Banners of the Empire

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  1. Greetings, Empire residents! This thread is made to catalogue the various banners we players use to mark our territories and projects. Some of us will no doubt have many banners, each with it's own meaning and message.

    Please keep posts relatively short, with an image of your banner and a link to your own thread(s). This thread (Banners of the Empire) will act as an index. Also, please limit posts to those presenting banners you place in the world to mark your territory and such- not just to show off your sweet banner making :p

  2. This banner represents builder's guild Dominion, a group I started to make sure our builds get frequent patrols in case of grief.
    |[} Dominion Thread {]|

  3. The SkyRail banner marks a project managed by Dominion. It's a powered railway in the sky kept well lit and has automatic stops.
    |[} SkyRail Thread {]|
  4. Dats a nice lookin banner