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Do You Forgive Me?

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  1. Dear Emc Community,

    EMC is my favorite server. I am selfish and I am a fool, and a imbecile for what I did to you all. Also, I have lied about who I am, I want to tell you who I am, my account names are as follow: SirGold_ , FunGem, 171_, FunMaze, and FunShop. But all I ask of you is to forgive me! :D ^_^


  2. Like I said I am sorry
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  4. What did you do?
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  5. I griefed, and I killed someone
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  6. Sorry, no getting away from this ban. As the rules say, at least. I don't even know you lol
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  7. He's not trying to get out of a ban =P he's saying he's sorry.
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  8. I know lol
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  9. I forgive you.

    I grief and kill all of the time, and I never get caught. I can't relate to you at all, but I wish you the best.
  10. How many banned accounts is it going to take for you to realize that what you're doing is wrong? Was this the one ban that made you realize, "hey, I think this is wrong?" I sure hope so, but that realization should've come a lot sooner. You cannot excuse what you did, and forgiveness isn't easily achieved with a three line post.
  11. Okay then. Lol.
    Wait how is killing/griefing even possible? You can't kill in the wild/etc.
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  12. You can light people on fire, push them into lava, spawn a wither near them, or suffocate them.

    And griefing is very much possible. :p

  14. Thank you stone and mercenaries and kirtio and ess
  15. true lol
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  16. Call me Sal ;)
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  17. We love you too!
  18. Yay thanks guys
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