Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. something went wrong in pvp
    and when i got out i had this chestplate of ... :p
    (i couldn't keep it tho :( )
  2. Ahh, just like the time I got a spawned in piston :D
    Then RainbowChin removed it :(
    (He spawned it in)
  3. Man that chestplate would have be worth a couple mill...
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  4. wait, what?
  5. Those were from.. well.. what we call "JustinGuy&ICC times"
  6. Actually.... I think it is still somewhere on the servers. No idea where I built it.
  7. Hmm....

  8. Aikar logic at it's best.
  9. I know exactly where this is. Its changed a little though (on smp4 at least)


    This is my brother porphyrian visiting it. Aikar must never know that he defiled his throne! :D
  10. The moral of that story?
    Aardvarks are delicious!
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  11. Hehehe. Good Times!
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  12. omg these are awesome xD
  13. You guys do not understand the laugher! Let's keep it going!! From past to new from stories to screenshots! :D
  14. XD
  15. O gawd XD
  16. Actually, all of us on at once. During the final approval of the Empire Shop remodel.
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  17. These are a few of my favorites:
  18. My way to congratulate Simon on the promotion. :)