Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. I stand by the fact that despite hash lighting MOST of my island on fire when he landed on it, that portal granted me victory for refusing to jump in it.

    Sorry Hash for the rude "Get off my island, you're gonna burn me down!" xD

    (Also yeah there was a plea of "Please no, not the lava" xD (and we didn't win that one. Sadness.))
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  2. Little did sadie know that at the time the lit nether portal was sealed by barrier blocks and set to turn into lava if there was an attempt to jump on it. It was also just outside hitting range so there way no way to tell barrier blocks were in play. :p

    FF gods smiled on you that day it seems.
    Ahh sweet sweet trolling at its best.
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  3. you Mean Toad Lord of firefloor.
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  4. See, I looked at it and I was saying in vc things about "should I jump on that? No way can I jump on that"
    People were saying it was probably fine but I also had a gut feeling you wanted to pull my leg so I was a smart dragon. :p

    Also when i landed on skye's head i knew we would fall but i didn't want you to rush it along there, ss. :p

    Was fun tho.
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  5. What a lovely crop farm.
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  7. went through some old screen shots and found these by pineapple. I got others.
  8. Last one till i find more sorry for the spam :p
  9. This is one of those screenshots that I'll think back on in about a year or so and giggle about, and then one of my friends will be like what's so funny, and I will not have any idea how to explain it
  10. Those first two fate posted lol - I have absolutely no idea what the context is on those right now. I kinda remember the last three (in that I remember saying them), but don't ask me what the context of them was. :p
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  11. I got more
  12. Them all being in different colours gave me the idea that they belong together. Unless you always posted in different colours? :p
  13. Wouldn’t it be elf-in-square-pants?
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  14. To-mae-tos, Ta-mah-tos.
  15. I can't believe there's a pineapple elf in square pants