes.

    I'm not sure what else you can do. Give em a little attention but I wouldn't bend over backwards. You're just a player like them too. Time is precious and can't be used up on someone who can't play without attention focused on them.
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  3. Yup, just like Tower said above, there's only so much you can do for someone while not sacrificing too much of your own play time. I can't tell you how many times a new player (most likely a young player) has asked me to help them build a house with them on their res just after joining. I might perhaps help a little to get them situated and even offer materials, but what they are looking for I probably can't give them..

    My job is to point them in the right direction, but it is up to them to them to make friends on the server - which takes longer than a few hours (of them just being bored and looking for something to do temporarily).
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  4. Aight, I'm throwing in my 2 cents. SMP6 in the hizzy!!! I was thinking on this and had an epiphany...
    What if each new player was assigned something like a pen pal. Someone who has been on the server for at least 100 days, so we know they probably aren't going anywhere, but also someone still new enough to get excited about the server like a newb would. Along with the compass and commands, they can be like an online friend to maybe go on an adventure with, or get building advice. I realize not all who play are willing to do something like this, so it could be voluntary. Maybe a small rupee stipend could even go to the volunteers. I dunno, I"m spit balling here. Whatcha think?
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  5. I love it personally :D
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  6. Aww shucks, thank you :)
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  7. As a mom and an avid player, I can attest to the servers awesomeness!!! This server provides hours, seriously HOURS of fun for both DJMC02 and I.
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  8. Always take the blue pill. The Matrix taught me that!! Or was it the red pill? Lol
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  9. I hope more players are willing to help newer players like Perez2428 and I were to OlivFam01.

    Teaching her residence channel commands:

    As well as other commands and a littl' membership time check :D:
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  10. Huh, interesting, I didn't know anyone used /msg. :p
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  11. A special thanks to everyone who took the time to just be nice to a new player, it sincerely makes a difference. Lets all have a great summer together! :)