[CONTEST] Holiday Card Creation

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. any size
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  2. Oooh, I might try my hand at this. Haven't submitted for many of the other contests, but this one sounds like an especially fun idea, so I might go for it even if I don't plan on winning. =)
  3. In the digital world, size is very flexible. I suggest you go big and then shrink it if necessary. This gives more room for working on details.

    I will pledge 40k to the prize total.
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  4. No quite understanding the "one sided" thing
    Is it just the front? Or?
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  5. correct
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  6. Thanks

    I'll be entering, I actually started a huge EMC related drawing yesterday :p But I might leave that on it's own as a separate thing though
    Good luck everybody!
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  7. so ive read the thread over but im confused, if we make one and submit it but you want to submit another is that allowed?
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  8. Sorry, as always with these monthly contests. Only one submission allowed per player.

    Added to the guidelines.
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  9. Cool! I really hope I can find a Sunday to spend on this! :D
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  10. I will be entering this one, as in my computer science class I already designed one a while back :3 Good luck everyone!
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  11. Thanks krysyy for yet anotehr awsome event!
    I'll see what I can think up.
    Good luck to all the contestants!
    Me like Fâñçý writing
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  12. Is it the case that you need to make this card within this month? As in, not having started before the contest was announced?
  13. can i draw like you know those drawn animated minecraft people? i wanna make something like that, and also im not doing christmas themed cuz i dont celebrate it and i find my holiday joy in hanukkah.
  14. yes
  15. I have my entry planned out, but I think I'll wait a while into it to post so I can see what I'm up against :p
  16. Not a lot of people are going to post theirs until the contest is already over.
  17. I cant figure out how to put my picture in the subbmit form, there is no spot to insert link
  18. Go to imgur.com
    Press the blue "Upload Images" button
    Click "browse from you computer"
    Choose the picture you want to upload
    Press "start upload"
    When image is done loading click on it
    You should get a link that's something like i.imgur.com/(random numbers and letters).png or .jpg
    Copy that link into the "What is the imgur/other media link to your image?" box
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  19. Hmmmmmmmmm still deciding whether to draw on paper or digitally...
  20. I'll personally be doing it digitally. A lot cleaner and easier to submit.