[Guide] So what happens if your voucher expires?

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  1. Hi gang!

    I had the privilege to experience the Gold supporter status for the past month. Thanks to my friends who referred to me when joining; this got me an iron support voucher, Krysyy who helped me with some tweaks as well as my friend AussieZaid who slipped me a iron support voucher as well.

    In fact; I'm dedicating this post to Aussie because of it. He's the kind of friend who gives you something and then enjoys seeing you enjoy it without the need to make a big fuss of things, even if it actually is kind of a big thing. So yeah...

    Now; becoming a supporter, either by starting a subscription or purchasing a voucher (either through the website or in-game) is relatively easy. Just check out the supporter feature page. But the one thing which many people wonder about: "What happens if my support voucher runs out? Do I lose everything?".

    I think those are valid concerns which deserve an answer. Also because I hope that by doing so it may take away any possible hesitance people might have. Trust me: you don't have to worry about losing your stuff!

    However, there are some minor changes to keep in mind. So lets get to it...

    Gold supporter advantages

    Now; I'm only going to mention the features which may actually enhance your gameplay a little bit, mentioned in the same order as they're listed on the supporters feature page:
    1. 1 extra residence (2 instead of 1).
    2. 7 extra named residence locations (8 instead of 1). Also see my mini-guide here.
    3. 8 extra residence tags (10 instead of 2).
    4. 2 extra stable slots (3 instead of 1).
    Note: all links point to the corresponding wiki page, apart from the reference to my mini-guide of course.

    Questions regarding voucher expiration:

    1 - Do I get to keep my residences?

    Yes, even when it's located in Utopia:

    I have a regular status and I own a residence on Utopia (supporter server)...

    Note that your maximum residence limit might have gone up, which means that you can safely unclaim a residence (remove it) and claim another one somewhere else. Be sure to use the /res command first in order to verify your current residence limit.

    2 - Do I lose my residence locations (or the ability to use them)?

    No. But do keep in mind that you cannot re-add a location if you remove one of them. That's because you basically got more locations than your limit allows for:

    All my named locations are still present and /home storage still works for me.

    7 locations with a maximum of 1. I feel a little bit like a cheater now :p

    3 - Will my residence tags reset?

    No, but the same applies as with point 2: once you remove a tag then you probably cannot re-add it:

    I don't need that many tags, but still; I can use 2, but I have 3 assigned...

    4 - Do I lose the horses in my stable?

    No. But once again: the same thing applies as above: if you summon a horse then you cannot store it again because you officially got only 1 open stable slot.

    I know this picture doesn't show the right situation; I thought of this guide after I sorted out my stable ;)

    That last picture doesn't show the right situation, that's because sorting out my stable gave me the idea to write this guide. The reason I have 2 of 2 slots instead of 2/1 (or 3/1) is because I used a stable voucher. I don't use horses that often, but did want to keep access to both my horse and mule.

    Summing up

    If you buy a support voucher then you don't have to worry too much about it running out. Your things (residences, horses, locations) won't suddenly disappear, but you may need to be careful when you plan to tweak or use them.
  2. Nice guide.
    I may add that you also lose the ability to edit your res messages.
    Other than that, well done!
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  3. You forgot to mention that going to gold/diamond will permanently raise your residences max to 2, even after supporter runs out
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  4. Methinks ShelLuser is gunning for a Contributor spot next. ;) Great guide, very well-explained.
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  5. Thanks a bunch for the compliment. A late reaction, I know, but... Sorry, I need to show off a little...

    Guess what happened in the mean time? ;)
  6. :D Lol. Very well explained, Now these people who asked can know all about this. :) great job. Also: Looks like I'm emc famous now :D
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  7. Diamond for life!
    Even though my alts are iron and gold :rolleyes:
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  8. I know this thing is old, but, I'd like to edit something:
    If you had a Diamond or Gold supporter before the max res voucher was released, and get a diamond supporter again, you will not have 4 res's, but 5, you can easyly check if this also counds for you by doing /res, it if you are a regular player and have got two res sports, you will get that fifth res when turning diamond :)
  9. I had never seen this guide before :eek:
    It's a great one, though!
  10. Better late than never ;)

    But if you want to keep track of these things then you could consider watching this thread, it's my 'guide journal' which I eventually update with links to new guides I made. It might be useful.

    Thanks :)

    There's even a fun story attached to this one :) I wrote this guide before I got invited into the Contribution Team (as you can see above: 66 days, I was still quite the newbie :)). But it was the aftermath of this guide which also sparked my interest in the Contribution Team some more.

    You see, this guide inspired ItsMeMatheus to add this wiki page :) Which was really special for me back then because that gave me the feeling to actually be contributing something useful for the Empire. Well, 500 days later and all of a sudden I'm now also doing my share to help out :p

    So yeah, this guide is also a bit special to me because it also holds some good memories for me. First and foremost AussieZaid, who I dedicated the guide to, but also the whole aftermath. Good times :)
  11. I may be still using four residences I got with a single month of Diamond back in like '13.
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  12. i needed this
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  13. So can you still edit all of your resiences after you've lost your supporter status?
  14. Yes, you can. :)