EMC's 2015 Time Capsule Event

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  1. Alright everyone,

    If you have participated in QuarterStop's or Deathtomb's time capsule events from last year, then you know how this works. As I promised a few people, there WILL be one this year as well, but I'll be running it.

    What is a time capsule:
    -A time capsule in the world of Minecraft is a chest locked away in an underground cavern and filled with the things that each player feels is valuable enough to store for an entire year. For example, in my time capsule from last year, I stored 2 nether stars, some Doctor Who related items and a few books about why I thought those items were special.

    On December 31st, 2014 at 11:59 pm EMC time, the 2015 EMC Official Time Capsule will close.
    It will open again one year later minus a day or so at 8 pm emc time on December 30th, 2015.
    2016 Details will be posted in a new thread in the beginning of December 2015.

    What do I do:
    Contact krysyyjane9191 or a Senior Staff member on the forums with the details of what you want to store. Sign a book with a list of items so you don't forget. Then place all the items in your vault.
    Ideas of what to store:
    -valuable blocks
    -book with your friend list
    -book with your ideas about EMC at the time
    -book with memories you want to keep
    -letter to yourself one year from now

    Who can participate:
    ANYONE! =)

    Time Capsule is currently in construction.
    Senior staff will store the items on smp2 3006 until it is finished.
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  2. First :D
    I cant wait to come :)
  3. I think I will have to do this one! ;)

    I never made it to the last one.
  4. Sound awesome! I'm joining this one!
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  5. Can't wait to do this
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  6. sounds awesome! :)
  7. I will most definitely have to enter this one!
    Now to find and rename Doctor Who stuff.....
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  8. Looking foward to this!!!
  9. Didn't participate in last year's, but I think it's a great idea and will probably take part in this year's event! :)
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  10. Wait, so is this a general donation, or will we be getting back the things that we put in? I have never participated in this before, and have no idea how it works.
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  11. You will get back the items next year. The cool things is, some people tend to forget what they put in, and stand for a total surprise when it opens again xD One of the things I put in last year was an Ore Buster (which didn't have such an insane worth back then) so I should be happy that wasn't a donation!
  12. Love this idea so much :D I went to the reopening of last years one and thought it was pretty cool, so I definitely want to be a part of this years one ^_^
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  13. Sounds awesome!! Maybe I'll put something in, :p
  14. That's fantastic. I really need to put in my Turkey Slicers because I'm sure I will lose self-control and sell them early.