[FORUM GAME] U.R.F. Steelgate

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  1. You can't really say "yes" or "no" out of character to suddenly be friends I think, I think you should approach the characters with your own character if you want to get friends ;)

    Also, prince, what doors opened? How did they open? Using a mechanism or by hand?
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  2. OOC: The cell doors opened. I sort of forgot about the whole "being locked in a cell" thing >.< They open and shut through a mechanism that is controlled by guards, and they can be individually opened or opened all at once.
  3. I sit in my cell, though the doors lie open. As I sit, I appear to be brooding. The guards cannot see my eyes, so they do not notice them flicking around rapidly: searching for means of escape.
  4. Well, if you knew me well I usually get to know a person before calling them a "Friend". Thats what i meant by that :).

    As I work in the lumber yard, I steal some wood and string to make a make-shift guitar. This will take about 2 more posts to complete.
  5. *Sigh...* Let's just stay out of this for now, I will probably only say stupid things anyway, and that guy keeps interrupting me... I look around, observing everyone I can see. The other girl seems to be the only one out right now. I wonder what we're supposed to do...
  6. I finally made the neck of my guitar that will be used later on in this thread. I start reaching out to other cell mates to try and make a gang/squad. I wonder wether or not I should steal a shovel during my shift.
  7. This seems like a Game I would like
    Name: Foxy Robert Sparrow
    Gender: Male

    Crime: Mutilation and Murder of a Innocent child.
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  8. I thought the crime would be for stealing that halloween costume, but I guess its better than my crime :p
  9. (Acts in character)
    You land Lubbard you. Do your really think I be fake matey? *Shows hook* I be cutting your gizzard with that mouth of yours if it weren't for these guards.

    (Out of character)
    The reason I picked that is because of this...
  10. Ehh, I stole chicken wings, better than ur crime ;)
  11. (Acts in character)
    Eyyyy chicken wings!? yarharharharhar. *Tugs at chains on legs and gets stairs of other guards*
    Why you pester off you little dimwits. I'd rather be alone in my cove. All this shoving and pushing is wearing on me.
  12. Oh.... Oh well, your all free anyway Prometheus thanks you for you cooperation.
  13. After not receiving an answer for a little while, I decide to just leave. I go to the Canteen and sit down to have some food.
  14. (Finally is set into his cell and thrown in)
    You bloody cut thought swavys. *Turn his head towards your direction*
    *Broken voice* You be by yourself like I why..
  15. I stare around dumbly, "Oh" I half ignore the woman that I was talking to, turning my attention to the other 6 cells. I take a quick mental note of everyone's appearance, but everyone looks too menacing to approach...
    I try to keep up a cool attitude, to hide my discomfort. I sit just outside my cell, leaning on the wall
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  16. Okay, I can't keep sitting here doing nothing. After a quick prayer, I decide to approach that guy who looked furious just a little ago and seems apathetic now. *walks out of door* "Hey, are you okay?"
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  17. I look up slowly and blink at the woman presented to me. I hesitate slightly "I-I am alright" I smile slightly, deciding to leave my rude attitude behind for a while, "Thank you"
  18. "Okay, that's good..." *sigh* "Sorry, I don't really feel all too well, I don't think I rather like this turn in my life..."

    "What do you think, should we follow her to the canteen?"
  19. I get up, stretching and yawning, "Sure, why not." I place a hand in my hair and mess with my curls, to distract myself from the activity, "Lead the way" I ask the girl, trying to hide the fact that I don't quite know my way around
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  20. *Finally cools his temper and moves out of his cell*(Yes there is no purpose of this movement)
    "Ayeee.... What a mess be presented in front of me..." I thought.

    *Sees two inmates talking and decide to move towards them (Sinne & Jackson)*
    "What you be up too? Are you heading to the mess hall as well?" pauses.. "I don't want to be a burden on your two parts but I am as confused as you are..."

    *Fiddles with his hook* "You don't believe we need to be...."
    *Broken voice* "Shackled again."
    *Voice turns to normal*
    "By the way, who are you and how did you get here?"