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  1. The EFJ no longer endorses this move of alliance towards this communist autocratic nation. Some of our parliament is starting to consider hostility towards this autocracy.
  2. The UBR can be an autonomous region within the USSR with its own government. Also, we will accept the invitation to join the EFJ and the EDC.
    The capital of the UBR is now Gdynia, in Poland. Also, the official language for conducting business across country lines is now Polish.
    We are beginning to research development of a new class of battleships, the Pierwszy-class. Updates soon.
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  3. Oops,I'll take Norway
  4. Norway is also taken, just don't take anything for now.
  5. Pierwszy-class Battleship stats
    41,345 tons displacement full load
    30 knots full speed
    9 16-inch guns in 3 turrets
    We will be building 5 of these, called the BSS Warsaw, BSS Kraków, BSS Łódź, BSS Riga, and the BSS Wrocław.
  6. Pierwszy-Class Battleship (made for UBR/Sydney/Waffle): COMPREHENSIVE VERSION
    41,345 tons displacement full load
    30 knots full speed (Can work with Aircraft Carriers, at around WW2 era they become important)
    9 16-inch guns in 3 turrets
    This ship is an economic design for what it is worth. Despite its unusually light armor, it is still well protected in the most important areas (and terribly protected anywhere that isn't, all or nothing scheme). This is its only real shortcoming, but its armor is not so terrible as to be labelled a Battlecruiser. Meant to save displacement, it is still better armed than most other Battleships of the era. It is a nice comprmise, vanilla and nothing special about it. The nitty gritty's important. For the 16-inch guns, I made some sacrifices.
    SEU has agreed to sell 45 16-inch guns. It will take 6 months to manufacture them all, and UBR can get started before then.
    Meanwhile, 18-inch guns are being produced in great numbers.
  7. Is it just me or is the SEU just unfair? Insane power creeps honestly.

    The Persians have been unhappy with the coup on their leader. Recently, the Persian King was stripped of his power by his murderous brother who in a coup killed him, his family and the entire royal guard. The Caliphate shows disgust for these actions and demands the head of the intruder who stole the throne. The Caliphate himself, in the name of Jihad will behead the intruder and curse his body so that he may stay at the worst part of hell.

    A mobilization of 150,000 Sunnayyadin troops lines Persia's borders, ready for invasion. The Sunayyad army used Horses in war, not as a calvary though, but for transportation, due to the harsh desert terrain and the unreliability of many vehicles, horses are the choice as of now, but only for transportation. Persia will be annexed within 3 posts. Persia will keep a semi-Independence. They will stay as a Province and be free to keep a few aspects of political culture and military ensign. The Persian people are pleased, the Caliphate did very well in uniting the Persians and the Arabs, and with Persia as a Sunayyad Province with their own identity and ethnic cultures, they are happy to be protected by the glory of the Caliphate.

    Sunayyad has asked The Federation for trade on food. The Sunayyad's food stock is getting low, due to the geography, but with the Turks being the best at producing luxurious goods, the Caliphate would be happy to trade luxurious pottery, rugs and textiles to The Federation for Food.

    OOC: Warlord, when should Saudi discover Oil?
  8. He said that Jamie was not to be trusted to make a new New nations game and not able to be moderator.
  9. Right now actually, you're going to need it.
    SEU is powerful, but they are not unmatched. Namely, the USSR's going to be full of infighting between itself, and India (the only one with enough clout to challenge SEU) is going to be a pain in the back. This is mainly because of differences on how to interpret Eurasian Socialism, and how aggressively they are going to spread it. SEU subscribes to active proselytism. India does not. SEU is going to attack the Asian -Stan countries pretty soon, and India will not object too hard (they hate Muslims), but they will object against Malaysia.
    Last game, HMKX had problems with factional infighting, the biggest problem when you have a bunch of strong allies with little reason to work together. It's going to be the same here, except a hundred times worse in times of peace and a lot better in times of war and crisis because they have a common ideology. I needed to come up with ways to nerf HMKX, and I did. I'm nerfing SEU even more here. (as much as I can with a nation that includes China and Russia)
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  10. Neglected to mention: Gave him credit.
  11. Protected cruiser
    Displacement:4,788 long tons
    396 ft
    Two vertical triple expansion steam engines
    8 cylindrical boilers
    2 shafts
    Speed:23.2 kn
    2× 8 in (203 mm)/45 guns (2×1)
    4× 6 in (152 mm)/45 QF guns (4×1)
    6× 4.7 in (119 mm)/45 QF guns (6×1)
    16× 3-pounder (47 mm) guns
    6× QF 1-pounder pom-pom

    UFOS will be making 5 of these named the USS Argentine,USS Chile,USS Bombarda,USS Maxima,And USS Enterprise
  12. The Federation has decided to pursue a more definitive path to world peace and have sent out peace treaties to ALL major nations

    They are also trying to form the WPO(World Peace Organization)and have sent out requests to ALL major nations
  13. I mean, copy and paste some 1920s-1940s designs!
  14. The CNE agree and join an alliance with the EFJ. They stop believing in communism and become socialist. Also, they change from just a regular monarchy, to a constitutional monarchy to die the agreement. But there are bits of communism idiology mixed with the socialist idiology.
    Also, with the new alliance, the CNE changes their name to the Socialist Nations of Europe, SNE for short. The short lived communist government was short going to fail eventually.
    The SNE start creating factories all through their countries. Around 30% are military factories and start producing an updated version of the Lee Einfield rifle, called the Lee Einfiekd Mk2.These factories produce about 100 per day. As a sign of respect, the SNE will send a shipment of 500 Lee Einfield rifles to the EFJ when produced.
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  16. Map updated again, this time I added the imgur link, sorry I forgot it last time!

    You currently have only 2/5 countries that you are able to start with. Ireland and England are basically the same entity, so they are combined. You have a few options:
    Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Luxembourg although I doubt anyone cares for that land. (Warlord said Norway was taken, yet I see no post relating to anyone taking Norway if it isn't taken and just a misunderstanding, you could go for it.)
  17. We need to colors for CAF and The Federations sorry to make it hard on you but can i be red?

    I have a hard time finding my nation
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  18. The Federation has decided to start researching a new type of gun caliber the 16 caliber The Federation will have this researched in 5 posts
  19. The Sunayyad Empire has made new alliances.

    Ethiopian Empire.
    The Caliphate respects the Ethiopian dynasties a lot, praising them for their marvelous achievements at being completely untaken during the scramble of imperial power in Africa. The Caliphate promises a restoration to the Ethiopian Empire, and they promise to expand and give them power in the Red Sea.

    Being a majority Muslim empire and a fairly new nation to come out from the collapse of the Britsh Raj, Pakistan would much rather side with a Muslim brother than their Indian twin, who very much so dislikes Muslims. Pakistan doesn't like the SEU either, they feel the "anti-religious" aspects are dangerous.

    Most of the countries around the Sunayyad Empire are generally friendly. It seems as if the Muslim Empires team the best with other Muslims.

    The Caliphate has assigned a Military General to command his army of 1,200,000 million men. His name is Sharaf Al-Aman. Not much is known by him, although he was a previous Ottoman General who escaped the claws of death when the British invaded by hiding in a cave for 3 weeks without food or water, surviving by praying to Allah. He is praised as being strategically dependent and a man of trustworthiness, reliability and strength. His campaigns saw fruitful results in The Great War, although it was cut short due to other factors. Never the less, he commands the army and marches forward.
  20. Yes.
    For Warlord... again: https://i.imgur.com/2203SvM.png

    The Caliphate wants to remind The Federation of a possible trade deal. Luxurious Turkish Pottery, Textiles and Rugs for food from South America.