Funny Staff Moments!

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  1. I have a lot from the last few days I still need to upload
  2. Context required. :p
  3. I asked if he was spying on me while in res chat
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  4. Had some fun with Elfin in boss arena tonight... >:)

    (The best part was the vc -- "MOOPLE, WHY!?!?!?!")

    Lucky sure does like his birds... too bad the server doesn't!

    And of course, Elfin had to spawn in some birds of his own...

    I have more, will update later. ;)

  5. I think Moops wanted to say HI to me :p
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  6. ....skip to 0:48
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  7. I liked this a lot more without the context. :p
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  8. "oop"

    i have no recollection of this. IMPERSONATOR ALERT
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