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  1. The Federation has decided to stay away from wars and only get involved if directly threatened
  2. Does this mean you captured them? FYI, you should use a "will take over in 3 posts" type of approach.

    The Caliphate has issued talks with Tunisia and has asked them to step down their military as the Sunayyad Army invades. This colonization of Tunisia brings total positivity. Tunisia is broken economically, military wise and physically, having a growing power as the head is beneficial to a nation wanting to get out of chains. The Sunayyad would also receive many resources and trade potential, Tunisia will also experience a higher migration of Muslims, spiking their Muslim population. Once the Sunayyad Empire takes over, they will begin setting in a Governor for Tunisia, rebuild cities and create theatres and lots of mining facilities.

    Yes, the Caliphate uses governor's, it's basically a Monarchy where the Caliphate is like the king/emperor, he appoints ministers and governor's to provinces and regions to basically "manage" them.

    Tunisia will become a colony in 5 posts. They keep their identity and culture of course but will stay under the Sunayyad. Better to keep them happy and use them than piss them off and use them.

    4 more of the Husayn Class Aircraft carriers will be produced within 20 posts.
    2 More of the Euphrates Classed Battleships are ordered and will be completed in 25 posts.
    6 more of the Allepo Class Destroyers in 15 posts,
    and 1 more of the Nergal Class, this time with a 16 Inch Gun. One other of the Nergal's will be upgraded to fit the 16 inch as well, making 5 15-inch variants and 2 16 inch variants.
  3. Yes. I've captured them, but India isn't happyand effectively forced SEU to stop military expansion.
  4. You are aware upgunning males a ship slower? You'd be sacrificing at least a knot of speed, maybe 2.
  5. It is only two, though, so I'll keep it.

    Which of the stans are USSR, and are the Georgia,Armenia,Azer apart of the USSR or SEU? Did SEU annex anything itself or did the USSR?
  6. SEU planned to annex all of the -Stans (Tajikstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan), but they all basically gave up super easily and SEU granted leniency. Georgia, Armenia ans Azerbajan are all USSR. SEU didn't want their land.
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  7. When you say Stans are you excluding Pakistan and Afghanistan, as most people do lol
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  8. See edit.
  9. The Saudis have already made millions of dollars on the oil business and have gained notoriety for their oil business. It is expected to grow and never stop until the oil runs dry. The Caliph has made an act, toning down the number of riches aristocrats gain. If the economy is shambled and people aren't paid well while the rich own exotic leopards, golden plated cars and towers made of gold, the Sunayyad Empire will never take off, and it will never reach the goal of pleasing their people.

    Basically, the money made from oil will go to improving the quality of life for Sunayyadians and improving the state military.
  10. The USSR has rolled up with a fleet of 6 Battleships (2 Indian Battleships, 4 SEU), 6 Aircraft Carriers (By SEU request), 8 Heavy Cruisers and 36 Destroyers, and told the Caliphate in the Black Sea:
    Get outta here, and don't come back.
    They effectively are asserting their dominance. The fleet moved at 25 knots, lending credernce to the theory SEU's new 18-inch dreadnoughts can only move at 27 knots.
    They however promise never to interfere with the Mediteranean Sea unless there is a War. The Caliphate can be dominant there if they want, and they can still tax Black Sea exports. USSR will give 3/5s of the Arabian Sea to the Caliphate so the Caliphate can do whatever it wants there. In exchange, India gets the rest of the Indian Ocean and they never interfere there.
  11. The CNE requests an alliance with the TBF. They see them as very helpful allies. They pledge to help in any military conflicts they enter. They will also lend 2 HMS Furious 47s when they are finished being produced. These are some good battle cruisers, not the best
  12. The USSR is concerned by this alliance. The Caliphate and Communists are both extremist and unrealistic. Marx advocated for a post-scarcity society. The Founder, under the pseudonym "H", built on Marx's writings and expressed that Socialism should be maintained until a post-scarcity Society could become reasonable. 1923 is not a time when post-scarcity is reasonable by any means. The USSR thinks CNE is doomed to crash and burn.
    While USSR would challenge the Saudis on Oil, they already have their hands full supplying their own massive populace.
    SEU, now finally drawing out more resources than they need to develop (a whole lot) is supplying the rest of the USSR with resources. Ukraine, with SEU help is cranking out food. SEU's dependence on the Bosporus is lessening, thanks to Ukraine.
    India has made its own power grab, by persuading much of Southeast Asia to join the Union. These rubber-rich states had been in a constant state of Civil War, and India finally steps in to stop it. SEU however really doesn't want this. Southeast Asia is viewed as their turf, and if India gains influence there it is nothing good for SEU. SEU is attempting to sabotage India's efforts through Indonesia, although it is going badly and sometimes helping India. The negotiations will take a year. While SEU and India will not descend into outright war, they are constantly attempting to stymie each other.
    Java-Class Battleship:
    61,671 tons displacement standard load, 69,821 tons displacement full load.
    27-30 knots full speed (reports unclear)
    Being a "vanilla" Battleship, it is armed with 9 18-inch guns, 3 in three-gun turrets. It is a good battleship, being well armed and decently fast. It has heavy Antiaircraft weaponry with a secondary 5-inch heavy AA caliber battery as well as autocannons and is able to fight off just about every other Battleship on equal terms and come out on top, or to survive a sustained air attack with its heavy AA. It is a terror of the seas, and it is produced in relatively large numbers. 8 in the class. It is designed to be better than any other battleship and still be economical, and it succeeded. It is a genius design, fast for its weight and heavily armed. With radical innovations taken to save weight, it sacrifices very little. Its only real disadvantage is that its armor is built to withstand only 16-inch shells and uses Built-Up Guns to save weight, and even then it is still quite viable.
    96 guns have turned into 114, mainly due to the fact that they are building an addition 2 Java-Class Battleships. (78 Guns remaining)
  13. The Balkan Federation accepts.

    Extra police have been deployed to Bosnia due to violence between the Serb Bosnians in Srpska and the Muslim Bosnians in... Bosnia. As well, there is a light army presence in Kosovo to 'protect' them. In actuality, and in confidentiality, the Albanian population in Kosovo is being harassed by the army, in the hopes that a significant amount of them will move out to Albania and sell their homes and land to Serbs.

    Meanwhile, a giant redevelopment scheme has been implemented. More detail later.
  14. The Federation has decided since our first 5 battleships are done we are going to build bigger and better ships
  15. The USSR has caught wind of this. Unfortunately, India and SEU are in conflict about how to best proceed. SEU wants to leave them to it, India wants to intervene.
    The USSR has sent an explorer to the (former) United States to explore the Yellowstone Site. However, this Eruption was not that big. The Ash Tuff is rather small, and it appears that this was a Partial Eruption of the underground Lava chambers. No one and nothing lives there anymore, all buried under ash, even if it wasn't a Supereruption. However, they now have a great deal of data on Volcanos, as well as a great deal of... ash.
    The USSR has caught wind of this. Unfortunately, India and SEU are in conflict about how to best proceed. SEU wants to leave them to it, India wants to intervene.
    The Socialist Union is in turmoil as infighting continues. Even as the USSR develops, they split into several factions. The European and -Stan countries, as well as Georgia, Moldovia, Armenia and Azerbajan side with the SEU. Mongolia and the soon-to be Southeastern Asian Socialist Republics side with India.
  16. TBF has implemented a 45% income tax rate, up to 13% corporation tax on the highest-earning businesses, 10% capital gains tax, and more. It pays for a widespread infrastructure overhaul, a universal healthcare system, state-provided homes, the nationalisation of the trains, tram and bus system, education, business grants, rural development, and technology grants. This is expected to increase standards of living all across the Federation-owned Balkan peninsula...

    Except in Kosovo. New state-provided houses are being constructed there, however Serb families have top priority and Albanians living in slums are forced into a long waiting list when applying for them. Furthermore, they are excluded from claiming unemployment benefits and many do not receive the food stamps they have signed up for, forcing them to go hungry for weeks on end on occasion. This caused a storm in the press after a mother of a young child passed away from starvation, with her elderly father taking care of the child and leaving the city his family has lived in for centuries to go to Albania - a country he has never even visited. The Federation government has apologised for this, claiming that it is simply a horrific mistake and they will remedy the issue immediately. The government Minister of Welfare has been scapegoated and sacked from his post. However, only minimal compensation - enough to buy a flat and a week's food for the child, given in Albanian lek, rather than the Federation's drachma, has been offered to the family of the dead mother. There are other similar cases being reported in local news in Kosovo - the national media was likely bribed to keep quiet after the initial reports. In Pristina, there are now coaches that give Albanians a free one-way ride to Tirana.
  17. USSR has decided to keep its mouth shut. The Caliphate will not be pleased, and they will waste energy fighting each other instead of containing Eurasian Socialist influence. This is good for SEU, and USSR as a whole.
  18. The Caliphate is not stepping down, they will stay in the Black Sea, but to avoid war will leave the idea of domination of the Sea, due to the overwhelming presence of SEU and USSR. They will stay near the coast of Turkey, as Turkey must be defended from the SEU. The Caliph doesn't trust the SEU at all.

    OOC: What shall happen to the US? Are we going to leave them to rot the entire game or bring them back in like 1960 but as a nerfed version of today? I assume the US will no longer play a role in society as it did IRL. Also, should we invent the atomic bomb in game or forget about it considering it's kind of OP and that the US would have never made it anyway?
  19. A Supervolcano exploded next to them, a fifth of the West Coast is dead.
    Yeah the US isn't recovering. Maybe in a thousand years when the Volcanic ash turns fertile, but at this point the US is horribly nerfed.
  20. The citizens of the CNE see the flaws in communism and start to rebel and pick up the ideas of socialism. The government quickly puts down this rebellion and ultimately killing near 300 people in riots and over 2000 jailed. This makes the government and police look bad, but the CNE continues to believe in communism till it fails them. They hope this doesn't hurt any allliances formed
    The CNE creates a speical police force to spy on suspected enemies of the government and kill any major threats to the citizens.
    Also a new law is enforced called the Fair Labor Law to enforce minnimum wage. This will be €15 per hour, and workers can only work a maximum of 45 hours a week. Any violations of this law will result in a termination of the business and/or the company owing money to their workers