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  1. REMINDER: Religion is allowed under SEU, just discouraged.
    SEU has decuded to invade and turn the -Stan countries (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kygyzstan, Turkemenistan) into Socialist Republics. To acheive this, Kazakhstan has agreed to let SEU troops through and contribute their own, in exchange for greater negotiating power.
    Meanwhile, India is displeased but keeps their mouth shut for now. India and SEU both agree: Eurasian Socialism has brought them comfort, warmth and plenty. However, there are serious ideological differences.
  2. The Sunayyad Empire is in debt. Seems as if Turkish rugs were not enough. Lots of progress was made within 4 years, an entire region was rebuilt like war never happened with a new Emperor in power. He demands more work and a stronger economy, constructing Mines all throughout Egypt and Saudi Arabia, gathering rich ores, such as copper, iron, aluminum, gold, and much more. Petroleum leads though and is being exported... But... WAit, what is this sticky stuff in the middle of Saudi Arabia doing underground?... it appears to be... oil...
  3. The Joint invasion is going very well. The populace welcomes SEU troops, hearing that in SEU and Kazakhstan, people get Jobs if they look for it, jobs that pay enough to get 3 square meals and a house.
    3 of the 4 have already capitaulated, seeing no benefit in resistance. SEU has rewarded them by keeping most of the original government intact, albiet with many restrictions.
  4. 2. The Caliphate's growth was nothing short of miraculous.
  5. India is building its own kind of Battleship, to distinguish itself from SEU, armed with 8 16-inch guns in 4 2-gun turrets. They are building 3.
    Meanwhile, SEU is doing something with its 96 18-inch guns. They are buidling 2 new Battleships with monstrous armament, 9 18-inch guns. However, intelligence suggests they will be pathetically slow, 27 knots maximum. However, there are some reports that say she will attain 30 knots, or 25 knots. Reports vary on her armor as well, from built to resist 15-inchers to her own 18-inchers. 15-inchers would mean a speed of 30 knots, 16-inchers 28-29, and 18-inchers the abysmal 25-26.
    Meanwhile, the SEU continues its industrial development. The People are given food and plenty, it is good times; new types of everything are tried, and wealth is aggresively distributed by the State Capitalists. whereupon the State effectively forces reinvestment at gunpoint into the internal Economy. The Caliphate has Turkey, SEU had nothing upon which to build an industrial base upon. They started from zilch, but now is fully exploiting resources. And Australia hasn't even been tapped into yet.
    OOC: While the USA may have only had 17 Battleships by the beginning of WW2, this was only because of the Washington Naval Treaty. Had this not been the case, she would have had at least 30, probably a lot more. So go ham. Realistically, all of you could at least have 8 modern Battleships, and probably more. The Caliphate and Federation in particular could have likely 15+ Battleships, and a lot of Aircraft Carriers to boot. SEU will also have many Battleships and Aircraft Carriers. (They'll have 13, but 2 will be monstrous and by monstrous, I mean monstrous vanity projects, and most of the rest will be quite powerful.)
  6. Thanks for telling me, so I will take Norway
  7. You could take a couple more.
  8. Ok since I was lazy and didn't read a post, I didn't know the alliance was off the table. So the rifle part is still true but anything else is not and it's back to the CNE

    I think I'll be fine for now.
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  9. SEU is developing a Mechanically Computerized Fire Contol system for their ships. They have also created a prototype for the Radar, albiet an extremely crude one.
    Their Air Force is undergoing expansion, they have seen the importance of Air Power and Dominance. As well as this, a new type of tank, the T-26 is in development. It is a light infantry tank, and could prove to be quite effective.
  10. The USSR has offered to export its military equipment to the United Baltic Republic, such as Rifles, Tanks and other such armaments.
    In addition, Ukraine is undergoing heavy amounts of reform to feed Russia and most of the Western USSR, as they have they fertile Soil. India and China are both reforming their agracultural industries. Modernization is occuring at a frightening rate.
  11. Sydney, this means you.
  12. The EFJ has begun construction on class Bismarck warships with 15 inch guns and all the fixings.
    The liberation of Sweden has been successful and it's abundant steel will grace the EFJ and the EDC for decades to come. 10,000 troops will stay stationed there to protect the people while the other 15,000 move back into Germany.
    The rail project is also being completed with about 75% of all rails laid. It now only take about 4 days to get reserve to any border.
    The EFJ wants to introduce a standardized currency for all of the EDC to allow citizens free movement. The Coin would be called the Euro. (original idea, trust me! One Euro = One Modern USD)
    This would make trade easier also.
    The EFJ has built 253 Mark V Tanks waiting to be deployed.
    Rail guns have also entered development.

    Food is not a problem for the EFJ as the rich soils of France and Spain grow a surplus, we are willing to trade some?
  13. "Railguns."
    In the 1920s.
    You'll need to jump a century first.
    I am GM, and you can't do that.
    Also, the Mark V is both British and painfully obsolete. Pick a French design, one of the more modern-tank looking ones. Maybe the Renault FT.
  14. I know. Give me some time to write these things out, please.
    [ooc: thank you, I have no idea how they work]
    The UBR is would like to meet in Gdynia with the leaders of Czechia, Slovakia, the USSR, the EFJ, the SEU and the SNE to discuss free-trade and open-borders opportunities.
    We also ask permission from the EFJ to use their currency, the "Euro", in our nation as well.
  15. The USSR would like to unify Currencies as well, and moves to make this happen. None of the member states have much of a problem.
  16. The CNE begins work on a class courages warship called the HMS Furious 47. It moves at 31.5 knots per hour. During the construction of this warship it has 6 BL 5.5 Mk1 guns and 2 Mark V Anti Aircraft guns. When it is completed it will double as an aircraft carrier too. The plan is for the HMS Furious 47 to have more Mk1 guns and AA guns + torpedoes. This ship is not cheap. The construction is thought to be finished in 4 years. (https://www.militaryfactory.com/ships/detail.asp?ship_id=HMS-Furious-47#overview) All information from this website for historical accuracy.
    Also the CNE start creating a naval base on Norway. Most of the CNE's ships will be held in Norway for now.
  17. SEU, eager to expand has begun negotiations with Georgia, Azerbajan and Armenia to become members of the USSR. Of course, there is strongarming involved.
    India objects. They oppose this action, along with the recently invaded -Stan Countries. They silently attempt to sabotage discussions.
  18. First off, since I was lazy I forgot to read the posts, the CNE went to the SNE and now back to the CNE because the alliance was off.
    But,the CNE accepts and will be happy to discuss free-trade and open borders with the other nations
  19. EFJ and CNE are currently on bad terms. Trying to negotiate an deal between them will not end well. SEU wants to leave CNE out of this; they feel CNE's ideaology is too extreme.
  20. Oil has been discovered in Saudi Arabia in Damman. No one thought it could be done, oil reserves in the middle east were thought to have only been in Egypt and Persia, they were dead wrong. The amount of oil that has been pumped out has been staggering, thousands upon thousands of barrels within a week, although if this isn't the only oil deposists, Saudi Arabia could produce well over billions of barrels within the next few decades. The Caliphate is extremely happy, thinking his debted empire was doomed, but since oil was discovered, he instantly orders 10 more wells to be built, they will be built in 5 posts.

    The Caliphate talks peace with Europe. In history, any Muslim dynasty who flooded into Europe eventually got kicked out because of every European nation attacking them. This won't be the case for Sunayyad, they will not past the Greece border, but instead, opt for a trade deal and a peace pact with the Greeks. They also want to share culture with the Greek nations, even though in the past with the Umayyad's, Persians and the Ottomans who all threatened Greece and the Byzantine Empire, Sunayyad is different, they want culture fairs, they want to trade oil and they want to open up a beneficial relationship.

    The Caliphate wants an Alliance with Georgia really badly, offering a military defence, trade and what not. Secretly, the Caliphate wants an Alliance for one reason: Buffer the SEU. The SEU having the ability to share borders with Sunayyad is not something the Caliphate wants, even though the Caliphate is pretty sure they could fight off the SEU.