Empire Newsletter: November 2022

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  1. Happy November! I hope you all have a wonderful month and get to spend time with family and friends. There are lots of new things happening on EMC, so let’s dive in! ;)

    Community Team Updates
    • Build Team
      • The Halloween Event build was released last month and will remain open until at least November 13th. If you haven’t explored it yet, make sure you check it out on /games!
      • The Candy Trading event was also released last month. Head over to /event and start trading candy to win prizes! There are updates to the candy trading system, including a new prize and a new candy type. Similar to the Halloween build, it will remain open until at least November 13th.
      • The Build Team made significant progress on the Winter Event build the last couple of weeks. It will be released in December, so get ready!
      • The Build Team also began a special new project. It is a very large build and will not be released until 2023. Stay tuned for more information!
    • Contribution Team
    Do you want to help the Empire? Consider joining a Community Team! Click here for more information.

    Staff Updates
    • The Senior Staff are looking for new moderators to join the staff team! If you think you would be a good fit for the position, apply here!
    • Do you know somebody who would make a good staff member? Recommend them here!
    Don’t forget to use /report to let staff members know about activity that breaks the rules!

    Developer Updates
    • A bug fix update was released at the end of last month. The update added the ability to hide old usernames, included a major update to the chunk system, and extended the time before a residence can be forceclaimed.
    • The update also included features for Halloween as well as fixes and minor improvements to mini games on the Games server. Changes include:
      • Simon Says now announces how many rounds the winning player survived.
      • Players are now removed from the Simon Says queue when the game ends.
      • Added a glowing effect to players in Netherspleef.
      • Added efficiency to Netherspleef shears.
      • Arrowspleef doors reopen if a player leaves the arena during the countdown.
      • Arrows will no longer break the floor after an Arrowspleef round ends.
    Please remember to report any bugs to pmdev.emc.gs!

    Submit your Contest Suggestions!
    Do you have any cool contest ideas? Post them on this thread and they might be used for a future EMC contest! Feel free to provide feedback on other players’ ideas and past EMC contests as well. Is there an old contest that you really enjoyed? Let us know!

    To those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a happy Thanksgiving! I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up on EMC and meet so many wonderful people. The community is truly one of the best things to have ever happened to me. As always, thank you for reading the newsletter!

    What do you get if you cross a turkey with a ghost?

    A poultry-geist!

    What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

    Pumpkin Pi!

    What does a turkey eat for desert?

    Peach Gobbler!
    • The Build Team also began a special new project. It is a very large build and will not be released until 2023. Stay tuned for more information!
    I'm calling it... gonna be EMC Olypmic Games :rolleyes:
  2. happy thanksgiving month
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  3. Thanks for the updates Moops! Always appreciate the little fun at the end of ‘em.
  4. *laughs in staying tuned*

  5. Ice boat Luge would be a cool Olympic Game. Even cooler if gravity effect could be added for increased boat speed going into turns.
  6. Thank you for the newsletter. It's exciting to get a glimpse of what is being worked on.

    Edit: I am surprised to not see a mention of Super Turkey.
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  7. Some of us are praying that was on purpose and not an oversight ;)
    -- Runs away screaming in carpal tunnel. --
  8. The Halloween build was very well designed and I loved the theme. Thanks build team for the time it took you all to create that.

    Happy November everyone. The Gobbles if they happen will always be welcomed.