[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2022! Dunes of Eburu

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  1. Happy Halloween! We have two separate builds for you to explore, located on /games and /event.

    Dunes of Eburu
    Available from the Games server spawn, which you can go to with /games in-game.

    Find your inner archeological explorer and discover the mysteries of the Grand Pyramid! Battle monsters and find your way through the three Trials of the Grand Pyramid to grab the precious treasure! But beware... It won't be an easy journey.

    All players who complete the event will receive The Eye of Horus as a special prize! It can be worn on the player's head, similar to Sorgina's Gem. It also gives the Night Vision effect while worn (a minor change is pending for a future update).

    You can find a map of the main town below.

    No costume? No worries! This week, you have been granted the /disguise command in town areas. You have a wide selection of monsters and animals to disguise yourself as while sharing candy with other EMC players. You will not be able to use mob disguises in any competitive areas of the server. Here are some commands you may find helpful!

    /disguise [mob_name] - shortcut /d ; leave blank to be sent a list of all mobs available to you.
    /undisguise - shortcut /und; to wear your normal skin.
    /viewselfdisguise - shortcut /viewselfd ; to hide the mob you are disguising as from yourself

    Final tip is that there are some special options you can set. Use /disguisehelp [mob_name] to learn more. Ex: "/d sheep setColor orange"

    This year has added three new disguises of allays, frogs, and tadpoles.

    Monsters in the Survival Worlds
    Just like previous years, monsters in the Wastelands and Frontier will occasionally drop Haunted Candy too. Don't eat too much!

    There is a new candy in the mix, keep an eye out for it.

    Both of the Halloween events will be open minimally until November 13th.
  2. Trick-or-Treating: Empire Minecraft Style
    Explore the spooky swamp by typing /event and throw Haunted Candy at each other in EMC Halloween style.

    Throughout the spooky swamp area, there will be mobs spawning. Don't worry, they can't hurt you! However, they have been gorging on Haunted Candy over the entire month of October and will likely drop some, if killed.

    Have a spare Haunted Head or Headless Horseman Helmet lying around from years ago? These old promos dispense the SAME candies as mobs, so you will be able to use those for the next part if you don't feel like slaughtering the inhabitants of Halloween Town.

    We have brought back our Trick-or-Treat Game! Each UNIQUE player that you TOSS a Haunted Candy to INSIDE the Halloween Candy Exchange area will earn you one point, as well as give you one candy back in return. Can't remember if you already gave candy to someone? If you've already tossed candy to that player, they won't be able to pick it up. If someone tosses a candy at you, you CAN toss a candy at them. The toss score limitations are set by the throwing player.

    Warning: You must be online in order to receive credit for your candy toss.

    There are a few special changes to the candy drop this year:
    • Every 12 hours the candy trade limits will reset and you will be able to trade with all players again, even if you traded with them previously.
    • You will still automatically receive prizes after you reach a certain number of points in the Trick-or-Treat game, such as the Haunted Head. However, we added a special new prize this year! Start knocking on doors and gathering candy to see what it is. ;)
    • The score required to reach the maximum prize is 300.
    Don't forget that you can type /hscore to see where you stand in the rankings across the server!
  3. It was fun leading this year! I hope you all enjoy it and have fun exploring and finding the Easter eggs ;)
  4. Since it is that time, I might pop in for a couple days of Trick or Treating ;)
  5. there seems to be a bit of "pesky" parkour. those wonderful jumps of more than 3 blocks that tend to kill me :mad:
  6. yay, halloween event!

    can we please do trick or treating on a different server than last year?
  7. That was good fun, thanks to all who worked on it. (And thank you for an easy version of the parkour) :D
  8. This looks amazing!!! Can't wait to start :)
  9. Such an amazing build and very cool experience. Thank you for this Build Team and anyone else who worked on it!
  10. Thank you for a really fun event. The parkour area luckily had an easy route but I fell so many times. Maybe next year there could be a special route for people with aged fingers that has fenced railings along a basically level path with only small holes in it. The bunny trail route.

    I am really impressed with the build and the storyline. Great job everyone!

    The stars in the ceiling is really something. I hope it's okay if I use that idea in my res.
  11. The candy exchange event has had some minor hiccups. The candy exchange is not currently available on smp1, smp2, and smp3. But that means it is available on every other SMP server: smp4-smp9!

  12. Any way to make the trading part all in 1 area? Will be hard to get to 300 when no one is there :D

    Great build as usual. Every year these are so well done.
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  13. Not with the current setup of it.
    300 only takes 150 people. Which you can trade with the same people over multiple days so this score should be easier to reach than ever year.
    Non-peak hours will be difficult. That is true. But that won't matter if it was in one place.

    Edit: We have tried it on /games before. But that conflicts with the other event that is taking place there. Too much chatting in a confusing way.

    By putting it on all the SMP servers, it allows for it to float around based on where people are able to participate, since some people may not be able to do a particular SMP.
  14. Nice job BT. Also, we found Fred. ;) (ft atels)
  15. is the message correct in saying that trick or treating is open only until tomorrow?
  16. Can't wait to play...TRICK or TREAT!

    Save some candy for me....

    To make it easier then, join candy exchange on smp1 anyone who sees this..
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  17. I see what you're getting at. It will not be available on smps 1-3 until tomorrow due to some technical issues that are being worked through. It is available on smps 4-9 and utopia now and will remain available for at least two weeks.
  18. Was also wondering.. for the 12 hours thing. Is it a certain time for all or 12 hrs from last time you traded with each person?
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  19. It is 12 hours since your trades were last reset
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