let's talk about skyrim!

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  1. so, perhaps my fellow empire citizens are obsessed with skyrim as much as i am.. :) and since there aren't any threads about such things.. i present you with such an awesome thread.

    share your characters, mods, hates, rages, loves, experiences, memes and whatever else you feel like sharing that is about skyrim.
    recently i downloaded a mod called 'climates of tamriel - sounds' that can be found here along with other mods like it.. which added a mega ton of sound effect like birds... and now i'm completely in love with the game again. i've also just installed this visual mod that makes me fall even harder to the floor over how freaking spectacular this game is.
    i have at least 25 other visual mods installed plus other random things.. but that would take forever to share with you here :p

    i don't think i'll ever get over the beauty of this game, i just can't. each sunset, storm, and night sky blows me away every second i play. (says my screenshot folder of over 100 shots because i can't stop)
    .... what i would give to live in that game and take my camera along xD

    along with those visual mods, i have this new thing that shuts off random npc's from attacking you verbally with quest starters. :mad: so nice not to hear their rude remarks while they slam their life into your face.

    so, to start this (hopefully) epic thread, i'll share a few of my screen shots from today, after my installs of my visual mods :D:D

  2. I love this game, too bad I lost the disc for my X-box though :p

    The mods in this game can have crazy graphics
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  3. ;)
    pc version > xbox version
  4. I also love this game, I have pc verson, although I have no mods installed. But those screen shots make it very tempting. :)
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  5. I recently started playing Skyrim again (Bought the Anthology for Christmas last year) and used to have a bunch of 'expansion" mods installed, these allowed me to travel new worlds such as the Elswyr mod and the Wyrmstooth mod. (I recommend either of them as they are well made) I have almost 200 Gaming Hours put into the game and have 16 level 80s + I love this game way too much. :oops:
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  6. i was recently gifted the legendary edition, i had always been playing with someone elses game.. so when they wanted to play i couldn't and it was upsetting. lol so a friend of mine bought me the game and everything is good now :p :D

    i have an issue with keeping saved games.. lol i constantly restart. >_< gets annoying sometimes.. i don't know why i do this to myself.. i find i repeat this kind of behavior in minecraft too.
  7. I told you we were practically twins, I do this pretty much every time I start Skyrim or Oblivion up, I make a new character, but I never delete a character, I must have close to 40 people in my save files. My load screen got so confusing I backed up my file and then deleted them from the application. :p

    My favorite however is my Argonian Illusionist/Archer, I love how I can just sit back and brainwash my enemies to fight each other. (Also I kinda wish someone added a Online Skyrim mod...)

    Just a quick question though: Whats your opinion on Skywind?
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  8. Those are impressive. What are the specs of your PC?
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  9. Skyrim is officially the second best game I've ever played after Uncharted 3. I completed all quests, side quests and DLC quests (pretty sure you have :p). Such an amazing game.
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  10. Brief summary of my experience with Skyrim;
    I wait for it for 2 years and buy it in November 2013. By January 2014 I have put over 50 hours into the game and am just about about to have the final battle with Alduin. I have to leave for tea as I see him flying down. I come back, and find the game has crashed. I can't find the save anywhere... yeah, so I leave.

    Come back the next day on a new save and find I have just now accidentally saved over the save I had in Sovngarde.

    Because of this, I ended up just not playing anymore. When I finally wanted to play again, I find my computer can't run it all too well anymore.

    'tis a shame. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the planet of Nirn </3
  11. i'm going to have to agree, i am pretty addicted to this game. its beauty is amazing.
    i highly recommend saturation boost mod on the nexus, makes things stand out stronger along with that tamriel reloaded.. some high res road fixes also make for epic photos. :D

    i've got an intel core 2 CPU 4300 @ 1.800GHz GeForce GT640 32 bit system with 4 GB's of memory.
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  12. if anyone is interested exactly what the boost does... this is an excellent example :D lol
    first is without, second is with.

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  13. I don't know what Skyrim is, but I'm watching this thread, just for the screenshots :p
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  15. I hope you used ctrl+c ctrl+v ctrl+v ctrl+v... for that and didn't actually write :eek: so many times :eek:
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  16. complete did ctrl+c, guilty.
  17. Congratulations Battmeghs! you just made me get on my Xbox 360 and decide to play my broken Skyrim that is so broken that I am a level 78 and I haven't even completed the first quest to kill the 1st dragon in the game! Yeah. I have broken every game I played example Destiny for Xbox 360; long story short I got into a dlc area then found a trampoline that shot me off the map many times until I got stuck out of the map and past the skybox... that was a fun day...
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  18. Loved playing Skyrim and enjoy going back to it every now and then.