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    1918, November 11th.
    Welcome to a New World, with New Nations.
    On this fateful day, the Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupted, in a Mountain of Fire, the fury of a thousand atomic bombs. The British Empire, the French Empire, all the mighty states fell. The United States became broken, a Broken God.
    On that day, the Old World Ended in a Blaze of Volcanic Fire.
    And a New World Began. A New World full of New Opportunities, New Hopes and New Dreams.
    New Men, New Gods.
    It is now 1920, November 11th. The World has finally recovered enough to grow crops, the harvests become more plentiful by the day.
    The Rules:
    • No arguing/flame wars.
    • You may choose up to only five countries to unite.
    • United countries can only be in the same continent. Exceptions to this rule include New Zealand and Australia.
    • You may expand your country and own up to four colonial possessions at a time - annexation of these takes two years, however, and you can only annex one colony at a time. Independence wars are always a possible thing, however - I will incite these on occasion. Your country must have existed for two years before being able to even consider it, also.
    • Technologies can only be made up to two years before its real life counterpart was invented.
    • Wars are turn based. For example, preparing for an invasion/your defences takes one post, the initial invasion would take another, and so on.
    • Two pages = one in-game year.
    • Trade/technology sharing deals will take one year to negotiate, unless you are in the same supranational organisation - there can only be one of these for each continent.
    Application Form (remove my entries and fill out with your own):
    Nation Name: The Socialist Eurasian Union*
    Acronym: SEU*
    Participating Countries: China, Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Russia.*
    Main Exports: Petrol, Steel, Aluminum, Copper*
    Form of Government: Hybrid Chinese-American Style Democracy*
    National Personality: Expansionist, wants to export ideology.*
    Economic Format: "Eurasian Socialism", actually State Capitalism.*
    Map Color: Black*
    Origins: A mysterious figure known only as "H" (Real Name 양희[REDACTED]), started a Socialist movement in Korea, roughly around 1915. While this was oppressed against, "H" and a small group of followers were able to break into and assassinate several Japanese Officials in the General Government Building, eventually destroying it with explosives. This inspired freedom fighters to rally under "H". A full-scale war ensued, with the Communist Chinese offering aid. Eventually, with the help of both Chinese and Russian Socialist movements the Japanese were expelled from Korea. "H", taking the title of "The Founder" created a "Eurasian Socialist" Government, using his charisma and (allegedly) magical powers to persuade people to join him in the creation of "Eurasian Socialism". By the end of 1917, he had gathered many Australians, Chinese, Russians and Koreans to his cause.
    By this time, World War 1 was winding down. The Indonesians, wanting out of the Dutch Rule contacted this new power in the region while everyone else was busy fighting everyone else. The Socialist Republic Union (as it was called then) accepted the offer and promised independence.
    And then the Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupted. While the impact was not very severe compared to the fact it was a Supervolcano Eruption, it ruined many harvests and broke the back of many Colonial Empires. What the people needed at this point was hope, and "H" became "Hope". He once again tirelessly worked to unite the Asian peoples to his cause, industrializing China, Korea and Russia. While this industrialization is in its infancy, it is nevertheless a beacon of hope, that even the most pathetic nation can become powerful and strong.

    World Map (ignore the fact I'm using a modern day map, this is just because everyone will know modern day countries and also half the world was still under colonial rule in 1920 and so you end up with things like massive chunks of Africa being one homogeneous colour in thing on that version):
    AltPunisher wrote about 1/3 of this post, I gotta give him credit for the rules.
    MAP STRING: {"groups":{"#000000":{"div":"#box0","label":"Socialist Eurasian Union","paths":["China","Russia","South_Korea","North_Korea","Taiwan","Ukraine","Belarus","Kazakhstan","Australia","Hong_Kong"]},"#fbb4ae":{"div":"#box1","label":"United Baltic Republic","paths":["Estonia","Finland","Sweden","Latvia","Denmark"]},"diagonal1_d1dbdd_000000":{"div":"#box2","label":"Union of Soviet Socialist Republics","paths":["Mongolia","DR_Congo","Vietnam","Georgia","Azerbaijan","Armenia","Moldova","South_Africa","Venezuela","Panama","Chile","Colombia"]},"#006d2c":{"div":"#box3","label":"Sunayyad Caliphate","paths":["Algeria","Libya","Tunisia","Egypt","Jordan","Palestinian_Territories","Israel","Syria","Turkey","Iraq","Lebanon","Iran","Yemen","Oman","United_Arab_Emirates","Saudi_Arabia","Bahrain","Afghanistan","Sudan","South_Sudan","Morocco"]},"diagonal3_d1dbdd_006d2c":{"div":"#box4","label":"New Abyssnian Empire","paths":["Ethiopia","Somalia","Eritrea"]},"#4575b4":{"div":"#box5","label":"Southern Socialist Union","paths":["India","Myanmar","Thailand","Laos","Cambodia"]},"diagonal1_d1dbdd_006d2c":{"div":"#box6","label":"Islamic Socialist Union","paths":["Indonesia","Malaysia"]},"#ffffff":{"div":"#box7","label":"Uninhabitable Wasteland","paths":["USA_Montana","USA_Idaho","USA_Wyoming"]},"diagonal3_d1dbdd_b30000":{"div":"#box8","label":"Roman Union","paths":["Austria","France","Spain","Portugal","Belgium","Luxembourg","Andorra","Monaco","Malta","Netherlands","United_Kingdom","Scotland","England","Wales","Hungary","Czechia","Slovakia","Italy","Ireland"]},"#984ea3":{"div":"#box9","label":"Balkan Federation","paths":["Serbia","Greece","North_Macedonia","Croatia","Bosnia_and_Herzegovina","Kosovo","Montenegro","Albania","Slovenia"]},"horizontal3_d1dbdd_006d2c":{"div":"#box10","label":"World Center Alliance","paths":["Brazil","Pakistan","Canada","Bulgaria"]},"#74add1":{"div":"#box11","label":"Republic Union of Mexico","paths":["Guatemala","Belize","Honduras","Cuba","Mexico","El_Salvador","Nicaragua","Costa_Rica"]},"#525252":{"div":"#box12","label":"Greater German Republic","paths":["Germany","Norway","Poland"]}},"title":"World Map","hidden":[],"background":"#ffffff","borders":"#000000"}
    LINK TO MAP: https://i.imgur.com/21eFctk.png
  2. The Socialist Eurasian Union has proposed that they create a "Union of Socialist Nations", consisting of
    Socialist Eurasian Union
    Indian Republic (Economic Segment Only)
    Mongolian Socialist Republic (Economic Segment Only)
    Belarussian Socialist Republic
    Estonian Socialist Republic
    Kazakhstani Socialist Republic
    Latvian Socialist Republic
    Estonian Socialist Republic
    Lithuanian Socialist Republic
    Ukrainian Socialist Republic
    Turkmenia Socialist Republic
    Uzbek Socialist Republic
    Tajiki Socialist Republic
    Kyrgyz Socialist Republic
    Georgian Socialist Republic
    Armenian Socialist Republic
    Azeri Socialist Republic
    These Republics join each other in a Union to weather this terrible Crisis, the years with no summer. They will cooperate in all matters, Economic and Military. Because (obviously) everyone was suffering, closer cooperation was desired by just about everyone. The SEU has started the export of Oil Goods to these nations.
    A 10-year plan has been organized to rapidly industrialize these nations. The Union of Socialist Nations has decided that in order to become and stay competitive, a rapid change to these nations are needed. In 10 years, the Union of Socialist Nations will reduce the Industrialization Gap by 80%. In 20 years, the gap will be 90%. In 30, it will not exist. Any faster and the Demographic Changes will result in depopulation. The end goal is to create a productive and powerful economy. With the various resources of the Socialist Union, this process will be easy.
    Meanwhile, the Socialist Eurasian Union is gearing up to create many vehicles of war, and a new type of Rifle. This is to invade Japan, take back Dokdo and take Daemado, and humiliate them.
    The new type of Rifle is an SVT-40, however modified heavily to make it reliable and mass-producible. New types of Armor are invented from scratch, including the T-18, (heavily modified version of the IRL T-18 with Eastern design influences).
    They are also creating a new technology called "Radar". This "Radar" will have many applications.
    In addition, they are developing a type of 16-inch gun and 18-inch gun. The 18-inch gun will deploy innovations to be very light compared to its bulk. Really, all of SEU's projects are expensive. But since they are massive and have impressive bulk, industrialization will allow them to pay for a substantial military, which will in turn allow for annexation or invasion of other nations.
    OOC: The thing about the Post WW1 era Battleships is that the Japanese wanted 16 Battleships, the British wanted like 32, everyone wanted a crap ton of Battleships. I don't think it's too unreasonable for a Socialist Union with massive amounts of resources at their beck and call who has an expansionist attitude to have 13 extremely powerful battleships and way more than 13 powerful aircraft carriers.
  3. Nation Name: The Federation
    Participating Countries: Peru,Brazil,Argentina,Mexico,Colombia
    Main Exports: Oil seeds,Oil, copper,wheat,automobiles,silver,textiles and clothing
    Form of Government: Republic
    National Personality:Leadership Based Nation Bent on World Peace
    Economic Format:Capitalist
    Map Color: Blue
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  4. Is it Capitalist, Communist, or what?
  5. Ahhh

    I'll edit it
  6. Is i accepted?
  7. Yup
  8. Alright The Federation starts Growing crops to help feed citizens and they are also Re-Building Houses to allow citizens to start living OUT of shelters again
  9. Nation Name: Comander Anarchy Federation
    Acronym: CAF
    Participating Countries: Canada, Greenland, Haiti, Cuba
    Main Exports: Petrol, Vehicles, Gems, Computers, Sugar
    Form of Government: Democracy
    National Personality: Wants the world to evolve through order rather than chaos
    Economic Format: Capitalism
    Map Color: Blue
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  10. The US is broken. I messed up.
  11. I guess I'll take Mexico and take out the Origin
  12. I have Mexico sry
  13. I guess I'll just take the other 4
  14. Hai, i really wanted to join the last one but couldn't as it was already started so here i go!
    Nation Name: The European Federation of Jurachskavacia
    Acronym: EFJ
    Participating Countries: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria
    Main Exports: Lumber, Uranium, Natural Gas, Iron, Lead, Coal, Zinc
    Form of Government: Representative Democracy
    National Personality: Strives to be the leader in world affairs but not be destructive about it like the USA
    Economic Format: Mixed economic system (slightly more socialist then the USA)
    Map Color: Green
    Origins: As Europe struggles through the cold and harsh volcanic ice age anarchy emerges in Europe and many autocratic states arise. Europe was back in the 1600 hundreds and everyone hated it. But one man, Alex Jurachisk saw the flaws in this system and when the black clouds faded away he and his followers seized control of the state he lived in and wrote a constitution for a government that strives to help it's citizens live the best life possible. As more and more people hear of this they remember an older life, a better one. Many more states fell to the people and joined Jurachisk's new state. People slept in beds filled with feather, not grass and had full bellies and high spirits. Jurachisk was elected as Prime Minister and helped this reigon enter a new era of peace, prosperity, economic power, innovation, and diplomacy!
  15. Nation Name: Sunyyadd Empire
    Acronym: The Caliphate
    Map Colour: Green (The Muslim type of green)
    Main Exports: OIL, OIL OIL, (Lots of Oil), Luxury Resources (Textiles, Pottery, Rugs), Iron.
    Form of Government: Monarch and Islamic Caliphate
    Personality: Expansion, Control and Power through religion and hard work. Unite your people, under any circumstance, make them feel happy under your rule and make them feel as if they belong.
    After WW1 settled, and as the Axis powers collapsed, so did the famed Ottoman Empire. Once the fame of the arid deserts and beautiful architect of Mosques and once a superpower, now collapsed. Years of fighting and infighting within the Ottoman Empire led to a distasteful state, a state close to collapse, In 1918, they did. Although a new leader approaches through the spirals of the smoke and pillars of ash, he is a direct descendant from the famed Prophet of Islam, Mohammed. He is no regular man though, he is believed to be a direct descendant from God, Allah, the one to unite the entire Muslim world, and spread Islam to every doorstep. With the power that he bestows, he sits at Riyadh, in his throne, with the Turkish, Arab and Egyptian people under his hand. He unites them as one, calling for an end to the superiority of the Arab Muslims over the Non-Arab Muslims. His method is simple, every Muslim is the same, and every Muslim is alive for one thing, the will of Allah. With his throne of riches and gold, his hand of power and might, and the calling from Allah, he will unite the Persians, Turks, Arabs, Palestinians and African Ethnicities as one brotherhood, all standing for one cause, which is to spread the word of the truest God. In Allah name, he wrap his head in golden fabrics and grins upon his land... Finally, everyone will know, Allah is great.

    الله عظيم
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  16. India is considering working with the SEU in a closer fashion, perhaps becoming a "satellite state".
    OOC: As game mod, I feel the need to have a powerful nation. Also, as of yet I need a powerful state to prevent an invasion from foreign powers.
    (On my phone). Last game my state was not very big on ideology
    This one will be. It wants to export its Socialist Revolution everywhere.
  17. OOC: A consideration to all new players. Don't forget that the game is in 1918! Many of the places you may encounter may not exist in real life, so be weary! Have a good game!
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  18. 1920.
    The SEU has begun work into planes made of steel and Aluminum.
    The first target of the SEU is Panama. They are encouraging State Capitalist revolution there.
    The SEU's industrialzation is having immediate effects. The Union of Socialist Nations are rising.
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  19. To strengthen it's national security and transportation the EFJ begins researching more into air travel. By having planes they could bomb enemy troops from surrounding autocratic states to save them from autocracy. As well as having military purposes, the EFJ believes that as a state of improving qualities of life, fast and easy long range public transit would allow people to see more things (making them happier) and would homogenize the country's many cultures to prevent ethnic wars, divides, or conflicts from breaking the EFJ into autocracy. Currently it's fastest planes can only go 128 kilometers per hour and are made of wood and canvas.
  20. The Union of Socialist States has denounced religion, stating it to be the "Opium of the People".