[FORUM GAME] U.R.F. Steelgate

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  1. Looking around at all the new faces made cringe. I was shifting around erraticly and shifted my focus a lot. I couldn't sit still, the past was being brought back which I didn't like. My friendly eye color changed to black. My pupils were the only thing you saw and glowed a single white spec. I was trying my best to hold myself. "Keep it together you old hag, it is nothing. Dont you see?! It is and your being oh so special about that boy and girl. Watch me be the pirate" I look towards Jax and Sinne. I look hurt as I am preventing something happening. In rage, I screamed when I ran but not at them. I run right into the wall. I shake it off like it was nothing still dark eyed. I stare into Jax opened jawed but nothing more.
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  3. Alice forced me to play for her because apparently im her slave now

    The doors in the gym lock. Gunshots are heard outside.
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  4. I walk to the doors and peek outside. "What was that?!"
  5. Meanwhile, the crime of the century occurs outside the prison!

    Name: Thomas Baird
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 6' tall Caucasian, brown hair on the shorter side.
    Crime: Theft of $22k worth of Walmart uniforms
  6. I slowly shift myself towards a corner of the gymnasium, occasionally shuddering at the sounds of gunshots and the thought of blood being stained on the floors I would later, hopefully, walk upon. I watch the others as they go about inside the gymnasium, very closely, keeping to myself...for now.
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  7. o crap walmart gonna shut down now

    If I haven't added you to the post below the first one with the list of all prisoners, please let me know, and also add a link to your application post (or the page it's on). Thanks!
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  8. look through the pages again. there are a few more you haven't added to the player list...
  9. Name: Bartholomew "Walrus" Rosmarus (prefers to be Called "Walrus")
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Bipedal Walrus in a Top Hat and a Monocle (Monocle has small crack in it)
    Crime: The Theft of $17,000 Worth in Brass (I thought it was Gold :p)
  10. "Don't you see what they are doing to us?! They are killing! Blood everywhere heharhar!" I raise my hook and start playing with it. I hear the gun shots and start shacking more violently. "It is happening..."
  11. I cautiously approach foxy and ask "Are you okay?"
  12. I draw my hook close to your neck. "Who are you and why you bother?! We will all die!!! Just watch! Why you think they place us in here?!"
  13. "foxy, I am a machine like you. The people at the facility that made me built me for war. Im not sure if the gaurds have heavy caliber machine guns because that is what they used to take me down and arrest me." *pushes foxy's hook away from my neck and points ion cannon at his head* "Dont make me use this...."
  14. I can understand a hook or knife in a prison but a full on ion weapon is more or less godmoding in my opinion. I will let it slide but, there needs to be some sort of weakness or it being disabled when you were brought here without you knowing.

    Noticing danger, I back off and start to return to normal behavior. " There be too many people in this prison, some being too much like me." I stare at the doors where screming and the continuous gunnfire was happening. "I just don't know what this Warden wants from us. He made a Alcatraz on steroids."

  15. The ion cannon is replacing my left hand. I was built for war...

    Following my arrest, they gave the gaurds a deactivation remote to keep me in check.
  16. I step away from Foxy, returning to Sinne's side, "He's a handful..." I mumble to her, nervously looking around the room
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  17. Nuclearbobomb, I don't think the staff at this prison are so stupid to keep you a working ion cannon.
    "Yup..." I decide to not worry anymore about what is to come, and just wait.
  18. I walk up to Foxy and say "So I guess I'm part of the group, now, but I don't think we've formally met.". I smile at him and hold out my hand for him to shake. (Foxy has hands, right?) "Hi, I'm Alaric."
  19. Prince already told me what the gathering was about, but I'll wait for him to reveal it

    I follow Sinne's example and I walk to the nearest wall, leaning against it
  20. I look at Alaric's hand if didn't know what to do. I nervously give out my left hand (It is an regular hand) to him. I stare at him wide eyed. " I am Foxy Robert Sparrow I prefer to be called Foxy than anything." I stare back at Jax. "It looks like you seen a ghost, same with you Sinne! Did I do something?"