[CONTEST] Holiday Card Creation

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  1. Happy Holidays.

    This month's contest is pretty simple, but there are a few guidelines:
    -Must be your original work
    -Must be submitted as a link to a picture
    -You can hand-draw and scan it in or you can draw it digitally. That is up to you.
    -Should be Minecraft themed. EMC specific is not necessary.
    -It should have a message on it.
    Clarification: Something like season's greetings, happy holidays, etc is fine. Nothing extravagant.
    -The card is one sided.
    -Only one submission per player please. Don't abuse your alts to get extra entries.
    -Deadline: December 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm EMC time



    Grand Prize:

    1st place: Grand Prize + 1/2 donations
    2nd place: 1/3 donations
    3rd place: 1/6 donations

    Donations: If you donate rupees, you must SEND them to be counted. I will not collect them from you.
    anonymous: 100,001r
    Bro_im_infinite: 100,000r
    bluevault13: 100,000r
    slash14459: 14,459r
    Bob Saget: 5,000r
    colepuncher: 2,000r
    awesomebuilder33: 1r
    1 stack of diamonds
    8 cooked turkey
    1 dragonstone
  2. Sweet (like little penguin-shaped cookies that I love to eat)!

    What were we talking about?
  3. Going to use minecraft to make it...
  4. Well here goes nothing.
  5. Sounds fun! Thanks so much. :D Question, should it be both an outside and inside submitted? :)
  6. COOL! I'll try to do my best.. not good with editing and stuff xD
  7. Derp, somehow I missed that. Thank you for the clarification. :)
  8. awesome! I might participate :D
  9. Just donated 100 Fat Stacks! (100k)
    Winner will have a happy holidays :)
  10. Damn that was quick...
  11. I think ill just draw it out take a picture on my phone then submit
  12. heh ikr. i probs won't win
  13. Fun project, I'll give it a whirl! :)
  14. Awesome something im actually good at! (I am a GFX Designer XD) So we can use like photoshop can't we? And also what size do you want it to be? XD
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  15. Are we allowed to do like a build on a single player server and do like pixel art, so to speak, and screenshot it as our card?
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  16. yes
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  17. I would like to know this as well before I start.
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