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  1. Let's discuss!
    We'd like to share where we are at with the preliminary results of the macros survey and open the floor for further discussions with the community on this debatable subject. We've learned approximately what you privately think, so now it's time to use these numbers and look at what we can do moving forward as a community. Consider this your insight to the decision process on rules.

    Preliminary Survey Results
    Do you use macros/keybinds/autoclickers on EMC?
    Analysis: We have a good portion of players that use macros and a good portion that don't.

    If you answered yes to the use of them, what are your reasons?
    Analysis: The reasons for using macros are pretty evenly split among the given selections. 'Other category' included fishing, buying in bulk from shops, shearing sheep/milking cows, making repetitive building easier, etc. Every player is different and focuses on different aspects of gameplay with their use of macros, etc.

    What changes should be made to the rules (summary)?
    Analysis: About 1/4 of the community responses say that we should have no macros allowed at all. About 1/4 say that the rules should be less strict or give no details. Just under 1/2 say that the rules should stay as they are or be more strict.

    So where do we go from here?
    As originally believed, the community is still very well split on the use of macros on EMC. The current rules were formed as a compromise between those that want macros allowed and those that do not. This still applies, as numbers show. Wording changes can be made on both ends to modify the current conditions, and increase positive reception of the rules. Now we discuss those changes.

    Ideas for changes, due to specific notes from players in survey. Note these are IDEAS and are not final changes yet. Open to discussion:
    • Change limit of auto-clickers from 10 clicks per second to 5 clicks per second.
    • Auto-respawning is currently not allowed. Allow auto-respawning of ONE account at a time upon death only. Not on kick/reboot of server.
    • Modify 1-1 operation to a timed event limit instead. Open to discussion on realistic expectations for activities.
    • Automatic clicking while AFK specifically defined to 3 minutes of no HUMAN response time. Staff will continue to contact in various undefined methods and may even ask questions to judge legitimacy going forward. Use of chatbots to respond is never allowed. After 3 kicks for AFK automatic clicking in player history, increase to temporary bans, increasing accordingly if it continues to be a problem.
    Now that you see how more players than just you think, what do you think are the best steps for EMC to take as a whole? Do you agree with the proposed changes, and why? Do you not agree, and why?
  2. Wow, I'm surprised the community is very heavily weighted against Macros.

    I myself didn't vote because I do not have enough knowledge to contribute to the subject, but I am very curious the reasons why people voted they way they did on this survey.
  3. Would definitely agree to see this allowed. Upon death for sure but obviously not to get around afk kicks.

    I wonder what others think about being able to craft a full inventory of (for example) melon slices to blocks using 1 click macro. This same thing can also be done just as fast using the crafting book. Maybe a second difference but should that be allowed?
  4. See this proposed modification:
    • Modify 1-1 operation to a timed event limit instead. Open to discussion on realistic expectations for activities.
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  5. The proposed changes seem nice, but I'm interested in the change to the 1-1 rule. Inherently through the 1-1 rule, at least in crafting, means whether you click or use macros you produce items more or less at the same speed. Changing that to an "expected" time seems like it would open up quite a few loopholes or just be rather easy to abuse, in comparison to 1-1....

    Could there be an example given? Or more description as to what this "event limit" is?

    Other than that, I like it. Having the respawn on death allowed now seems reasonable to me. I don't use macros for much outside of staff purposes (and even then haven't used them much) but I can definitely see their usage in saving fingers... And sanity :p
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  6. I
    So is this in regarding to using alts? two accounts simultaneously? Im just wondering is that up for discussion or no? Is this what this is relating to? Just curious.

    See cause my reason if I was to use macros would be to mine concrete cause it's such a chore, not head farming or auto-respawning. How would the new rules apply to that?
  7. I think most players that use macros are players which have played this game for a considerable amount of time, and, logicaly, they have grown some boredom to some game mechanics which are grindy... Now, when some discussions pop-up about this topic, the main reply is: if you want to use this, or want something easier go to another server. This does not make sense to me. EMC, at least for me, is still a play your way server some people like more challenges than others, but we are still stick together as a community.

    Why would the only solution that people give to this issue is to “grow up” from EMC.

    I think Macros should be allowed to have a wide range of players difficulties.

    EMC has done this in the past, possiky unintentinaly, but here I go with my example:

    I dont remember the last time I actually went mining on EMC for ores/gems. With voting rewards, I have enough diamonds/emeralds for what I need. When this change came, my love/activity for EMC grew a lot because it alowed me to take the time I used to go mining, for other stuff I like to do.

    Macros should be the same way. If you have growned out from the game, EMC should try to attract these players back by giving them more time for the activities they actualy enjoy

    As for ideas: uhm maybe like that message that popped up in the Wii to take some rest after X hours of activity(afk), or like that message in clash of clans that says: Hey, are you still online? After some time of afk
    (With the captcha thing Aikar invented, so noone can automatically skip it)
    This message, if not clicked would kick the afk player (and prevent auto-reconnects)

    Ps- written in phone in a hurry, so ideas might be worded in a confusing way lol
  8. I approve, I feel like this is a good compromise.
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  9. At this time, use of multiple accounts in active interaction with the world (clicking included) is not up for discussion. We'd like to flesh the other aspects of macros out a bit more with the community and since only ~8% of players that want macros said that we should allow multiple account autoclicker use, it's not something on the majority of the community's mind so it's being held back for this round of discussion.

    The change applicable for mining concrete would be the 10 -> 5 clicks per second.
  10. Ok thank you :)
  11. I believe the "one account auto-respawn" rule is fair and it would definitely help out the head-farming community. Also the 3-minute rule would seem alright. But I'd prefer to hear the opinions of people who do use macros, as I don't.
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  12. Why dont we go back to the old original post of 2016? That was the prime time there.
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  13. I think that the only reason that the poll showed such a large portion of people using macros is because of the audience polled. The amount of people that use macros versus the amount of people that play on EMC has got to be much much lower than that. Those represented however are the ones that have been here for a while or use the forums and naturally will be the ones more likely to use other tools to make their gameplay easier. Also, as you can see here with the replies, people that are not invested in macros have little care to even take part in the survey anyways.

    That said, someone else using macros has never negatively effected my gameplay but this pretending that it doesn't make gameplay easier seems just silly to me. even from 10 cps to 5 cps, no one is going to sustain that level of clicking for very long without macros. Minecraft isn't difficult and if you want to have bulk of something then grinding is the obvious way people would have to get it... or ya know, build farms or collaborate with others.

    No matter what is said, my mind is obviously made up that macros do not bring anything to EMC, not to the gameplay nor the community but it seems those that run the community are willing to go through creating all kinds of vague and silly rules on the use of macros just to see that they are not "abused" when that is just the nature of the beast.
  14. What ever happened to "play your way"? This is an example in my opinion of playing in my own way. If people want to use macros let them.
  15. Just let macro users use macros if they want to, I don't see how it effects anyone who doesn't use one, unless it's pvp, then it's not allowed, but grinding is different...
  16. So people who want to xray, fly hack, aura, etc, all kinds of cheat mods, who want to play that way, we should let them?

    This is what we are talking about here. Setting the line of what's considered cheating.

    Unrestricted use of macros can go into just as cheating behavior as xray. There has to be limits.
  17. I'll be the devils advocate... I say processes that could be automated should be okay, like fishing. You can put a weight on a key and leave it. As long as you are there, it should be okay. Having thst mantality is fine. If its auto respawn, I find that the new rule 1:1 is fair. Auto trading is iffy for me.
  18. You blew that out of the water and clearly did not thoroughly read my post. It was only talking about macros. Thank you though.
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  19. What Aikar meant to emphasize is that there are some macros that can be equivalent to xray, etc. So obviously we can't just say free-for-all on macro use and allow those players to not have any limits. Play your way is applicable to a certain degree, but that is what we want to define a little more.

    The post that you originally quoted indicated that macros do not affect that player, but they were also noting that it makes gameplay easier, in their opinion.
  20. Would it be allowed to auto click grind on minecraft, while watching a youtube or doing something else on another tab?
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