How well known is the user above you? [Forum Game]

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  1. On another forum I frequent this is a game almost the whole entire community there has participated in. Here are the rules. All you need to do is post how well you know the above poster on a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being almost unknown to you and 10 being just about unforgettable. So let us start!
  2. You've been here a while
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  3. well you were on smp7 when you started
    and i know you a little bit from there
    so iwould say 5/10
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  4. I heard of you for a while so I say 7/10
  5. Have seen you pretty active the past year or so I would say 5/10
  6. 7/10

    EDIT: Allicanto thinks I should elaborate, so I've seen your eyeball thread and I think I'm following you, so 7/10.
  7. i find it kinda stupid to just post a number and
    i don't know you but your name does say something to me
    like i have seen it somewhere on emc
    so 1/10
    because my bad memory
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  8. ^

    I don't really know who you are exactly, but judging by your signature, you're probably recognizable, an alt of EMC Staff.;)

    8 3/4/10
  9. I believe you actually remodeled Mrs_Fuzzlewuzzle's res for us on SMP5 a long time ago. 5/10
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  10. Heard the name I think, but that's it

  11. I see you on the forums, but never in game :p

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  12. Seen Dufne around a lot, personally. 8-8.5/10 :)
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  13. I've seen Tom around a lot over the past years. 9/10?
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  14. Ive seen you a ton on the forums and a bit in game ^^ 7/10
  15. I see you a lot in Game and Forum :p 9/10
  16. We've talked once or twice. 3/10
  17. I have seen you on the forums before, 6/10
  18. I've seen you a few times.

  19. We've had a few past dealings business wise, and I spot you a bit on the forums so... 6/10.
  20. I think we've spoken one or a few times, but not that much so 4-4,5/10