let's talk about skyrim!

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  1. i may have just entirely fell in love with your character. holy wow.
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  2. I just spent the last 97 minutes playing this game.

    The game doesn't window-lock my cursor, so whenever I try to fight, I click out of the window and the game crashes. .-.
  3. hmmm, it window locks mine. check your settings and make sure "windowed" isn't selected.
  4. another person i dislike, is this jerk... undermining you with his snarky comments all the time... he's added to my death list.

    here are some nifty shots i got at whiterun on the way to the castle. (i recommend installing "dawn of whiterun" spices up the streets a bit and adds a ton of mini shops and fills them with set stuff to look more realistic. love it)

    ... and then, while on my way to assassinate some bandits at a camp... i'm riding along and then it sudden explodes with color and i was in awe.. i seriously stopped and was like WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!

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  5. Love the night scenes. :)
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  6. Yup
  7. I know that the game is for PC and Xbox, but isd the Legendary Edition for Xbox also?

    Now debating whether to get PC or Xbox... Which is better, H3R0? (Not asking you, asking myself... It's a weird habit.)
  8. i would assume so, but i have no idea.
    you'd be better off looking into that yourself.

    the thing with pc or xbox is this is a very cpu demanding game.. so if you don't have a decently powered pc it just wont work well for you. a friend of mine has a gaming laptop that even lags a bit with the game. i'm lucky that i have no issues what so ever. (i love my power house) :D

    the downside to xbox is there are no mods.. which, makes the game look pretty.... blah to me. lol its so blah looking without the spice of the graphic mods available. but it all depends on your computer, and if i will handle it well.
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  9. Ok... Well, I guess I'll have to go with Xbox then. My computer can barely keep Minecraft, Mumble, 3 chrome tabs, and a few other things open without lagging a bit... Its a nice Asus though. Well, back to Runescape.
  10. Which one of those fine mods makes your characters into NPCs if I may ask?
  11. But this Battmeghs, is where you are wrong, there are mods out there only problem with them is if you use an xbox live account you could be banned so if you were to use mods it would have to be on a not xbox live profile. from what I am aware of there isn't any graphic enhancing mods but there are mods to add things to the game.

    I tend not to bother using mods ever since my "Clay Solider Mod" experience...

    yeah took me a good 100 days to fix that mess...
  12. that is odd... banned from using mods on skyrim. :confused: never heard of that.
    i don't like most console versions of games, so i wouldn't really know, i've never cared to even look or know. which is obviously why i was wrong.
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  13. That would be Familiar Faces, which allows you to "save" your characters in a sort of display room and load them into your other characters' games. The catch is, all mods should be [exactly] the same, otherwise it tends to glitch and crash and otherwise not work.

    You're wrong, but you're not. The console version is not intended to be moddable, but there are certain ways of modding consoles that allow it to happen. These tend to be frowned upon by the manufacturers.
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  14. What do you mean exactly the same? Like use the same mods for every character IE Make a new character with the same mods as the one using the Familiar Faces mod?
    Or do you mean have all of the mods you currently have?
  15. Meaning every character you make has to have exactly the same mod list - if you play Don Dovahkiin, Senorita Murderpants, and Fred, they all need to be using the same mods. So if you download Bob's Best Bastard Sword for Don, you need to enable that mod for your other characters as well, even if you don't plan on either of them using it.
    This wouldn't necessarily be an issue, except that I've used Wrye in the past to manage save profiles, and ran into trouble getting everything to play nice. (Tip: do not use save profiles in Wrye Bash either).
    FF is a really neat feature to have, but boy is it fussy.
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  16. Thanks, that clears up a lot :)
  17. Ra'Shirr doing his thing in Bleak Falls. A little early-morning crypt crawling before heading back to Whiterun...
    enb 2014_11_20 13_53_11_42.jpg
    Rosa, Illia, and Kharjo help watch his back (and carry the loot)
    enb 2014_11_20 13_56_53_56.jpg
    Full name, Rosangela. She's a bosmer sorcerer who likes lightning, and throwing ghost-wolves at people.
    enb 2014_11_20 13_57_19_51.jpg
    He recruited Illia from Darklight Tower. After murdering her former coven of hagraven-worshipping witches, she didn't have much of anything else to be doing.
    enb 2014_11_20 13_57_32_28.jpg
    And Kharjo... do I really need to explain Kharjo? He's just awesome.
    enb 2014_11_20 13_57_39_71.jpg
    The path ahead... enb 2014_11_20 13_58_20_05.jpg
    ...will have to wait. Time for work.
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    .. i should probably come to terms with my obsession and love with khajiits

    .... that bow.. WHAT BOW IS THAT?!
  19. Say what. No offense really... what country do you live in?
  20. I think I have about 2000 hours in this game... no mods either... :eek: