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End EMC-hosted UHC events?

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No 34 vote(s) 35.4%
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  1. So for the last couple months, EMC has been hosting UHC events off-site.
    This has continually led to drama, bickering, and all manner of toxicity, which is self-evident in the event thread.

    EMC portrays itself as a family-friendly non-PVP survival server. True, we have a PvP arena on SMP6 (which has also fostered no end of drama, but that's another thread) but as a whole, Empire Minecraft is meant to be a friendly, cooperative survival server. Sponsoring UHC events is like playing "Viva Pinata: Bloodsport Edition." It's bizarrely out of place, and does not belong on Empire Minecraft.

    I say it's time to stop.

    This is not meant in any way to disparage those that enjoy PvP or UHC events. If you like it, great! However, I do firmly believe it doesn't belong on (or should be associated with) EMC.
  2. I honestly agree, I feel like UHC has caused a majority of us to be hostile. I know my Red team has caused that and I am deeply sorry for everyone who was affected. UHC as I stated...
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  3. Drama aside I still enjoy UHC :/ perhaps if drama rules were more strictly enforced instead of closing it altogether?
  4. But peoples pride and yadayadayada you get what I mean. It's going to keep happening.
  5. It's fine if you enjoy it, Haro. I just don't think it belongs on EMC, and never did. It's one of those ideas that doesn't mesh at all with what the server is supposed to be or sells itself as. I could come up with a lot of other fun analogies, but I'm pretty sure you know what I mean.
  6. I have not been to a UHC, but it sounds like they've been a lot of fun. However, I have to agree that perhaps at this point the UHC events are causing more trouble than they're worth. The amount of drama that has invaded the forums stemming from UHC is just absurd. However, I don't think that it should be permanently removed, as there are plenty of respectful players that enjoy it and do not deserve to have it taken away. Therefore, there are a couple of paths that could be taken.
    1. Temporary shutdown IS an option. This was actually done before with the Mob Arena due to people consistently complaining, acting disrespectful, and harassing both winners and the Mob Arena staff hosts. I must say, after the MA Removal, people were a LOT more respectful, and things ran a lot smoother.
    2. Drama could be more highly enforced. However, I'm not quite sure of the jurisdiction on this since UHC is technically on a private IP and not on an EMC server. Higher levels of punishment might do the trick, but honestly this could end up failing miserably.
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  7. You can ask those involved. They are definitely enforced and people don't like it when they are.

    We've given warning after warning and we have had discussions about any other possible solutions. However, what Kephras says is correct. This sort of competition is a tad toxic for EMC's community. Instead of a friendly game of Mob Arena where everyone is fighting the same mobs and it's last man standing, you have another player fighting against you and the animosity builds up against that player instead of against a mob.

    I don't think we've had a single UHC go smoothly without someone hacking, being publicly lynched for hacks, calling each other names (salty is still rude), etc. It's a lot to deal with for one event we run once a week. I'd rather replace it with something that brings the community together because UHC is tearing players apart.
  8. EMC is the only place I'd play UHC though because it's way better when you know everyone and it's kind of pointless when you spend 2 hours playing with strangers. I'd be sad if it went but eh idk
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  9. Maybe we could have it so instead of being the last group to survive, you have to keep on finding more groups to band up with and survive. This idea could be altered of course but this takes out fighting against others in a way, where you are fighting to be together? This sounds dumb now that I read it but, hey I already typed it. I kinda got this idea from one of the versions of naked and afraid. "Real life survival competitions" in minecraft :).
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  10. UHC sounds a lot like a typical game of casual CS:GO...

    - Name-calling (AKA noob, scrub, etc.)
    - Someone always calls someone else a hacker
    - Lots of hostility

    EMC's UHC:
    - Name - calling (AKA n00b, scrub, etc.)
    - Someone always calling someone else a hacker
    - LOTS of hostility
  11. I agree that a ton of drama stems from the Ultra Hardcore Survival games, but I disagree that they should be removed from Empire Minecraft. If you compare EMC's UHC event to other servers, you won't get the same feeling as you would playing on ours, and they have A LOT more drama than ours do, and hackers are a normal thing. I think the new rules RainbowChin introduced today are going to help a lot with keeping the drama to a minimum and improving the gameplay during the event.

    Adding onto that, Team Red has agreed that there will no longer be any insults, hackusations, or any type of flaming from our side, and if it comes towards us we will ignore it. Any member who does do this will be permanently removed from the team.
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  12. not sure what the UHC was as i was never involved in many events if any but maybe a zombie survival? diff types of zombies and multiple waves, multiple groups of players working together in teams to survive and last
  13. -10

    Don't close UHC, fix it. Take care of the drama, starting to sound like my school, removing anything fun.
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  14. I'm curious, what are these new rules about?
  15. 1. Spectating is not allowed;
    to prevent players revealing the location of other players, caves, gems, etc
    2. There will be (stricter) enforcement of chat infractions;
    rudeness, spam, hacking accusations, etc
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  16. I agree on both.
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  17. UHC used to be fun, but now that all the drama has started it became boring. I feel that UHC could be fun again if we could all just play the game and not call people names, accuse people of something, and remove all hostilities.
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  18. They weren't posted so I don't remember the exact rules, but heres something close.
    • No accusing of hacking in the chat
    • I believe spectating is/is going to be disabled
    I think those are the new ones, those who were there and remember exactly what Chin said can correct me on those.
  19. I agree, especially #1.
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  20. The drama is real, you don't even have to check the whole thread; only reading the last 2 pages is enough. Having never been to UHC myself I also can't help notice that it seems to be a specific group of players which are having issues. I can't help wonder though if there are no other alternatives.. For example...

    Remove the PvP aspect.

    Make it a true survival game, set a new goal for the teams to accomplish, optionally have Senior Staff add a little bit of extra trouble and make them cause the events which might lead to extermination. That way players don't have any reason to accuse other players.

    Enforce the rules more strictly.

    No offense but yeah... I see Krysyy's comment above about warnings and although I have never been to an UHC event I still can't help wonder when the warnings end and the enforcing begins. I get a feeling that the policies for the staff as they are used on EMC simply don't cut it for UCH. Tensions seem to rise much more drastically, and when tensions rise a friendly warning sometimes isn't enough anymore.

    End the whole thing (as suggested).

    I dunno, it's one way to get rid of the drama but seems a bit drastic. I think you'll gain more by changing or removing those specific factors which cause this drama in the first place. And I can't help wonder if PvP isn't a major part of it.

    Lets just say that there is a very good reason why I picked a non-PvP server when I felt the need to look for something else. In general: PvP = drama magnet.


    Or... remove the players which are causing drama. Give them a one or two week time-out to see how that goes.
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