[FORUM GAME] U.R.F. Steelgate

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  1. Hello, and welcome to another princebee forum game! (For all you new members, you're probably wondering who I am...) Well, I've made 3 suprisingly successful forum games, and I'm hoping to make another here! Also, thanks to AliceF3 for her help in formatting!

    Prison, great. With everything going on, the letter that gets thrust into your possession quickly takes it's rightful place at the bottom of your priority list. A warden shoots a look at you. And if looks could kill, you'd be dead on the spot. You reluctantly move the letter to the top of your list...
    Welcome Letter

    Welcome to prison, maggot,

    I'm the warden of U.R.F. Steelgate, and I'm going to be overseeing your transition into the longest years of your life. Whether you're in for theft or murder, I can guarantee that your time here will be the cause of your reform. Don't bother thinking about escaping either, the last guy who tried found himself 30 feet under the pacific ocean.

    -Warden Steve Jones

    After reading the letter, you turn your attention to the attached note. It's just your details. Everything seems to be alright, but you decide to review them anyway. After a glance at the warden still glaring at you, it seems like a good idea to not make anything up...
    Application Form

    Character Name:
    Character Gender:
    Character Appearance (Description or picture will work)
    Crime (Use this for help. Don't over do it...):

    Thanks to Masterdude for the map redo!


    1. Don't powerplay. (The link is a Urban Dictionary, don't scroll down, I haven't previewed anything lower :p)
    2. Death is a thing.
    3. You are allowed to make new characters once you die, but obey NLR. (Don't hold a vengeance against the guy who killed you, don't try to harvest things off your corpse, etc.)
    4. Don't be Omnicient or Omnipresent. If you aren't there when it happens, you aren't aware.

    Prison Rules
    (These things are things you can do, but will involve punishment of some sort, in character.)
    1. Don't Murder
    2. Don't Escape (Or try to)
    3. Don't Injure
    4. Obey all orders

  2. 1.0 - Started
    1.1 - +Rules List
    +Prison Rules List

    Current Players:


    ww2fan168 - William "Llama" Jones - A-01 - Theft ($2m of chicken wings)
    Owl_On_Caffeine - Aleric Morgan - A-02 - Theft (Time Machine)
    AliceF3 - Jackson "Jax" Lightwood - A-03 - Assault, Failure to comply
    607 - Sinne - A-04 - Rioting (Apparently)
    princebee - Clara Ari - A-05 - Murder
    Zikki - James Smith - A-06 - Serial Killing
    clan23 - Foxy Robert Sparrow - A-07 - Murder of a minor
    Boozle628 - Thomas Baird - A-08 - Theft
    MasterDude13 - Matt - A-09 - Vampirism
    AverageWalrus - Bartholomew "Walrus" Rosmarus - A-10 - Theft
    herocrafter2912 - Noel "Venom" Malcomi - B-01 - Assassination, Fighting
    nuclearbobomb - Wayne "disintegrator" Smith - B-02 - Arson, Murder, Resisting Arrest, Assault
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  3. Great! Could I reuse my character from the revived GalliaRPG? I think it still has potential.
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  4. William "Llama" Jones
    Olive skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, muscular
    Crime: stole 2 million dollars worth of Chicken wings
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  5. Alaric Morgan
    Caucasian, black hair, piercing green eyes, muscular slim build
    I stole a top-secret time machine to go into the future and steal the books of each book series I'd like to finish, but that don't have the rest of the books written, yet.
  6. Of course!
    Welcome to Cell Block A, #1.
    Welcome to Cell Block A, #2.
  7. Character Name: Jackson Lightwood
    However he prefers to be called Jax

    Character Gender: Male

    Character Appearance: Semi-long black hair, green eyes

    Crime: Attacking several people, failure to obey orders

    Edit: Thanks for adding credit for the main post <3
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  8. Character Name: Sinne
    Character Gender: Female
    Appearance: Blue eyes, semi-long blond hair. On the skinny, weak side. Quite tall (for females, that is), but not that heavy.
    Crime: was accused of starting a riot in the streets. People got injured, and Sinne was arrested in the chaos. Has indeed purposefully got a group together and started shouting and things, but never had the intention to cause what has happened.

    Is that good? :) (As you see, I can't really pretend myself to be all too evil xD)
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  9. welcome to Cell block A, #03
    Welcome to cell block A, #4.

    I'll add both of you to the list once I get home, Public wi-fi OP
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  10. (( Edit: Gtg about now, I'll cause some trouble tomorrow morning))

    (I'm starting because I'm too impatient)

    People say that boredom can't kill you, but at this point, I'm genuinely not convinced. I groan loudly enough for the whole cell block to hear, banging on the walls either side of me for good measure "What does it take to get a bit of entertainment around here?!" I grab the bars and look into the surrounding cells, ignoring the piercing glares of the guards.
  11. Character Name: Clara Ari
    Character Gender: Female
    Character Appearance (Description or picture will work):Caucasian, Short but slender, long mouse-brown hair, Blue eyes
    Crime (Use this for help. Don't over do it...): Murder
  12. "Ugh, where is this?..." I think to myself. After reading the extremely polite note from the warden, I sit down for a while. I then decide to go have a look around. I spot a couple prisoners sitting in their cells. I approach one, a tall looking woman.
    "Hello?" I say.

    (Sixx, that's your queue :p)
  13. Totally doesn't sound like HMP Irongate.
  14. I startle when a guy near me starts shouting. This will be terrible, won't it? While trying to decide on how to react, I realise another person just said someone directed to me. "Uh, what's..." *silence* "Hi."
  15. (Cant quote or change text colour, ugh)

    I smile slightly at the sight of a girl in the prison, "Hey" I say warily, not wanting to interrupt their lack of conversation. I quickly realise something, "Wait" I start "How are you out?" I also realise that this is a decently stupid question to ask... I sigh quietly and turn away from the bars slightly
  16. I just destroyed the prison. you are all free to go. Don't blow it again guys.
  17. Huh? You aren't even playing... <.<
  18. James Smith
    Muscular, Blond Hair, Tall, Thin
    Killing Machine "Serial Killer"
  19. Shhhhh....
    "So..." I try to think of something to say. "What are you in for?" Before she can answer, I hear another voice.
    "Huh?" The doors just opened...
    OOC: Sorry, forgot to mention that :p
    Welcome to Cell block A, #06
  20. I wonder to my self "Why the heck did I steal 2 million dollars worth of chicken wings?" I wonder this for an hour and go and make new friends
    Possible New friends, Put a yes or no if mentioned
    1. Zikko- Allan Smith
    2. AliceF3- Jackson "Jax" Lightwood
    3. princebee- Clara Ari
    4. 607- Sinne