How well known is the user above you? [Forum Game]

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Ritunn, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. 0/10 I've never seen that name around before! :eek:
  2. I heard of you 9.9/10
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  3. Of course I know you, although not on a personal level 9.9/10
  4. O it's Foxy_Kitty, Hello

    I would say ik u, just not like well 4/10
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  5. I've seen FalloutHood plenty, but don't recall any personal memories. :) 6.8/10
  6. 10/10 I don't think I've actually seen you ingame but you're all over the place on the forums :p
  7. 6/10
    I mainly remember you from the old days, nowdays you don't seem to be as active as you used to be. I don't believe we ever really spoke aprt from economeny stuff :)
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  8. dealt with you, seen you and read you a lot on the forum, have even spotted you sometimes in game. I'd go for a 10/10
  9. Zbid has got a paraphrased line from my story. :D I've also talked to him on multiple occasions. 7.5/10
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  10. Know you but not a whole lot 9/10
  11. 0/10 idk why I'm here because I never use the forums. No idea who you are lol.
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  12. 10/10 for older players, probably 0/10 for newer ;)
  13. 3.5/10 I have definetly seen you around, possibly in-game too, but I can't recall any personal interaction with you :p
  14. 10/10 I've definitely seen you loads in the forums and in-game... I do think we've talked too:D
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  15. 7/10 I know there was a point when we talked because I used to follow you on forums, a privilege only few (not true) have :p
    Also, you once won an auction during my young years, I believe it was you, and I had to call up a ss so that they could put the contents in your vault :p
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  16. 7/10 Seen you before, swore you had a different name :confused:
  17. 8/10 I hope I'd know you, given we're on the contrib team together and I've seen you around a bunch:D
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  18. (looks like Carbonyx and I responded at the same time )

    SmooshedPotato - I know you!
    Gave you some crops for a totem :) Now get that timer reset so I can trade with you again.

    But never seen you in-game, I think we have different schedules. But that's okay.
  19. 7.5/10
    I've had some great conversations with Katy and think she's really nice
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  20. I've seen you a lot on the forums and sometimes in-game as well. Your comics are amazing! :D

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