[EVENT] MoreMoople's Firefloor

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  1. Think more games that would be easier for players to run would ever work?
  2. Thank you all for coming! Was nice to see a different crowd :D
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  3. Just Jaqque??

    He's going to have fun with burning our feet alive, especially with the speed round 💦💦💦
  4. Jaqque, without his supervisor :eek:
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  5. LOL. I wish I had been there now. (I sadly was TRYING to record at the time.) xD How bad did you break it now, coyote? I'm sure there's a reason moops tells you mitts off the buttons. xD
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  6. Thank you all for coming out!

    We had a small turnout for round one, then more players showed up - and we had a BLINDNESS ROUND thanks to RainbowChin!
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  7. I will bring the music
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  8. Thank you all for coming! :D Chin showed up and we had a total of five rounds. The last two were PvP rounds! :) See you all next week!
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  9. Chin showed up and this happened...

    It was super fun! Thank you for hosting Moople, and Chin for adding that bit of fun XD
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  11. That was chaotic... And absolutely awesome :D Thanks to Chin, Elfin, and Hash for a fun night of Firefloor trolling! :) I'll dig out my screenshots and post them on Funny Staff Moments tomorrow. ;)
  12. We stuck together until the burning end!
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  13. I think the part that entertained me a good amount, aside from the Mods and the SS silliness, was this:

    Jaqque, you were the only one who knew I was there and speaking in Voice Chat the entire time. I remember almost everyone in the conversation was confused about whose voice they were hearing when it was me, haha~

    This happened about half-way or 2/3rds of the way through the entire event? I got a good kick out of this. :rofl: :lmao:
  14. Dangit I wish I was there! I was spending a good amount of time last night not knowing what the heck I wanted to do
    I knew I was missing something!
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  15. Oh my gosh, is that Joy? Hiiiii~*
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  16. Thank you all for coming tonight! We had some bday themed floors put in, thanks to chickeneer. :) I've hosted firefloor for one year now. Thanks for the continuous support of my attempts to burn all of you! :D
  17. Congrats on one year Moops!!
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  18. In this week's FireFloor...

    I got to stand on the bottom of the arena again during the speed round~

    After all was said and done, I surprised everyone with my twin. :3

    They ended getting a lot of attention, so I mention to people that if they want to get a picture with me and my twin, they better get around us quickly!

    Of course, I should remember that with Minecraft, if you ever mention "take a picture", a huge mob of people will come by and make it hard for you to get a good picture of everyone. I had to be quick and forget about perfection. haha~

    It was fun, and for everyone who is interested in my twin...

    ...well, I'm going to have to check in and see if she enjoyed her time, because if she did, then she may decide to return in the future~ >:3
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  19. We had three nice and normal rounds of Firefloor tonight, followed by one speed round. See you all next week! :D
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