SMP1 SkyRail

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  1. Welcome to smp1's SkyRail system! Our ultimate goal is to connect the four cardinal outposts to the center spawn. We encourage everyone to use the rail system and take advantage of the amenities offered at each stop, which include: Bed; Ender Chest; Furnaces; Crafting Table; and maybe some extra food in a chest. Bring your own cart (keeping one in your ender chest is a good idea) and ride like the wind!

    Each stop is numbered and named. The cart will automatically stop so you can exit and collect it. If you wish to continue on down the track, simply wait a brief moment and press forward to resume your trip- it's that simple! Each stop has the aforementioned amenities as well as a way to move up from or down to the ground below, or access to a nearby base or community.

    The SkyRail system is marked with two banners at most (if not all) major points: the SkyRail banner itself and the Dominion banner. For those who don't know, Dominion is a Builder's Guild began by MercenaryCrow for the intention of marking spots that are frequently patrolled and reported for grief. So wherever you see this banner, please don't take or place anything in the area. If you'd like to join the Dominion, contact MercenaryCrow.

    Our list of authorized builders is a little short as yet, but we do what we can ^_~
    List of Personnel Authorized to Work on the SMP1 SkyRail:

    • MercenaryCrow
    • DanialBuchinger
    • CatBall
    • crystals_monkey

    • none yet

    • none yet

    • none yet
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