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  1. The Minecraft Paradise Outpost was made from a group of friends on SMP6. We used to have a very large underground location in the wastes for about 6 months. It flourished, "shops" everywhere, and houses too. Then it came time for the wastelands to reset. We had to pack everything up and go before it was too late. We also had to leave due to several greifings since it was fairly easy to find.

    We have several main parts of our outpost that are popular to most of our guests. Such as our generators, or just some of our buildings. Some of our generators that we have at the Minecraft Paradise Outpost are the Guardian Farm, and the Iron farm. We are currently working on a high tech Gold farm in courtesy of the hard work of HawkisAbugle and We3_Nub. There is also a skelly xp farm and a spider XP farm. There is also a Blaze farm available for use.

    We have a very organized democracy. When building or making serious decisions we always consult the people of the Outpost for help and to see their opinion for the outpost. We often do votes. We are currently also working on the larger build of our Outpost "Mascot" The Palm Tree.

    Our outpost has 3 founders, 3 leaders, and 2 sub-leaders and a secretary. Founders of which helped make the original tracks or the foundation to the Outpost. The Leaders of the outpost are the ones that truly "make" the rules, and doing the sending of the applications for the outpost. Sub-leaders are the ones used if all leaders resign or something happens to them. We have several Leaders so if something happened to happen to the 1st leader {Primary leader} the outpost wouldn't come crashing down and go into all chaos.

    We have several rules to the outpost so we can keep things all organized and know what buildings are being placed where. We are currently expanding our outpost out larger with roads made out of mostly stone brick. We currently upgraded our nether rails so we then have 2 way to rails one back to the nether station and one to the town station at the outpost. Also putting up carpeting so pigmen don’t spawn on the rails so you don’t run into one and start rebounding back to your starting place. If you do happen to run into a pigman since the carpeting plan is still in progress, Breezyman has implanted stops (or bounce backs) about every few 500 meters, so you don’t go back too far in case that was to happen. The tracks are one way tracks, inbound and outbound.

    We hope you consider joining the Minecraft Paradise Outpost, where we put the people first.
  2. MPO Features

    The MPO has numerous farms, builds, and restaurants. Some of the notable ones include:

    -City Hall Building #1 (outpost main portal location)

    -Twin Spruce Restaurant. This building is small, but there are villagers to trade with, and there's food free for people who need it to take. There is also a menu for fun.

    -Mega Guardian Farm.

    -Mega Sugar Cane Farm. Sugar cane is produced by the DCs, and there are villagers with enchanted books of every enchantment connected to it.

    -Mega Food Farm. There are villager cubbies, and you can earn emeralds quickly from trading the materials with those villagers.

    -Spider and Skeleton Farm. These are in one room underground because the spawners are close together.

    -Paradise City Lake. This is an artificial reservoir over 200 blocks long between two mountain ranges. It also has many islands and a man-made river running out of it.

    -Railways are being built to every major Farm in and around the city.

    -A giant palm tree close to the City Hall. This is our mascot.
  3. Membership List

    • We3_MPO
    • zBugle (retired Mar 2017)
    • BreezyMan
    • AnimalGirl120 (retired Feb 2017)
    City Hall Members:
    • We3_MPO (since June 2015)
    • BreezyMan (since June 2015)
    • Scarmanzer (since Oct 2015)
    • PhilsHousePlant (since Nov 2015)
    • FerretArez (since May 2016)
    • JohnKid (since Jan 2017)
    • finch_rocks_1 (since Jan 2017)
    • FadedMartian (since Dec 2017)
    Specialized Members:
    • Adazahi: mayor of Ternaves
    • Perez2428: mayor of Antioch (City Hall Member from Feb 2017 to May 2017)
    • Inuyasha1204: Builder Specialization (Rural Builder)
    • RooRoo92
    • AndrewTheFrog
    • bitemenow15
    • JtIsNeat
    • M4ster_M1ner
    • Carbonyx
    • Echelon815 (Secretary from Dec 2016 to May 2017)
    • ExExUpperscore
    • ItzCharger
    • NathanRP
    • xLegitBoss1
    • megmewX
    • Battledogz
    • AussieZaid
    • SkeleTin007
    • FrenchFry
    • Cardman142
    • TaintedMinds
    • EnderMagic1
    • _Bunni__
    • Nickblockmaster
    • AncientTower
    • RWingers
    • Uridimmu
    • Tah2
    • Sydney4363
    • MercenaryCrow
    • FloatinPineapple
    • Zomberina
    • Tbird1128
    • Velma_T_Jinkies
    • RainbowPony
    Retirees who are no longer members:
    • Sadiidas (City Hall Member from June 2015 to Nov 2016) (Member until Mar 2017)
    • highlancer54 (City Hall Member from Nov 2015 to May 2016) (Member until Oct 2016)
    • EmperorMelon (City Hall Member from Oct 2015 to Sep 2016) (Member until Oct 2016)
    Total Number of Members: 46
    Total Number of City Hall Members: 8
  4. MPO Rules
    • All EMC rules do apply.
    • No destroying of other peoples' houses, shops, etc. Burning things included.
    • Please label your building(s) with a sign, so we can tell who owns the building and what it is. If a building is unlabeled and gets in the way of a build or road, it may be removed.
    • ALWAYS do /map hide when at, coming to, or leaving the outpost. Exceptions are if needed (such as if you're lost, or need an MPO member or staff member to find you), or are building something and need to track the location.
    • If you go inactive for 100+ days, your house is applied to be taken down and your businesses claimed. Sub-Leaders have 50 extra days before this happens to them, and if you have a reason for taking a break (does not include being permabanned or permanently quitting MC) we may protect your buildings for longer.
    • Never block roads or remove road signs, unless you are helping a founder or leader with road work and it is required.
    • All municipal policies and guidelines apply in those areas.
    • No pranking allowed or tolerated... This includes giving gifts creatively. An example of giving a gift creatively is to cover someone's building in red sand just to give them 4 stacks of red sand, which is considered trolling and griefing.
    • All long MPO policies apply. See post #11 "Detailed MPO Policies" below here.

    Guidelines (not exactly rules, but you may find it easier and/or gain more respect if you do follow these):
    • When you are travelling on the road, it is highly recommended to stay on the right side, due to how the roads are built and signed.
    • When you chop a tree for a reason other than clearing for a build, please replant. We want to preserve our nature!
  5. Me and Rat were wondering is Crafting_maniacs could join? She loves to build houses and buildings. shes a good miner as well.
  6. I am part of the Outpost, but dont see my name, Maybe I am a Ghost, and I am one who haunts the people of the outpost hehe.
  7. Don't worry we will update it as soon as we can. ;)
  8. So, I took a small trip around the outpost and took some pictures of the outpost to show off. Enjoy :D

  9. If anyone wants to join, below is a guide for the best way to do so.

    Step 1: Send in your request to join. Best done via private message to Founders and Leaders. Information to be included should be why you think you'd be a good addition, and any related experience you may have (i.e. building, communities, creativity).

    Step 2: If you are accepted you will receive an outpost application, which will show up in your inbox.

    Step 3: If your application is accepted, a City Hall member will post a guide on how to get to the Minecraft Paradise Outpost. New members should also receive an invite to a Minecraft Paradise Outpost forum conversation.

    Good luck and we hope to see you in our awesome community soon!
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  10. Minecraft Paradise Outpost now has a Website for all outpost talk from City's to towns, to villages and much more. Anything you want to talk, can be talked about there.

    If you Are looking for a Link, There is a Post in the Outpost PM's.

  11. MPO Detailed Policies

    Outpost Parks: These regions do not allow tree cutting, surface mining, building, etc from normal members, and are protected - sub-leaders and above keep the areas as natural as possible. If they are damaged by a normal member, a sub-leader or above will warn anyone found guilty. If they are found guilty again within the month after that, they would risk being kicked out. However, all parks have to have walkable paths, preferably as natural as possible, and a road connection.

    Municipal Parks: These are like normal parks, but municipal government would enforce them too, and they are operated within towns/cities by their government. Capital cities can only have MPO level parks, and unincorporated areas are not allowed to create municipal parks.

    Outpost scenic routes: MPO sub-leaders and above could designate any road in the MPO as an official "scenic route". This has to be indicated (i.e. with the official outpost banner when that is decided on, or road signs).

    Green belts: These regions are like MPO parks, with the same enforcement and consequences for damaging, but they would be to protect an area's nature without making a park, limit urban growth past limits of a certain city/capital, and there is one to divide two sections. Sub-Leaders and above could still build railroads, roads, and secret bases/offices in these regions, but these would be recommended to be isolated in these regions.

    These can run businesses non-independently under a group, be cleanup crew, encourage certain good deeds, etc. There is an application process (stated in next paragraph) to found a corporation. Founder and CEO are distinguished, and the CEO can change. A vice CEO would be required for if the CEO went inactive or was no longer a member, then they would be forced to pick a vice CEO if they stepped up. Corporate CEOs can't be Founders, Leaders, or the Secretary, but they do watch corporations, and already have their own stuff to do. Sub-Leaders and Municipal Government are allowed to be Corporate CEOs, and sub-leaders would also be allowed to help City Hall regulate the corporations. If a corporation is found to be breaking EMC and/or MPO rules, the corporation will be held on constant watch, and whoever is guilty will risk being removed from the MPO.

    Application to found an MPO corporation:
    • Who do you want the corporate CEO and vice CEO to be initially
    • What will the name of the corporation be?
    • What will the corporation do? (operate stores, clean up the outpost, etc.)
    • How will your corporation be able to grow in members?
    • Where do plan your corporate headquarters to be? Please show on a map or give coords, and this can override zoning in towns/cities.
    • Who will the corporation's initial members be?
    • The corporation convo's number will be posted here if the application is accepted.

    Unincorporated Areas:
    -Area 300x300
    -Not in the limit per claim.
    -Not in the limit per person.
    -May have guidelines, but doesn't have rules at their own level.
    -Cannot have mayor/council, instead run by founders of the area and watched by secretary.
    -No zoning allowed.
    -Central building: Community Center

    -Area 500x500
    -In the limit per claim.
    -In the limit per person.
    -May have guidelines as well as rules.
    -Can have mayor or council, but not both. Councils always have to have 3 people, and there must always be a vice mayor for the mayor.
    -Zoning types available: Low Density Residential, Low Density Commercial, Highway Commercial, Farming, Mining, Rural.
    -Central building: Town Hall

    -Area 700x700
    -In the limit per claim.
    -In the limit per person.
    -May have guidelines as well as rules.
    -Can have mayor and/or council. Unlike with towns, these are not mutually exclusive for cities. Councils must always have 3 people, and mayors must always have a vice mayor for backup.
    -Zoning types available: Low Density Residential, High Density Residential, Low Density Commercial, High Density Commercial, Highway Commercial, Farming, Mining, Rural, Urban, Mixed.
    -Must have at least 5 people.
    -Central building: City Hall

    Capital Cities:
    -Area 900x900
    -In the limit per claim.
    -No longer counts against its founders' limit per person, because it is run by MPO sub-leaders and above.
    -Only enforces MPO rules.
    -Must lose any former municipal government, as it would then be run by sub-leaders and above.
    -May keep zoning from a previous status and may dezone, but must refrain from further zoning.
    -Must have at least 6 people.
    -Central building: Capitol Building (upgraded version of a City Hall operated by sub-leaders and above)

    General guidelines:
    -A player's limit per person is two.
    -The limit for the secretary, founders, and leaders is four per person.
    -The limit per person for sub-leaders is three.
    -The limit per person only counts against one founder, but an area is limited to three founders to stop that from getting overpowered.
    -The limit per claim is three. If we get to 30 ACTIVE members this may increase to 4, and if we get to 60 ACTIVE members this may increase to 5.
    -You MUST wait for a founder or leader to judge your application before you create your town/city. In the unlikely case that all are unable to judge it, the secretary and sub-leaders will do so instead.
    -Your area's name and description must not be mean, inappropriate, offensive, against EMC rules, or discriminatory.
    -Your area's roads must still abide by the standards of the section it is in. Signs may be posted in the central building explaining them.
    -You may found a city or capital, but to do so, they must have enough people willing to join at the start.

    Types of zoning and their description:
    -Low Density Residential: Houses, huts, mansions, underground homes, and apartments are allowed here.
    -High Density Residential: Apartments, underground homes, highrise residential buildings, and very large mansions are allowed here.
    -Low Density Commercial: Allows shops, small plazas, and restaurants. Cashiers may be villagers.
    -High Density Commercial: Allows large shops, skyscraper businesses, large plazas, and restaurants. Cashiers may be villagers.
    -Highway Commercial: Allows restaurants and horse/pig travel related facilities. Cashiers may not be villagers except in restaurants.
    -Farming: Allows farms, farming towers, barns, and mob farms.
    -Mining: Allows quarries, underground homes, mine shafts, and underground mines.
    -Rural: Allows municipal parks, mansions, ponds, home improvement stores, farmland, and municipal forest.
    -Urban: Allows municipal airports, high density buildings of either type, and palaces. Often meant for downtown.
    -Mixed: Simply a combination of multiple zoning types. Can even mix all types of zoning.

    -FOUNDERS (LIMIT OF 3): ___, ___, ___
    -MAYOR (TOWNS ONLY): ___
    -CENTRAL LOCATION: Provide map on map of claims or give coordinates.
    Conversation # will be posted by the secretary, a founder, a leader, or a sub-leader if your application is accepted. Cities and capitals must have enough people willing to join at the start.

    CENTRAL LOCATION: Provide map on map of claims or give coordinates.
    MEMBERS: ___, ___, ___, ___, ___, ___ (more if needed)
    To upgrade to a town you must have 4+ people. To upgrade to a city you must have 5+, and for capitals you must have 6+. To upgrade from an unincorporated area, you must have available space in both the limit per person and limit per claim.

    -NEW NAME (if changing name)
    -NEW DESCRIPTION (if changing description)
    -OLD RULES LIST WITH RULE NUMBERS (not applicable for unincorporated)
    -NEW RULES LIST WITH RULE NUMBERS (not applicable for unincorporated) (if changing rules)
    -NEW GUIDELINES (if changing guidelines)
    -FOUNDERS (limit of 3): ___, ___, ___
    -MEMBERS: ___, ___, ___ (more if needed)

    -FOUNDERS (LIMIT OF 3): ___, ___, ___
    -OLD COUNCIL MEMBERS: ___, ___, ___
    -NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS: ___, ___, ___

    -FOUNDERS (LIMIT OF 3): ___, ___, ___
    Capital cities may dezone and keep zoning from before being a capital, but may not add zoning.

    If enough F&L vote to turn down an application, it will be turned down. Cities and Capitals that don't have enough people, and area upgrades that would violate limits or extend outside of the MPO will be turned down. If an application has content that is offensive, mean, inappropriate, against EMC rules, or discriminatory, it will be turned down for that reason.
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  12. We have had a recent visitor at the MPO. To clear things up for y'all...

    Visitors are NOT allowed to do these things:
    • Grief
    • Build things
    • Take members' items
    • Remove signs/chests
    • Shop at the outpost (unless specified otherwise in the specific shop, although it may be allowed in the future)
    • Put up signs (unless it's something important, i.e. stating that a creeper blew up and you can't fully repair the damage)
    • Reveal the location of the outpost to others
    • Take things from naturally generated structures within the outpost
    • Suggest others to join the outpost
    Visitors ARE allowed to do these things:
    • Use farms (but they must be made reusable, i.e. replant, unlock villagers, etc)
    • Report any griefing they may see (we want it dealt with as soon as possible if seen)
    • Travel on our roads, railroads, oceans, etc
    • Take minecarts and boats from chests in the nether for our rail and boat road. However, they are only for getting to/from the outpost unless you have consent from a founder or City Hall member.
    • Travel by horse
    • Go inside members' buildings (as long as they don't grief)
    • Request to become a member of the MPO. I posted a guide on the best way to do so above.
    If a visitor is caught doing something at the outpost that is not allowed, a City Hall member may send a "cease and desist" PM to the person guilty. The person may be reported if they continue the disallowed actions or do them again.
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  13. Current official areas in the MPO...

    Paradise City:
    • Type: Capital City
    • Description: none
    • Number of buildings as of last census: 98
    • Urban: YES
    • Consolidated: YES (claim)
    • Primary claim: Paradise State
    • Other claim(s): none
    • Section Number(s): 1
    • Population as of last census: 12
    • Metropolis: YES
    • Urban Agglomeration (includes Antioch): 98 buildings
    • Type: City
    • Description: Horse town of the mesa
    • Number of buildings as of last census: 25
    • Urban: Cluster
    • Consolidated: NO
    • Primary claim: Arez-ona
    • Other claim(s): none
    • Section Number(s): 2
    • Population as of last census: 6
    • Metropolis: NO
    • Type: Town
    • Description: Medieval town
    • Number of buildings as of last census: 0
    • Urban: Suburban (part of Paradise City urban agglomeration)
    • Consolidated: NO
    • Primary claim: Classy Subtropic
    • Other claim(s): Paradise State
    • Section Number(s): 1
    • Population as of last census: 2
    • Metropolis: NO
    • Type: Unincorporated Area
    • Description: A village along a rail stop that is a mix of rural village living, trading, and building.
    • Number of buildings as of last census: 43
    • Urban: Cluster
    • Consolidated: NO
    • Primary claim: Classy Subtropic
    • Other claim(s): none
    • Section Number(s): 1
    • Population as of last census: 2
    • Metropolis: NO
    I will edit the post as new info becomes official and after every census.

    Information as of April 1, 2o17 MPO census.
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  14. I will have to edit this periodically because BreezyMan is too inactive to keep the membership list up to date... feel free to repeat my practice if you're part of the MPO and I go completely inactive.

    Membership List

    • We3_MPO
    • zBugle (retired Mar 2017)
    • BreezyMan
    • AnimalGirl120 (retired Feb 2017)
    Other Government Members:
    • FadedMartian (since Dec 2017)
    • Echelon815 (since June 2018) (Secretary from Dec 2016 to May 2017)
    Specialized Members:
    • MrAdazahi: mayor of Ternaves
    • Perez2428: mayor of Antioch (government member from Feb 2017 to May 2017)
    Citizens (protected non-founding members):
    • Echelon815 (Secretary from Dec 2016 to May 2017)
    • FerretArez (government member from May 2016 to Mar 2018)
    • finch_rocks_1 (government member from Jan 2017 to June 2018)
    • Scarmanzer (government member from Oct 2015 to August 2022)
    • belac555
    • bitemenow15
    • duckpi
    • M4ster_M1ner
    • Carbonyx
    • NathanRP
    • xLegitBoss1
    • StgbtL
    • Battledogz
    • SkeleTin007
    • FrenchFry
    • Cardman142
    • GrandmaCandles
    • EnderMagic1
    • _Bunni__
    • Nickblockmaster
    • AncientTower (Vice City Hall Member)
    • RWingers
    • Uridimmu
    • Tah2
    • wafflecoffee (Vice City Hall Member)
    • MercenaryCrow
    • FloatinPineapple
    • Velma_T_Jinkies
    • RainbowPony
    • CliffCraft
    • Brooke1965
    • Duck1D
    • Sazukemono
    • JParsonsX (Vice City Hall Member)
    • JohnKid (government member from Jan 2017 to June 2018)
    • PhilsHousePlant (government member from Nov 2015 to June 2018)
    • Inuyasha1204
    • RoonieH07
    • TheWiseBiscuit
    • GrainOfAsianRice
    • Merek_Shadower
    Retirees who are no longer members:
    • Sadiidas (government member from June 2015 to Nov 2016) (Member until Mar 2017)
    • highlancer54 (government member from Nov 2015 to May 2016) (Member until Oct 2016)
    • EmperorMelon (government member from Oct 2015 to Sep 2016) (Member until Oct 2016)
    • Tbird1128 (government member from Mar 2018 to July 2021)
    Total Number of Members: 43 (including 4 founders and 4 citizens)
    Total Number of Government Members: 4 (2 elected, 2 active founders)
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  15. This outpost totally needs it's own banner. Once it does, I'd like to add it to my Banners of the Empire thread.
  16. Snip.

    I pasted the new list you posted to the top.
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  17. Thanks.
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  18. I think there was a banner thread discussion before but I don't remember the outcome or there was no outcome. AG I think started that thread but not sure. :p

    But yea. I think a banner would be cool for MPO.

    Anyone please correct me if I am wrong.
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  19. It was started by Crafting_Maniacs (a former MPO member who is friends with FerretArez) back in June 2016, but nothing ever became official.
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  20. There we go. We still need a banner. :p