Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. Hello Everyone!
    Everyone has seen staff members do some funny things or say something that just made everyone 'lol' Some examples of these things are funny kicks between staff, best ban reasons, etc.

    This is the place to post those funny pictures are share them with everyone on the Empire! I will start off, but putting some pictures of funny moments!

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  2. i used to have a bunch of fun ones...they were lost when the fire nation attacked
  3. Bump! I can't be the only one with some funny moments!
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  4. I have 1, but I dunno how to attach screenshots to this site. #I'mSuchANoob
  5. Click "Upload a File" next to where you click post. Navigate to where your screenshots folder is. There are guides on the internet on how to locate your screenshot folder. Then simply select the picture you want, and press "Okay."

    Alternatively, you can upload to and attach it that way. Simply go to and press "Upload" then "select a file from your computer" and again, navigate to your screenshots folder. After you've uploaded it, click on the image so the url ends in .png. Copy the url and come to the forums again. Up on the banner where you change the font, etc there's a picture of a tree. Click that and paste the url you copied earlier.
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  6. Warning to the staff: Watch out! They're coming to get you!
  7. hide yo kids, hide yo wife
  8. Thx.
  9. Oh goodness. This thread could end up getting interesting...I know quite a few people that have screenshots of some krysyy moments.
  10. i have a few xD i screenshot everything o.o
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  11. So you've told me =P
  12. I guess it is staff-related... :p
  13. *digs through screenshot folder*
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  14. Ha ha ha... Oh, the things I could tell you! *Grins evilly at certain staff member*
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  15. Sometimes staff members just get caught in the middle:

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    Players usually love you until you mute them:

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    Just a bit of background on this one. Nick absolutely loved melons, even to the point of building with them. I think I may have accidentally broken Nick. Sorry about that:

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    I have no real explanation for this one:

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    :3 (it means go out with a girl in dutch btw - in slang )
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