How did you choose your username?

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  1. I don't think this particular question has been asked before, so I figured I'd start a thread about it. I'll go first (obviously, lol):

    Mine is the user-part of the email address I chose for my first e-mail address back when I was 13. I created the e-mail address (now defunct) based on my name, which is Alexander Schrøder, except I had to replace ø with o, since the Internet didn't like non-ASCII characters (and often still doesn't, actually) back then. ;)
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  2. My parents creativity :cool:
  3. Its just my normal name :)
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  4. Mine originates from Red Dwarf (BBC late 80's - 90's), thus the picture :), the ZBSD comes from being a donator (D) for ZeroBullS**t TF2 server - now defunct - and we started a Minecraft server back in the early beta days and that is what I logged on with Mojang initially
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  5. i was too lazy to get one, I used my normal one... :cool:
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  6. Mine is from a nickname "Jimbo"
    I used to say "that's Jimbo to you sir and Nothing else"
    I had a Game Center called Jimbo Nothing Else and I just shortened it!
    64 is just a number that sticks in my head
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  7. Long story, Basically my alias evolved from early childhood happenings.
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  8. NINJATTILA my real name is Attila
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  9. Oh I get it, your a NINJA :eek:
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  10. Yes Be Very Scared
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  11. I am! :eek:
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  12. As I thought ( I've run out of words lol)
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  13. As have I...
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  14. Grey text how did I not think of it :eek:
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  15. Your just not as NINJA as me... You just don't know how to disguise :p
  16. I'm sorry Master I have Failed....
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  17. yoda meme.jpg
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  19. Made that meme special :p :D
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  20. Well, one day my friends and I were traveling to a theme park and were hungry. So we stopped at a McDonalds. At the time it was breakfast our. So we all told my friends mom what we wanted, and when it came time for me to tell her I said "Five hashbrowns". They dropped dead laughing since I am only 90lbs at the age of 14.

    So from then on I was called hash everywhere I went.