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  1. The Federation has started work a a new battleship to protect traveling merchants from harm it will be finished in 1 year
  2. Splendid and extravagant Turkish rugs, pottery and textiles are filling up storage bins at a fast rate. The Turks want to make profit and begin selling these luxurious and colourful rugs to the rich in Europe. The turks know how to do business, and they know how to exploit rich people. That's why a Turkish rug/pottery/textile trend is raging through Europe. Rich aristocrats and even kings are donning the splendid fabrics upon themselves and spreading the carpets and pottery within their mansions and castles at a fast rate. Turkey is quickly becoming an economic powerhouse.

    Another method of becoming Rich is trade routes. The Sunayyad Empire owns the Suez Canal and the Bosporous Strait, meaning taxation of any foreign or non-friendly ships. This has allowed money to sky rocket, and due to the heavy use of it by the Russians, this is being exploited. So far, 300,000 soldiers and border lines full of AA systems and artillery dot around ready for defense. Turkey is a valueable position any country would want, and Sunayyad knows this.

    OOC:When should I discover oil in Saudi Arabia Warlord? I know it says oil was discovered in 1938, but should I really wait that long?
  3. The Federation has completed schematics on it's first Protected cruiser(to be followed by Armored Cruiser)

    Protected cruiser
    Displacement:4,788 long tons (4,865 t)
    396 ft
    Two vertical triple expansion steam engines
    8 cylindrical boilers
    2 shafts
    Speed:23.2 kn
    2× 8 in (203 mm)/45 guns (2×1)
    4× 6 in (152 mm)/45 QF guns (4×1)
    6× 4.7 in (119 mm)/45 QF guns (6×1)
    16× 3-pounder (47 mm) guns
    6× QF 1-pounder pom-pom

    The federation will be making 3 of these
  4. OOC: Warlord. Can we use the 1938 version of the map? It is much easier to navigate, some countries may not exist but who cares, it's 1921 :p

    It'll get confusing around in Asia, but it'll work, considering the British Raj was indeed there. If you invade India though, which I think you shouldn't for power creep purposes, you would get Pakistan... Let me know what you think

  5. The EFJ wishes to become allied with the CNE, our great nations will unite Europe under socialism. Our only wish for this alliance is for your government to become a constitutional monarchy (at the least), and to tone down your communist economy to a socialist mixed economy. With this alliance we will dominate the western world and trade for oil and steel. Join us as an allied nation in this brave new world!
  6. We can't use it, Korea and Japan are the same.
    The USSR is creating steel mills, their steel might not be the strongest but it is cheap and plentiful. After all, the USSR controls a large portion of the World's Iron reserves and with industrialization these reserves can be most efficiently extracted and used.
    USSR is exporting the revolution to Brazil. Brazil has executed corrupt leaders and reorganized itself; USSR is negotiating with Brazillian leaders so that they may join the USSR and implement "Socialism". USSR js backing "Socialists" all around the World, they are ideologically driven.
    That's not sustainable.
    In Modern times, China, Russia and Australia have taken over production; they actuslly have ore, Germany used to but apparently used it all. Back in the day, they had no idea how to use it, but they do in the present day, and this point in NN.
  7. OOC: Anyone wanna tell me what resources I do have lol
  8. You have steel right now, it's just that you won't have it later.
    And yes, Europe is relatively resource-poor.
    EDIT: Very steel-rich nation right above you, just waiting to be annexed.
  9. I feel like you have copied large parts of text from Jamie. That isn't clear from your post, though. If it is indeed the case, I think you ought to have mentioned it, at the least as small text.
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  10. what country is it? my small and worthless 7th grade mind can't figure this out ;-;
  11. Sweden.
  12. After hearing rumors of abundant steel in Sweden the EFJ decides to liberate the Swedish territories from the autocracies that plague Sweden. The EFJ has sent 25,000 troops into Sweden to Annex the territory.
  13. The Socialists are displeased. Sweden was a peaceful monarchy.
    However, they have bigger problems. While they have several hulls in construction, they need something more; finer shipyards. This will allow them to construct vessels faster and stronger.
    They are building a massive shipyard that will allow them to construct a 105k vessel at full load as well as several Battleships and Aircraft Carriers at once, a disturbing sign for their future plans. 116 18-inch guns have been delivered to the shipyards, as well as vast amounts of steel. The Shipyard will be finished in 5 years.
    Meanwhile, Aluminum is being mined in huge amounts, creating 4 types of Aircraft, with many classes in between. Fighters, Heavy Fighters, Bombers and Scouts. A class of plane can have more than 1 type. As the Economy grows by leaps and bounds, this process only gets faster.
    The USSR is developing a new type of standardized Heavy Cruiser and Destroyer for universal use among the navies. In addition, the SEU is exporting Tanks and Infantry Rifles to the USSR's members. India, the second most powerful member of the Union uses their own rifle and armored support owing to their monsoon climates. SEU dislikes this but it is a matter of needs.
    PM me if you want specifications to post.
  14. Nation Name: United Baltic Republic
    Acronym: UBR
    Participating Countries: Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland
    Main Exports: Tobacco, Iron, Wood, Liquor
    Form of Government: Parliamentary republic
    National Personality: Well-being & peace of mind for all of our residents
    Economic Format: Capitalist with some socialist features
    Map Color: Pink
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  15. SWEDEN IS TAKEN. (I mean, you could try and liberate it)
    The Revolution-Class Battleships have been upgunned to 18-inchers, the largest on Earth. They are also undergoing refit for 6 months to upgrade their Boilers and Fuel Capacity, resulting in their speed becoming 30 knots despite the weight increase.
    The 18 16-inch guns resulting from this upgunning are being refurbished for a new type of Battleship, the Zheng He-Class fast interceptor. As well as this, 9 16-inch guns are being manufactured.
    Zheng He-Class Battleship: (Yes, I just recycled the name from the Supercarrier.)
    48,230 tons displacement Standard Load, 57,123 tons displacement Full Load.
    32-33 knots full speed
    SEU's fast intercept Battleship, a fast ship. While not as fast as Aircraft Carriers SEU has deemed such speed unneeded, replacing it with formidable Antiaircraft Armament with 5-inch heavy AA secondaries and AA autocannons. With three three-gun turrets with 16 inches, it is good in the way of Armament, being superior to all existing battleships. It is fast enough to intercept most enemy ships and be decently armored, with an all-or nothing scheme that has proven effective. Only 3 ships will be built in the class.
    Meanwhile, 30 units have been confirmed for the Heavy Cruisers.
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  17. Several of these states are USSR members. Do you want in?
    (the USSR is now the Union of Socialist State-Republics, and follows a State Capitalist Ideology).
    Everyone is building Battleships, might be smart to build a few.
  18. Hello, would you like to join the EFJ in the brave new world to form the European Democratic Coalition? (EDC) Once the EFJ have seized Finland we will have bountiful amounts of steel, and we could trade our coal and iron to make even more! Since I do not endorse communism and neither do you this alliance is good for our nations and will pave the way to liberating the CNE from it's tyrannical rulers.
  19. The USSR voices its support. Despite its Socialism, it is still a Democracy. They want in, and they want the EFJ to make it the Eurasian Democratic Coalition.
  20. Of course of course, the EFJ is very pleased to join another nation in making this world better. The coalition's new name is the Eurasian Democratic Coalition (ooc: maybe call us The Democratic Powers?)