[FORUM GAME] U.R.F. Steelgate

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  1. I almost "arr" at him, imitating his pirate attitude, but I quickly decide against it, "Nice to meet you, Foxy" I shake my head and let my hair fall over my eyes once more, but my green eyes still shine kindly. I consider leaving the conversation there, but I keep going, "I can tell, actually" I smile slightly "But I have to say" I nod my head towards the pirate hook "You do look like a very convincing pirate"
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  2. "That's what those.." *Voice deepens* "Bastards..." *Turns back to pirate* "Erm creators wanted"
    Feeling quite embarrassed of his outburst.
  3. I throw him a confused look, but I let it slide, "Creators...." I echo, letting my mind wander. I nervously run my fingers through my hair, fluffing the top slightly. I slightly forget what I'm doing, and I make my hand a fist and knock on Foxy's metal body. I flinch at the noise and stutter "S-Sorry about that. I guess c-curiosity got to me"
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  4. I sit down, when Fox approaches.
    Aw, him again?... I thought I was finally going to be able to talk in a normal matter to someone... oh well, looks like he's cool now.
    I guess I'll just listen for now and see when I can jump in.
    *pupils grow bigger in fright and astonishment*
  5. "Now you understand matey that is my endoskeleton. I am a robot with self-conscious of my self being. The one thing that not makes me happy is people saying I am different!"

    *Shows hook in anger yelling* "THEY DID THIS TO ME AND I CAN'T HELP MYSELF"
    (Guards look up and they start charging their stun guns)

    *I try to calm myself* "Don't you see!? No one understands my position NO ONE!"
    *Slams the table with his hook making a hole*
    (Guards quickly stun me effectively shutting me off and wheel me to a charging station)
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  6. ((Waiting for Foxy
    Edit: ((NINJA FOXY
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  7. Am I going out of character?? lol
  8. To Jax and the girl, after the shock has calmed down a bit: "His temper seems to change quite rapidly, doesn't it?"
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  9. My smile melts into a grimace once more at the sight, and my mind wanders again, "Looks like I'm not the only one who can't follow orders" I groan slightly, shaking my head "I'm going to get something to eat" I say bluntly, getting up
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  10. "Same."
    And now? We shouldn't really have to describe what we get to eat, should we? If it's going to be that realistic I'll spend too much time going to the toilet :P
  11. Btw can we move along instead of being in the mess hall we been there for like 4 hours lol
  12. I'm pretty sure time is going much slower than in real life :P Going to bed now though, so if Alice doesn't make me move with her, I'll be paralysed for the next 12 hours or so xD
  13. ((You can move along, do what you want. I'm sure my Jax will talk to you again anyway))

    I shoot the girl an angry look, somewhat frustrated. Although, when I think about it, I don't quite now why.... I sit down, stretching. I pick up a bit of food to eat, but I almost instantly lose interest in it.... "So" I turn to the girl, hoping she will talk to me, despite my mood, "I don't really know anything about you" I brush my hair away from my eyes, in a simple attempt to make myself look less gloomy
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  14. I'll be at work so when 607 returns I will be back as well.
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  15. I get food too.
    "Uh... that's true."
    Okay, that was stupid.
    By the way, we're in the year 2015 AD, right?
  16. ((I'd assume we were in 2015 haha))

    I decide to start the questioning, "First things first" I smile slightly "What's your name?"
  17. "Sinne." :)
  18. I smile, "It's nice to meet you Sinne" I fluff my hair slightly, "My name's Jackson, but I prefer Jax" I don't know why i told her my full name, I never tell anyone my full name...
  19. "Ah. Jax... never heard that one before. It's cool, though." I try to eat in-between sentences, but it doesn't really work and I nearly choke.
  20. "Well I've never heard Sinne before" I smile. I can't help but laugh when you choke, as your smart posture melts away, "Careful there" I warn, picking up a sandwich "Don't want to be hurting yourself already" I joke
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