let's talk about skyrim!

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  1. Why do people ask this if it says it at your profile page? :p I'm Dutch :)
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  2. He's from the Netherlands (I think.). Over here we don't have big video game controversies like Australia, the U.S, and others do, so we don't often hear about new games in that way. The only reason I know about good games to play and stuff is because of YouTube and Reddit :p
  3. I expected alot more...
    Impressive that you can run the mods with those specs
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  4. i always thought this was a pretty good computer? lol you make it seem like its almost junk xD :( lol
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  5. bu... bu... SkYRim!
  6. That would be the "Webrend" bow, which is part of the TERA weapons mod. The scaling is kinda off, but it looks okay in 1st-person.
    I've actually been trying to get back into TERA lately, but after a two-year hiatus I've kinda forgotten how to play... ^_^;
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  7. Well I have 144 hours logged on Skyrim. I play with the immersive UI mod, as well as a few graphic enhancers to make the game really pop and immerse myself in the world of Skyrim. Gotta say, it was quite the experience.... though I don't think I'll ever end up seriously playing it again.
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  8. Oh? Genuine curiosity now, why's that?
  9. More pictures! I played Skyrim for Ps3 for quite some time, but was very heart broken once the disk broke.. Love the game, and want to try to get it back!
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  10. I've already beaten the game and just kinda got bored after a while, lol.
  11. Since I use Alternate Beginnings, the main quest doesn't actually trigger until you pay a visit to Helgen - if you choose to at all. But having finished up with Bleak Falls, Ra'Shirr is already in the area. So, after returning Lucan's claw (and getting hit on by Camilla for some odd reason), it's up the road to Helgen they go.

    At least, until Kharjo points out a small cave that serves as the back entrance to Embershard Mine.
    enb 2014_11_21 02_11_44_09.jpg
    Silent and deadly, Shirr dispatches the guard. No one sneaks like a Khajiit...
    enb 2014_11_21 02_14_35_14.jpg
    enb 2014_11_21 02_14_52_92.jpg
    This orc has no idea how dead he's about to be...

    Eh, that's fair I suppose. Though you'd be amazed how much mods can extend the life of the game. And trust me - Magelight + Fire Rune is hilarious each and every time you do it.
    "What was that? Is someone there?"
    *kaBOOOM* - *flaming shrapnel flies down the hall*
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  12. what is the mod you're using for that?
    Falskaar adds 30+ hours of game time/exploring and quests to the story line.. a new world you travel too also. this isn't the only mod that adds a new world to play with 30+ hours of extra questing!
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  13. Alternate Start - Live Another Life
    Current version has you "start" in a cell in the abandoned prison, out in the Eastmarch - but that's just a primer location, as you can elect to "escape this cell" or choose any of a dozen or more starting scenarios, including already owning one of the five default homes (so if you're sick of going through that awful "Blood on the Ice" quest for the Windhelm house...).
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  14. I actually remember that quest. I recall it trying to be spooky but not actually spooking me.

    EDIT: I kinda want to update my mods for skyrim now.
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  15. Played through a tiny bit of the main quest line today. I don't know if its because I've already gotten to the final quest and accidentally saved over it, but its incredibly boring ._.

    Although, if I recall correctly, it was only long for me because I didn't know about tmm 1 (thank you Fallout: NV for teaching me this console command :p) and walked everywhere when I first played through the game a year ago. I get lost a lot when I walk to places in open world games with extremely detailed maps.
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  16. Today I bought the legendary pack via steam code and then added it to the wrong account... (I have two, one I use and one I don't that's titled "Green_Mystery")... both are titled Green_Mystery but account names are different.
  17. i get highly bored of the main quest line too, since i've done it so many times. which is why i just run around asking town folk for work killing bandits or just running around clearing places i find.
    i've also installed a ton of extra land places with tons of hours of stuff in case i ever run across them while playing around. xD
    often i find myself playing 4 or 5 hours of the game only to start right back over again because of stupid reasons i don't even understand. lol
  18. Wow, this thread is active! :o
    I didn't know Skyrim had an actual storyline, I thought it was a sandbox game.
  19. Your game looks fantastic. PC Specs and what mods are you using for visuals?
  20. I guess I should just type up my experiences with the game. I put in about 50 hours before getting bored and not playing it anymore. I built my character in probably the safest, easiest way to build a character - magic in one hand, sword or ax in the other. That kind of made the game easy, but I didn't grow weary of the game until playing the Dawngaurd DLC. Holy hell, that drags on for waaaaaay too long. After I finished with that I was already feeling a little exhausted with the game, and then I started having Serana follow me around. That was like bumping the game down to super easy difficulty.
    That wasn't the only reason I quit, though. The world just seemed empty at times. There aren't nearly enough NPCs in the game. (Which make the civil war quests pretty laughable.) And I can only go to so many of the same caves to kill so many bandits so many times before it just gets tedious.
    To be fair, that is how most people play the game.
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