Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. So... uhm... this is a good "no context" one...
  2. I can only assume that staff plan these things out whenever they wake up.
    "Alright, at 5:19, I will kick you for being smelly"
    "Good idea, I will then kick you for having a nose."
    "Lulz. Yes. Then Krysyyjane will pop in and eat us"
  3. Context:
    Someone said I was a purple person. I was explaining back when I was a non-supporter and non-staff =P
    This is one of many interesting word choice blunders of mine...
  4. *Cough cough* Remember sep, what happens on 4 stays on 4 *cough*
  5. I have one on a broken computer that has Krysyy saying "staff members have no need for personal shat"
  6. I don't believe it 'til I see it =P (though it's likely)
  7. These are so funny!
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  8. I first want to say.... Sorry krysyyjane xD

    and sorry other staff (ex) members.

  9. I can remember something like that too...
  10. We were sitting on faithcasters dragon planning their wedding

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  11. noob.JPG
  12. Uh-oh! o;
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  13. I suppose I can't hide it any longer and I'd better confess to come clean with you guys... If you've seen Corq acting a bit different in the past weeks then I might have had a little bit to do with that. Just a little bit, honest!

    Hardly worth mentioning ;)

    A few weeks ago we met up on my res. and we started talking about several things, amongst which redstone. After messing a bit with a multiplexer which I keep in my basement (doesn't sound geeky at all ;)) I told him that I was experimenting on my Utopia residence with some multiplexing as well. Basically; the option to set a binary number, click send, and the value then gets transferred to another contraption which processes the values and stores it. Keyword here is timing and the order of the signals.

    We talked some more about the theory behind it and then suddenly this happened:

    It was an accident, honest! :D
  14. No one has anything on me. :p
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  15. Found this in town...

    And then turned around to find this lol.

  16. Does pre-staff count?:p
  17. These don't show up on mobile; How can I make to so they do?
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  18. It's still on 4..
    See the 4 on the start of 47732.... It's on 4!
  19. I litterly always get on the forums when someone qoutes/likes/etc one of my posts...
    Btw, nice gif sig?
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