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  1. Normally I just raid and grab crap store it in my house and when I'm bored or feel like chilling out I sell all of it... although it takes forever because of the minimum amount of gold the shopkeepers hold... you figured I gave them enough business that they would have tons of gold by now...
  2. did you even ever try to play legendary difficulty or always had it set to what the game defaults it to?

    mods fix that :p
  3. I was just playing whatever the normal difficulty was. I did start another character recently but got busy and haven't played much. I made a dagger, archer, wood elf lady. I thought it might make the game more interesting. I'll probably mess around with that some over my break.
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  4. try legendary setting too :p that'll help with things not being easy..
    don't god mode yourself either.. that just makes the entire game pointless beyond words. lol
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  5. So, thanks to you guys I just HAD to go on Amazon, and buy Skyrim for my Ps3 once again. :p
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  6. I have it, not great for PS3...
  7. There's a mod, I can't particularly remember the name, that increases the wild's population and the civil war encounters, I remember a time where 2 legions of Stormcloaks pillaged Whiterun before I even got there at the beginning of the game, the mod of course has been fixed since then but still. So yeah, there's a mod to fix this issue :p
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  8. didn't get a quote alert... hmm...

    Anyways, mods fix everything, but the shopkeepers having unlimited gold? I might as well go play Oblivion. I play Skyrim like I play EMC, hoard stuff then sell it to make 1,000,000 monies...
  9. a mod, fixes their capped amount of gold to an insane amount that you couldn't possibly use up.
  10. shhhhwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmy shhhhwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmy shhhhwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmy

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  11. Its so fun taking a piece of goat cheese, putting it on the ground. Then you fus-ro-dah it into someone's face. Ahhh... the times...
  12. Game was owned in a week. :)
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  13. I'm in the middle of adding some more improved texture mods, as well as some immersion mods as well, such as the trade routes mod, skykids, Bigger trees, faeries, realistic needs and diseases, and all of the new land mods mentioned by Battmeghs, including one she didn't mention called Wyrmstooth. Probably going to add some more graphic enhancing mods later. I'll update later whenever I get it all running with my own little show of screenies. :)

    How can you even think of wasting the most important food group in skyrim!?
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  14. I believe I covered that on page one :)
  15. I absolutely love Skyrim! I'll just bandwagon on and say yes it's my favorite game for my PS3. If I could change one thing, only one thing in the game, its the follower AI, for frick sakes Lydia, follow me this way, don't take the other way.
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  16. That may be so, but you are not Battmeghs :p

    So many files to organize... this one gets loaded before this one, but not before this one... I'm having way more fun organizing the loadorder that I don't even need to play the game :p
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  17. All my mods are listed in the spoiler in one of my earlier posts. :) Except possibly SMIM, which I'm not certain has an .ESP.
    Processor: Intel i5-4430 3.00ghz
    8gb RAM (may bump this to 16 soon)
    GeForce GTX550 Ti (2gb VRAM)
    And for added kick, Skyrim is the only game I run from my C:\ drive, a Samsung solid-state:
    SSD 840 EVO 120gb

    Video card could use an upgrade at this point, but otherwise my hardware is mid-grade current, owing to the fact that I built it about a year ago when I was still making good money at my old call-center job.

    Re: difficulty, Batts covered it already with Legendary difficulty, though there are game-rebalancing mods if you want to take it that extra step. I use ACE (Athyra's Comprehensive Enhancements) but there are plenty of others.
    As for the whole "world feeling empty" thing, I advise the following:
    -SkyTEST, realistic animals and predators mod
    -"Populated" RS series, a collection of mods that adds NPCs to towns, roads, bandit camps, and many other places. Warning: using "Forts, Towers, Places" adds a lot of bandits. Poking those old Nord fortresses is like jabbing a stick into a hive of bees. Be prepared.
    -Interesting NPCs, a large mod that adds over a hundred unique NPCs that are *gasp* actually interesting. Voice acting ranges between "acceptable" (good quality, just awkward to listen to) and downright amazing (possibly professional?). Gorr is particularly fun to have around, even if he's not part of Ra'Shirr's usual entourage.
    -Inconsequential NPCs is the exact opposite. They exist to take up space, but does help add to the atmosphere in towns and taverns.
    -Immersive Sounds. You'd be amazed at how much this makes a difference. Cities actually feel bustling. Birds chirp in the trees. Cricket noise at dusk. It's subtle but it really helps the world come alive.

    There are other mods as well, those are just the ones I'm familiar with.
    I should also add that the Dragonborn DLC pays great homage to those craving the "alien" feel of Morrowind, in Skyrim. At least until Skywind is finished...
  18. Thanks! And you know, you could just get another 550ti and run them in SLI ;P. But the power consumption..
  19. How? D:
    I had it before, and it was amazing quality, speed, and no lag!
  20. Not Day 1, that thing was glitchy...