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  1. The Caliphate feels as if Sunayyad's Naval power is incredibly low. So, just produce more ships!

    List of ships ordered for the Sunayyad Navy:

    The Euphrates Class: Battle Ship
    44,000 long tons of displacement
    31 knots of speed
    4 x 2 Turk 15 Inch guns
    12 x 1 Turk 5.5 Inch guns
    4 x 1 Turk 4 Inch Anti-Aircraft guns
    6 x 21-Inch Torpedo Tubes
    The Euphrates Class is an excellent cruiser, somewhat well armoured and quite fast with an amazing selection of reliable guns.
    8 of her class will be built in 15 posts.

    The Little Euphrates Class: Light Cruiser
    4,900 long tons of displacement
    30 knots of speed
    6 x single Turk 6 Inch guns
    2 x single Turk 4 inch Anti-Aircraft guns
    2 x single 1.6-inch Anti-Aircraft guns
    4 x triple 21-inch Torpedo Tubes
    The Little Euphrates is lighter and less armoured, although that comes with a Light Cruiser. She is still quite fast and decently powerful. 10 of her class will be made in 15 posts.

    The Husayn Class: Aircraft Carrier
    17,000 long tons of displacement
    25 knots of speed
    700 ft in length
    6 x 1 Turk 5.5 Inch guns
    4 x 1 Turk 4 Inch Anti-Aircraft guns
    80 Aircraft capacity, 70 regular carry
    4 of these will be built in 15 posts.
    Quite a large load capacity and respected defence, one of the first aircraft carrier classes introduced into the Sunayyad military.

    The Aleppo Class: Destroyer
    1,100 long tons of displacement
    32.5 knots of speed
    3 x 4 Inch Turk guns
    1 x 1.6-inch Anti Aircraft gun
    1 x 8mm Machine gun
    4 x 21 Inch Torpedo Tubes
    2 x 18 Inch Torpedo Tubes
    Small, nimble deadly, 12 ships of the Aleppo class will be built in 15 posts.

    Already in service:

    Nergal Class Battle Cruiser

    15-inch variant:
    46,851 tons displacement full load
    9 15-inch guns in 3 triple turrets
    32 knots full speed
    A powerful option, it has it all. Firepower, speed, economy. Its only shortcoming is armor, and even then it is not that bad at it. Its armament is only slightly light. It has heavy Antiaircraft Armament as well as its other components, a good design if there ever was one.

    6 of the Nergal Class Battleships are built, all with the 15-inch Variant.
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  3. The Federation accepts
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  4. The Caliphate now dominates the Black Sea, with dozens of Naval Vessels dotting the sea. All east of the Mediterranean is Sunayyad dominated, dozens more of vessels and patrol ships. EFJ dominates the west part of the Mediterranean. The Arabian sea is tossed between the USSR and the Caliphate.

    Turkey is the most protected, with hundreds of AA systems, artillery and strategically placed forts and barracks, Turkey would be an utter nightmare to invade. That isn't saying the rest of the Sunayyad Empire is easy to invade, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Egypt are all being upgraded with new defence systems, forts, AA, and strongholds. The Bosphorus strait in Turkey is heavily defended.

    The Caliphate has not only amassed a 1.2 million men army, but also the most elite of military generals. Some are German who was snuck out of Germany when the Great War was ending, some are Egyptian, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, etc. Then there are the Jews. The Caliphate knows the divide between Islam and Judaism, but creating an Empire needs a ton of diversity, and that's why Jewish scientists are being hired to develop new technologies.

    Tanks are being researched, although no real designs are out yet, just prototypes. Armoured cars are being produced at a fast rate though, very fast, lightly armoured vehicles, designed to be the best in desert sands. So far, two designs are in service, the ATB-1 and the ATB-2. The ATB-1 is lightly armoured, lightly gunned only with 2 MG 08's, even though its armour and guns aren't the best, it is incredibly fast and the best at traversing sand and rough desert terrain, with 30 mph of speed. The ATB-2 is much more armoured, at 6-9 mm of plate armour, weighing 10 tons with 4 MG 08's. It has a speed of 20 mph. The ATB-1 has a crew of 8, while the ATB-2 has a crew of 10.

    The problem with tanks in the desert terrain is mobility. The ATB Armoured cars are better at traversing through the sands than tanks, considering tanks are incredibly slow. Nonetheless, multiple designs are being looked at, but in the meantime, the only tank would be an armoured car with a cannon on top.
  5. The Ethiopian Empire has captured Dijibouti with the help of the Sunayyad Empire. Djibouti is the gateway to the Red Sea, and the Sunayyad controlled Suez Canal is the exit. With both powers holding control over the Red Sea, both rulers have made an increasing amount of wealth, due to the trade routes, both Empires hold great power and wealth. The Sunayyad Empire wants to open up trade with the SEU, oil and luxury resources for industrial resources, such as steel, aluminum etc.

    The Caliphate is currently eyeing Tunisia. A previous French colony, they are broken and afraid, after the French let go of all of their colonies, Tunisia was drastically affected, French businesses shut down, the government was divided and the economy buffered. The Caliphate has secret plans to colonize Tunisia, creating a beneficial bond between the two nations. Tunisia gains an improved government, economy and industry, and the Sunayyad Empire gains power, wealth and resource. Both will benefit and prosper, plans to colonize the nation are being spoken about.

    Relations are improving with Armenia, although not final, it is a 50/50 split between the Sunayyad and USSR.
  6. The plans that the Federation posted were in fact false here are The Federations actual ships

    54,814 tons displacement full load
    8 16-inch guns in 4 turrets, 2 guns each turret.
    31 knots full speed
    Being second in speed to only the Caliphate's Battleships, this ship is well armored and fast and is its equal, if not superior. Being able to fight multiple smaller ships at once, it has 4 turrets in 16-inch guns. It also could in theory be upgunned to 18-inches. It is only hobbled by mediocre Guns and inexperience, as this ship is inefficient with fuel due to its odd layout.

    The Federation will be making 5 of these
  7. Is this a battle cruiser?
  8. Sunayyad Caliphate
    The Sunayyad Caliphate (Sunayyad Empire, but changing Empire to Caliphate sounds better)
    The Sunayyad Caliphate is the 9th Caliphate of Islam, Sunayyad being the house which rules over the Empire. The Caliphate is said to be the direct descendant of Muhammed's family line.

    Capital: Baghdad
    Capitals of Every Province: Constantinople-Turkey, Damascus-Syria, Tehran-Persia, Cairo-Egypt, Riyadh-Saudi Arabia

    Currency: Sun Dinar, 1 Sun Dinar is equivalent to 0.45 Euros.
    Demographics: Turks, Persians, Kurds, Arabs, Egyptians, (rest are Armenian, Jewish, etc.)
    Main Religion: Islam

    Flag: The Sunayyad Dynasty Flag

    The Caliphate as one goal for the Sunayyad Empire, and that is one thing. Bring back the golden age of Islam. The Caliph feels as if Islam is portrayed as a radical, restrictive, anti-west culture. This is the complete opposite, the Sunayyad Empire welcomes all science, art, technologies, culture and literature from all parts of the world, west, north, east or south. People in the Sunayyad Empire are free. Healthcare is accessible by the poor, medicine is advanced, science and writing are endorsed education is given to everyone, women have many rights, workers are paid and treated well, and the aristocracy does not have as much power as aristocrats in the west.

    The Caliph wants the Middle East to be full of beautiful metropolitan areas, exquisite parks, streams, rivers and ponds, historic forts and landmarks and a well kept beautiful landscape. The Sunayyad Empire can be seen as a luxury; sure, many villages and towns are still torn apart, but what matters is that fact that those towns have the possibility of becoming beautiful city squares and lush green environmental hubs.

    The Caliph believes in the only way to spread an Empire is to make everyone happy, that means leaving ethnicities such as Arabs and Persians alone, settling their differences and pursuing their own aspirations. That means rebuilding cities and towns and actually respecting your people instead of leaving them oppressed, no matter who they are, the Sunayyad Empire even welcomes Christianity. The thing is though, harmony is only kept when everyone gets along and doesn't try to overthrow the Caliph, blasphemy Islam or overthrow each other. The only part where freedoms are taken is when someone directly threats the Caliphate and Allah, other than that, the Sunayyad Empire is quite welcoming and free.

    (The Middle East is much different in this game than in real life, nowadays the middle east has a ton of radicalism, war, hurt and anguish, but in game it doesn't, it is more free of diversity and sharing of technologies and science/art, a lot like the golden age during the Umayyad Dynasty.)

    OOC: I suggest others to at least give a description of where their country is at, I'm not saying the Sunayyad Empire is all sun and rainbows, it is not, but it is picking up speed to becoming a massive metropolitan masterpiece.

  9. The battlecruiser should have low armor and fast speed. Designate Nergal a Battlecruiser (not that well armored) and the Euphrates a Battleship (decent armor).
  10. Realizing that Georgia, Azerbajan and Armenia may slip through its fingers, they have opted to invade and install a Socialist Republic. Needles to say, they are even more pathetic than the -stans. While India was fine with talks, this kind of militant expansion was intolerable. India has directly stated any more hostile expansion will result in the Union splitting in half. SEU and India are sitting down for talks as to how to best proceed.
  11. Realising everyone else is outstripping it by miles on Battleships, SEU has decided to build another 8 of these 18-inch Battleships. They will be built in 2 batches, 4-4. It will take 1 year to build these Battleships and introduce them into service, for each batch. In addition, 16 Aircraft Carriers are being planned, when the Shipyard is finished.
    The Indian talks have resulted in SEU agreeing to cease militant expansionism in exchange for... something.
  12. Nation Name: The Balkan Federation
    Acronym: TBF
    Participating Countries: Serbia (do I get Kosovo too, since that wasn't independent until the 1990s?), Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia
    Main Exports: Petroleum products, aluminium, medicines, fruits and vegetables, wine, tobacco, fish, motor vehicles
    Form of Government: Parliamentary federated democracy
    National Personality: Fairly expansionist.
    Economic Format: Aims for a mixed economy
    Map Color: Dark Blue
    Origins: After the collapse of the global economy, Yugoslavia splintered and fractured. Serbia remained, with an iron fist over Bosnia and Macedonia and Montenegro being willing partners, but had lost most of its access to the sea. To combat this, multiple agreements with Greece were signed until the remaining Yugoslav states and Greece decided to unite into a federation. Of course, the Balkans, as ever, are a powder keg of pent up nationalistic tensions. Bosnia (and Kosovo if I am allowed that lol), being mostly muslim, is a frequent target. It remains to be seen how well this federation works.
  13. Yes
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  14. Speed does not make a Battlecruiser.
    Battlecruisers sacrifice Armor for Speed.
    Call your ships what I call your ships. Otus's "Battlecruiser" is a Fast Battleship. Belac's "Battlecruiser" is a Fast Battleship. Why is this so hard to understand?
  15. The Federation has finished it's housing complexes allowing 400,000 people access to electricity and clean running water again
  16. Sorry i was wrong this is a battleship
  17. The Federation has started their presidential elections along with the senate and house elections

    Results in 1 year
  18. The three Zheng He-Class Battleships are finished, with impressive speed and AA. They can intercept other Battleships as well as many other Aircraft Carriers. While their armament is relatively light, they are fast.
    SEU has made it Policy to escort Battleships with at least 1 Aircraft Carrier. Specifically, the 37,000 ton Belarussias.
  19. The Caliphate takes this brand new chance with the creation of The Balkan Federation to offer an alliance.
    The Caliph wants this for a few reasons
    • Macedonia, Bosnia and Serbia have a high percentage of Muslims. This isn't seen in another other Combine except for the SEU, and USSR, although those two nations/pacts are less religion-friendly.
    • Control over Sea. It's better to be an ally with someone who shares the sea with you than an enemy who shares the sea with you.
    • The Caliphate has not made any major alliances, and having an ally to side with you on international fares is a must.
    What TBF gains:

    • Protection, as well as military equipment, rifles, and general military aid
    • Free gateway through the Suez Canal and Bosphouros strait. As of now, both waterways are taxing merchant ships of foreign and non-friendly powers, having access to a non-taxed waterway is incredibly beneficial.
    • General benefits of an alliance through diplomacy, trade of arts, sciences and resources, etc.
  20. The USSR is mass producing Destroyers and Heavy Cruisers for a single purpose: challenge the Caliphate in the Black Sea. SEU is however more interested in Ukraine, and its capacity to feed all of Eastern Europe, due to its rich soils. To assist Ukraine, SEU is giving foreign aid in spades. SEU focuses on Heavy Artillery, Armor Support and overwhelming Air Superiority to win and maintains a standing army of 1.5 million people, currently expanding.