[FORUM GAME] U.R.F. Steelgate

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  1. I say to Jax "Hey, calm down. It's not like we're all gonna die. Just chill." And then I attempt to give her (or he? I dunno) a friendly hug.
  2. Yo, he ain't a hugging kinda guy

    I flinch hard and lash out at you when I feel your hands on me, "Hey!" my attitude turns "Don't touch me!" I snap, stepping away, but staying close to Sinne. I glare at Rossi, "And don't tell me to chill"
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  3. "Was that Foxy?"

    "Hey, you barely know him, give him some personal space, please.", I say bluntly, but friendlily (that's a nice new word).
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  4. I continue to scratch against the doors. I proceed to keep getting louder.
  5. I glance at the door. "Whatever it is, it's rising in volume."
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  6. I flinch slightly at the louder noise, "Yeah" I decide "That's definitely Foxy" I step away from the door slightly, "And honestly" I hesitate "I wouldn't want to be nearby when he snaps"
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  7. "Fine." I snap. I then proceed to isolate myself from everyone. And then I do complex mathematical problems in my head to pass the time.
  8. May I get out of the solidary confident please? Been there since lock up.
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  9. The lights flicker on. An announcement blares over the speakers.
    "Everyone go to the gymnasium immediately. I repeat, everyone to the gymnasium. Anyone outside of the gymnasium will be shot." All doors open.
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  10. I sigh and wander to the door, "What now?" I say, "First the power cut, then this?" I nudge Sinne on my way past, smiling an invitation to follow
  11. "Oh wow..." I look more than slightly irritated. "I don't have anything to do with this!!" I shout at nobody in particular. My voice turns soft again: "I hope..."I do go towards the gymnasium.
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  12. ((Seen messages. Replying tomorrow, no time now))
  13. I follow after you guys and catch up to you in the hallway. I glance at Sinne. She looks nervous, so I nudge her gently with my shoulder. She looks up and I smile at her saying, "Hey, cheer up. Wanna play some ninja or tag or something when we get to the gym? I know they're a bit childish, but they're still fun. They didn't say we had to stand still or line up, so we can probably run around some.
  14. "Er, no, I don't think so..." I say awkardly, "I don't really want to get into more problems running into people."
  15. I smile at Sinne, in a small attempt to reassure her, "You haven't gotten into any trouble yet, I'm sure you'll be fine" I run my fingers through my fringe, the old habit coming back, "We're almost there anyway, I wonder what this is about"
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  16. I head to the gymnasium, and deliberately stay away from everyone, but I don't make a show out of it.
  17. [You all here a loud bang]
    I violently break the peep hole door lock and swing it open.
    "You forgot my charging station scallywags, now you must be forced to be gutted like the crew you tore me apart from!!"
    I start screeching from within solidary confinement and more metal scratching with more volume than before.
  18. "e squared by the square root of two equ- What's that horrible screeching?! No one told me that was a mental pirate in this prison!" I yell. I jump beneath a table and continue my complex mathematical sums. I also find some discarded duct tape under the table, and I pocket it.
  19. Uh, the doors opened...
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