[CONTEST] Holiday Card Creation

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. My submission has been finished, or so I think. :) May wait a few days to submit in case I am struck with any other good ideas. :p
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  2. Ended up making an edit. :) Just submitted, though it still feels weird submitting something waaaay before the day it's due. :p
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  3. Are we submitting on the forum or in a pm?
  4. Via the submit form linked in the OP.
  5. hmm, might be whipping out the trusty ol pencil
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  6. Oh
    -facepalm- duh, sorry XD
  7. Donated 5k :)
    Really looking forward to seeing the winning entry
  8. I may sound dumb, apologies, but when is the final date to hand this in and do people who have already won contests like these still have the same chance just like everyone else to win at least something? Trying not to be like snobbish or anything... I hope :(
  9. You'll have to check with krysyy on the date, but everybody has an equal chance to win, including winners of past contests. :) Don't worry, you're not sounding snobbish at all. :)
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  10. Its been 10 days, over a week :p, Have you got any idea on whan the Grand Prize is? Maybe you should make a poll with several and see what people like more?

    I wish i could enter, but I am so busy with Getting ready for college, and selling stuff on ebay, i dont even have time to come on. Have not been on for about a 2 weeks now.
  11. Sorry, got so caught up in the Holiday planning that I forgot that detail. I'll update it tonight.
  12. Its 3 am and it took over an hour to finish, hope it comes out nice xD
  13. I have a 3 hour car ride today. Guess I'll put the finishing touches on my card and submit it tonight.
  14. Can i put my name on it??
  15. You can if you would like.
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  16. Okay!!
  17. I would love an answer to this too. Is it more of an artistic thing?
  18. I believe that means that you can use Photoshop or other programs to design your card. :)

    Glad to see another version of the Empire Artisan's Palette out. That particular grand prize has always been one of my favorites. :p
  19. Sorry, I should be more clear. I mean using actual screenshots when I say using photoshop, instead of drawing it.