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  1. Once entered a fortress near the top level, intending to stealth-murder my way down. Here I am sitting in sneak mode in the doorway when I hear "I'll corve you into peeces!" down below. Sounds of Oakflesh being cast, swords being drawn, fireballs and explosions, and here comes Lydia running up the stairs with the entire goddamn fort in tow.

    Well done, Lydia, but this isn't an MMO. You're not supposed to pull the trash with you!
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  2. number 1 reason i hate followers
  3. Not only that, but go into a small room or area and she stands in the door and you have to push her out of the way. The nerve of the girl. :p
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  5. Behold, the next dragonborn.
  6. I don't think Dovahkiin is supposed to mean "A dragon was literally my daddy." :eek:
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  7. A selfie?? :p

  8. I think something has gone awry.

    Update: Someone forgot to open Helgen's doors.
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  9. look at my horse, my horse is amazing.....

    ........... i think this is the most beautiful picture ever. i really want to just live here, please? lol

    i don't know how i got this at the greatest time ever, but freaking AAAAAAA!

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  10. I snuffed out the issue I was having with the intro, and got it to work properly. Turns out Requiem was causing the game to bug out and turned many things topsy turvy... I'll admit it was a little ambitious to try and get the game to work with requiem as well as a slew of about 100 other mods.
  11. I don't believe I'm familiar with that one. Big quest mods in general though can be quite tricky to integrate.
  12. Requiem is a huge overhaul to add some fantasy elements to the game, as well as some new textures for housecarls, generals, and guards. honestly, I didn't know exactly everything that requiem added. I really only wanted it for the improved textures.
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  13. "How you Alduin?"

    "Stay close to the wall" He says.

    This guy is having a bad day.
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  14. Alduin's made of hate and razor blades. He does not cuddle well.
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  15. i want to be a nightingale so bad, but i don't want to be an evil person who steals and murders :(
  16. Nightingales don't murder I believe?
  17. So she would just be a thief. :rolleyes:
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  18. i'm pretty sure the thieves guild doesn't remain free of crime, nightingales may not murder, but i think throughout the thieves guild quests you do. (which you have to complete to be a nightingale)
  19. Definitely not the thieves guild... they are thoroughly against murder. If you want murder go through the dark brotherhood :3
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  20. love thisn game :)
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