[EVENT] Happy Halloween 2022! Dunes of Eburu

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  1. I just got a message saying my trades have been reset and I can trade with everyone again but I could not.

    EDIT: Seems I can recieve from a few others but could only send to 1 person out of about 7.
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  2. It is a one way reset. I don't remember which way. Probably the direction of you picking up other's candies.
    Probably need to improve the wording a smidge
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  3. Yes please :D
  4. Ya it seemed I could pickup from many who I already traded with but I could only trade back with maybe 3 or 4 out of 20 people.
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  5. Reached 300. Interesting idea 🤣 Thanks!
  6. Also reached 300! Not gonna spoil it but I adore this new item. It opens so many possibilities. You all knock-ed it out of the park!

    If I may ask could the cooldown be a tad lower though...1min is kinda...rough. If not then it's fine either way.

    Edit: Atels' Idea Solution for the timer: Maybe it should have the same cooldown time as goat horns considering it's the same idea.
  7. Someone definitely over-estimated my parkour skills when they made the "easy" route. :p Unfortunately my fingers don't quite succeed in those quick fine-motor movements like they used to. farmerguyson is right we need a handicap route for us "old folks." :D
  8. Amazing Build Cyber! You did a great job leading this build, and props to everyone involved in the Build Team + honorary members for the story and the amazing build you all created!

    I found quite a few easter eggs; gonna upload the pictures in a bit :) - no clues will appear in the pictures (I'll add the pictures tonight)

    (I tried to hide all possible location hints, but some are harder than others

    First one I found! - Ancient Ham - Cyber's Special

    While running around, (I always use quake pro) I discovered that in the BTeam there is no costs short cuts when doing the amazing builds!

    Netherite beacon! =O

    Nemo (didn't put the creature in the pic to not reveal location)

    Sir Goatee The Absolute GOAT (Location can be deduced, dont open if you want to find it)

    Fred (picture gave too many hints) - the cat definitely exist ;)
    Throne Room

    Kissing booth

    Tester Memorial (picture shows general area but not location)

    Not yet found:

    After completing the event and searching for easter eggs, I decided to make a speed run attempt

    (this was my second attempt, since last thursday night, got busy, and had to stop mid-way. I did complete the event beforehand, but did not research/practice again before doing the speedrun.

    Hard option for Trial of Mind and Trial of Body; no commands;
    (trial of mind became obsolete as it was a memorized path, but planning to do a version where I do the easy version, as I have not gone through it yet, and do not know the answers to them.)

    Start: 0s {Running Total: 0m 0s}
    Key: 109s { RT: 1m 49s }
    Trial of Mind(Hard/Memorized): 85s { RT: 3m 14s }
    Trial of Body (Hard - achieved no deaths): 247s { RT: 7m 21s }
    Trial of Spirit: 397s { RT: 13m 58s }
    End: 51s { RT: 14m 49s }

    Edit: Oct 31: I was able to complete it in 8:01s with the same requirements
    Hard mode Body and Mind; no commands

    Same situation with easy parkour instead = 7min

  9. Halloween Town Shenanigans

    I Finally acquired it! @Ultipig, I will inaugurate your shop sign! I want my 500k

    Everyone shall bow to me and the Queen

  10. Know the way through the event if anyone wants help. The prize is particularly good I believe.
  11. Hallo! Weeh! 'n
    all the rest of you.

    See you tomorrow...

  12. Amazing build. I'm in awe.

    Atmosphere was perfect. Village had personality and felt alive. Clever use of the villager chat and pyramid reflections.

    Great job everyone involved!
  13. Dear Build Team,
    Your work on the candy trading area is particularly evil. Those bit of swamp water seem to attract the candy drops and sinking mobs. Certainly unintended was the candy not really floating, but dastardly evil as well (blaming Elfin for this special bit, seems to be applicable for their humor). Makes for a lot of jumping around to find stuff.
    Waaaay more interactive than a flat field! And the parkour for climbing all over those roots is just fabulous for us "bunny hill" 2 block jumpers to practice on.
    A fabulous build as always, Thank you!!!
  14. Amazing work by BT! I think this is the most well rounded halloween event yet :D Everything works flawlessly, the build is amazing and there is multiple difficulties! (And some amazing easter eggs!)

    10/10 recommend playing this event if you haven't already :)
  15. It's past Halloween and everyone is still having some crazy fun at the candy swap on Utopia. :)

  16. Yes.. that was our party cube for a while.. most of the night if I'm honest. xD
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  17. =o Look what I found. =D

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  18. Love the build and the costume additions!

    Side note: next year can the brown mooshroom get some love please? ^o^
  19. Doggie want a bone

    ruuhrooh.. someone took his bone! D=

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  20. and then there's Lomax, Lord of the mobs