Happy New Year and an EMC Review Survey!

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  1. Well almost anyways...

    At midnight, ring in the new year by launching a *Empire Firework*.
    This year's special edition can be claimed through /promo 2015 and for 15k rupees each at the Empire Shop.
    The other Holiday Promos and the Holiday Sales will be available until January 10th to allow for anyone that was on vacation to participate.

    A few things to mention:
    *The EMC Time Capsule is closing TONIGHT (or in the early hours of 2015 at least). Link: CLICK ME!
    *The Holiday Card Creation Contest deadline is TONIGHT at 11:59 pm EMC time. Link: CLICK ME!
    *Staff present new PvP arena designs! Link: CLICK ME!

    It's been a great year and EMC is looking forward to 2015 even more!
    *Help us out by giving us feedback in the yearly EMC Review.
    *This feedback is used to shape the future of EMC, so please be detailed and give as much information as you want to/can.
    *One entry per IP. If you have multiple players on your IP address, work together to fill out the form.
    Click the link below to go to the page.
    EMC REVIEW 2014!
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  2. first

    edit: awesome!

    please tell me a british person typed the emc review questions...
  3. second

    Sounds great m8 i rate 8/8
  4. woot, fireworks :D
  5. Kewl I will be sure to stay up all note on emc XD
  6. Should it say 2015 on it instead of 2014? :p
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  7. Hehe...
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  8. There's a story behind that...
    It's sticking with the old format or we would have skipped a year and we can't have that...

    Currently in existence:
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  9. Well, when I saw the reboot on the server, I thought this has bad written all over it, but then I looked at the thread, all is good. :D :p
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  10. :D Gotcha
  11. "Please list the staff that you are MOST happy with and why."

    Is this a specific member or reason we are happy with them?
  12. The staff members you are most happy with and why you are happy with them.
  13. So say we're 15... which age range do we pick? :p
  14. This is awesome. 2014 was a great year fro EMC. I hope 2015 is even better.
  15. Directions would indicate the higher option
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  16. Shows how much I pay attention... -.-
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  17. how is there a 2011 one when fireworks didn't exist in 2011 to late 2012?
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  18. Got over zealous =P
    Fixed. There are only 3 so far.