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  1. The Minecraft Paradise Outpost was made from a group of friends on SMP6. We used to have a very large underground location in the wastes for about 6 months. It flourished, "shops" everywhere, and houses too. Then it came time for the wastelands to reset. We had to pack everything up and go before it was too late. We also had to leave due to several greifings since it was fairly easy to find.

    We have several main parts of our outpost that are popular to most of our guests. Such as our generators, or just some of our buildings. Some of our generators that we have at the Minecraft Paradise Outpost are the Guardian Farm, and the Iron farm. We are currently working on a high tech Gold farm in courtesy of the hard work of HawkisAbugle and We3_Nub. There is also a skelly xp farm and a spider XP farm. There is also a Blaze farm available for use.

    We have a very organized democracy. When building or making serious decisions we always consult the people of the Outpost for help and to see their opinion for the outpost. We often do votes. We are currently also working on the larger build of our Outpost "Mascot" The Palm Tree.

    Our outpost has 3 founders, 3 leaders, and 2 sub-leaders. Founders of which helped make the original tracks or the foundation to the Outpost. The Leaders of the outpost are the ones that truly "make" the rules, and doing the sending of the applications for the outpost. Sub-leaders are the ones used if all leaders resign or something happens to them. We have several Leaders so if something happened to happen to the 1st leader {Primary leader} the outpost wouldn't come crashing down and go into all chaos.

    We have several rules to the outpost so we can keep things all organized and know what buildings are being placed where. We are currently expanding our outpost out larger with roads made out of mostly stone brick. We currently upgraded our nether rails so we then have 2 wayto rails one back to the nether station and one to the town station at the outpost. Also putting up carpeting so pigmen don’t spawn on the rails so you don’t run into one and start rebounding back to your starting place. If you do happen to run into a pigman since the carpeting plan is still in progress, Breezyman has implanted stops about every few 500 meters, so you don’t go back too far in case that was to happen.

    We hope you consider joining the Minecraft Paradise Outpost, where we put the people first.

    Next update will contain a list of all farms and grinders available for use at the main outpost and nearby outposts as well.

  2. Membership List

    • BreezyMan
    • We3_MPO
    • HawkisAbugle
    • AnimalGirl120 (Primary)
    • LittleBlueBun
    • FerretArez
    • Scarmanzer
    • Ratsxed
    • Onudi
    • GordanRamsay
    • Crafting_Maniacs
    • RooRoo92
    • luckycmusic45
    • AndrewTheFrog
    • JParsonsX
    • TheWiseBiscuit
    • DELTIC66
    • Echelon815
    • Lavendered
    • bitemenow15
    • Themoglover
    • JohnKid
    Total Number of Members: 22
    Total Number of City Hall Members: 6
  3. Minecraft Paradise Outpost Rules List:
    • All EMC rules do apply
    • No destroying other people’s belongings
    • Label your house and buildings, if not labeled a sign will be posted and you will have 1 week to label your building. If not labeled in 1 week City Hall will take it down.
    • If you go 100+ days derelict and you are a regular member your buildings are applied to be taken down. If you have a real reason why you will be gone (does not include quitting MC) your membership to the MPO will be protected until you get back. This rule does not apply for Sub-leaders, Sub-leaders have 50 extra days unless there is a stated reason of why they are taking a break.
    • If there is visible griefing please report to staff first then if a member of City Hall is on please also tell them.
    • ALWAYS do /map hide when you are at or coming to the outpost
    • No pranking allowed or tolerated...This includes giving gifts creatively.
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  5. Me and Rat were wondering is Crafting_maniacs could join? She loves to build houses and buildings. shes a good miner as well.
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