[GUIDE] First 24 Hours on EMC

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  1. Guide Contents
    I. Welcome
    II. Extra Rupees
    III. Making Friends
    IV. Forums
    V. Frontier / Wastelands
    VI. Pick your Path
    VII. First 24 Checklist


    Welcome to the Empire! Empire Minecraft has such a diverse, interesting, kind, and fun community and I can't wait for you to experience all of it on your own! But first let's go over some basics to get your started and attempt to clear up most of the questions you may have about the server.

    Empire has an extremely kind community and you can pretty much walk up to any member and ask a question if you get lost or stuck on something, and they will have an answer or point you in the right direction, so don't be afraid to ask questions!


    As I am sure you have already learned, Rupees are the main currency on the server, next to tokens. Upon joining you've been given a few starter items, but right now we are only looking at the horse, tools, and armor. If you do not think you will be going into the Frontier (to build a outpost/home) or the Wastelands (to mine resources) then I would suggest selling off these items. Some people will pay up to 7,500 Rupees for the entire set unused. But if you do plan on going to the Frontier/Wasteland you should keep these items until you purchase or make some better ones.

    Voting gives you over a 1,000 Rupees every single day, as well as other bonus items! Vote here!

    If you want to sell the items read here, if you do not skip this.

    If you want to sell the items to someone connected to your SMP follow the following steps:
    • /chat E
    • Type the following - "Selling starter items (Horse egg, armor set, tool set)"
    • If someone private chats you, type /reply (Your message here) to reply to them.
    If you want to sell the items on the forums go here.
    This should net you 2,500-7,500 Rupees, you're already ahead of most of the other new members!
    If you have joined during a holiday season, EMC might have a promotional item out!
    -Check to see if EMC has released a promotional item by typing /promo.
    New Promos usually sell for about 8,000-10,000 Rupees, and you might see messages from players that are buying them. If there is a promo and you want to sell the one you claimed follow these steps:

    • /chat E
    • Type the following - "Selling (Promo Name Here)"
    You can also check herefor buying threads.

    Empire Minecraft has over 400,000 members, that's a lot of friends to make. Try to make friends in the area that you're interested in.
    PvP Friends - Do you enjoy PvP and want to make some friends that do as well? Go to /pvp on SMP6 or attend the UHC events on Sundays!
    Economy Friends - Want to meet other future or current millionaires like yourself? Pay attention to who you see in the Economic Forums, and if you see them on the server that you're connected to, try to talk to them.
    Survival Friends - Think you're going to be spending most of your time in the wilderness surviving? You can join an outpost here!
    You can meet friends everywhere on the server! Simply talking in Town chat can get you talking to a lot of new people, and attending events can help too!
    Friends can be very useful when you're new to the server, especially if you do not know your way around very much or have a lot of questions.

    Obviously, this is the forums. You can come here to keep up with Empire News, Vote, Buy and Sell items, manage your profile, make post, and meet even more new people! The EMC Forums are very active and probably have a lot of threads that spark your interest, make sure to check them out!

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