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  1. SEU states that they intend to fight unhappines among the masses.
    They will accomplish this by three-point program.
    1. Elimination of Drugs as a support mechanism for the highly competitive SEU society.
    2. Stamping out Teen Suicide; SEU has plenty of living space, there is no need for people to kill themselves over failing to get into a good University.
    3. Removing which university one goes to as a factor in employment.
    SEU has made the National Academic Exams retakable every 3 months. SEU is effectively adding 4 new holidays to the year. To compensate, SEU is removing the Removal of Invaders day.
    SEU is also cracking down on illegal drugs, very harshly. Dealing drugs will get one's property confiscated by the state and sent to a semi-Gulag. Taking drugs will only result in a heavy fine with no criminal record.
    SEU states that drugs are an unhealthy outlet for problems, and is a societal meanace.
    In addition, SEU has taken measures to actually discourage suicide because someone did bad academically. That is unhealthy and stupid. The Socialist Party states that SEU's culture is counterproductive for the future Communist Society, as the extreme competition isn't making Communism happen, it hampers it.
  2. At a WESCO conference, an international complaint is filed against the Nation Combine: Socialist Eurasian Union.

    Reason for complaint:
    Violations against Human Rights and acts of Ethnic Cleansing and Forced Assimilation to Tibet and racial promotion of the Han race.

    Proposed message:
    The SEU's ideology and futuristic worldview includes their "fact" that Human Rights do not exist. According to the SEU's naturalistic world views, humans have no morales; humans are merely a bag of chemicals and are of no purpose. Human rights do not exist.

    WESCO's investigation on the matter has led them to agree along with other nations such as:
  3. Censorship in the Caliphate

    The SC is quite free in most senses, in that freedom of speech is applicable; to an extent.

    When it comes to politically motivated statements and media, it always seems to depend.
    Like for example, someone could say:

    "The Caliphate should focus on providing education for Christian minorities!"

    But not this:

    "I support the Orthodox Anti-Islamic Movement. Ashqar and the SC are anti-christian and should be rid of their power!"

    This is allowed:

    "I do not support Islam as I have a different point of view."

    This is not allowed:

    "Islam and Muhammad are a hypocritical religion of evil!"

    This is allowed:

    "Arabs wear funny hats"

    This is not allowed:

    "The Arab race is inferior and should no longer be of ruling class."

    Generally, speaking your opinion on certain topics in a way that doesn't provoke an anti-caliphate movement is okay.
    However, the biggest mistake anyone can ever make is one of these:
      • Calling for the fall of the Sunayyad Caliphate.
      • Cursing Prophet Muhammed and other major prophets.
      • Cursing Mehmet (1st Caliph), Ashqar Ayyad or current leaders.
      • Cursing Islam and the ideologies as a whole.
      • Supporting Anti-Islamic/Anti-Arab movements.
      • Damaging Islamic property/cursing it.
    Doing any of these things will almost always land you in prison, and some cases, death. However, the last case of execution to committing one of these acts was in 1932 after a man in Syria ripped apart a Quran and spoke about his plan to assassinate Mehmet was executed for treason.
    A rule of thumb, just don't call for destruction of Islam or the government. IT is that simple.
    As for media the Caliphate has their own centralized media, however, they do let some Western TV shows, magazines, etc, in at smaller amounts. Those western and media influences are checked quite extensively and censorship may be done.
    Basically, the Caliphate's best plan to keep flourished is to avoid uprisings of all cost, and media doesn't help. Hey, it's kind of suppression, but it works.
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  4. The Hong Kong Liberation Movement has appealed to the UK and the Roman Union to help free it.
    The UK expresses sympathy; however, they state that there is nothing the UK can do; Hong Kong is geographically indefensible, and even if UK did something, the SEU has such enormous Economic Power that the UK would be steamrolled very quickly. Italy goes "no comment", but most of the rest are more or less varying degrees of sympathy. The Roman Union does condemn SEU, but nothing else.
    India spits in their face; public opinion in India views HK as being a bunch of spoiled brats that don't know what's good for them.
    The Greater German Republic condemns SEU for not being an equal Union of Cultural Identities, but an oppressive regime.
    Public Opinion inside SEU is increasingly negative against HK, in no small part due to the increased amount of free speech allowed. East Turkestan is not impressed as they view HK as being tremedously stupid to try and fight SEU, which is HUGE. Be like East Turkestan and get a good deal, they say.
    SEU had been censorsing Anti Hong Kong Rhetoric for a while to try and get a populace receptive to peaceful reunification.
    With the censorship gone...
  5. SEU and India has signed the Joint Environmental Protection Treaty.
    SEU and India will both cease the use of certain CFCs, as they are proven to damage the Ozone Layer which covers the Earth; this was proven by the multitude of satellites that SEU and India have both sent up. Damaging this ozone layer would have caused massive crop failure in the Southern Hemisphere.
    In addition, they both pledge to create new Carbon Emissions standards. As SEU and India have been emitting Carbon, SEU has detected an alarming rise in Temperature on Earth, around 0.3 Degrees Celcius.
    This is bad. SEU and India states that they intend to both make the Carbon they emit fall, and to make the Carbon they consume rise.
    The World must avert the fate coming; SEU's Government Privately doubts this can be accomplished, but SEU and India both must try.
  6. Countries that have beef with SEU:
    • Sunayyad Caliphate: SEU hates their guts, and the Caliphate is stuck trying to ward off the Socialists and Fascists, both of which are stronger. They are stuck between two heavyweights.
    • UK: SEU effectively robbed them of Hong Kong, although it was illegitimate in the first place. UK believes that SEU has taken away Democracy and Freedoms. The only reason they haven't done something about it is because Hong Kong is utterly indefensible.
    • Greater German Republic: The Polish are very angry at SEU for their violent attacks against them, and the Germans are no fan of the Socialists as the two Economies have violently clashed more than once.
    • Indonesia: SEU has carved up their Sea. They are angry for obvious reasons.
    • Malaysia: Previous, but more so.
    SEU is particularly angry at UK, because they think UK is getting pissy about SEU taking back what is theirs, and theirs only. SEU contends that Indonesia might be angry, because there is some proof that the SSS was Indonesian a while back. But SEU is particularly angry that UK wants it back, because they stole it in the first place.
    This puts the SEU at odds with the Fascist Bloc, (really just Nationalist Democracy Bloc. Even the most Fascist of them, Italy is far from the Fascist Italy of real life.) which is bad for everyone.
  7. Because this thread is dead and I have nothing to do...
    • Jehovah's Witnesses: Banned because SEU disapproved of their activities, attempted to peacefully then violently expel them and got 50 police officers killed.
    • Church of Jesus Chirst of the Latter-Day Saints/Mormons: Basically all LDS Churches are banned from SEU, but the CJCLDS with extreme vehemence. SEU considers them a cult.
    • Falun Gong: SEU considers Falun Gong a Snake Oil organization that hurts the Public and has banned them from existing.
    • The Shouters: SEU considers the Shouters a terrorist organization and has had members hunted down.
    • Unification Movement: SEU considers them a Cult.
    • Wahhabism Islam: SEU states Wahhabism is a dangerous religion that creates terrorists and has banned its practices. All other sects are... no religion is welcome in SEU. More... tolerated.
    SEU is slowly purging religion and creating Atheists. What did you expect from a fanatical Communism-obsessed nation?